Invincible - Chapter 2658

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“Inextinguishable Dao Heart!”

The words reverberated through the Five Spirits Peak space.

Fei Yanzi’s hand on her chest was pinching a handful of flesh, adding another layer of charm to her.

There seemed to be an invisible giant hand strangling Yuan Wangfeng’s, Yao Ji’s, and others’ throats. Chen Muguang’s eyes protruded from his sockets, as he looked deathly pale. An overwhelming fear spiraled from the bottom of his heart, and it was so sudden and strong that it pushed him into absolute despair in seconds.

“This, this is simply…” On the main viewing stage, Long Shengtian’s mouth was agape, and he was at a loss for words to describe the shock and excitement boiling in his heart.

Everyone was just as dumbfounded.

When Yuan Qianxing’s cultivation was still at the Sixth Heaven True Saint, he had successfully transformed his heart to Inextinguishable Dao Heart, shocking the Alien Lands’ numerous Primal Ancestors. Yet, Huang Xiaolong, who was merely a Fourth Heaven True Saint, had already formed his Inextinguishable Dao Heart.

Then again, if they knew that Huang Xiaolong had formed his Inextinguishable Dao Heart before entering True Saint Realm, they would probably pee in their pants…

Seeing that Yuan Qianxing had returned to normal after brief interlude of hysterics, Huang Xiaolong stepped forward, approaching Yuan Qianxing, and his voice rang on the stage, “Yuan Qianxing, yes, you have an Inextinguishable Dao Heart, but in this world, you are not the sole person who has an Inextinguishable Dao Heart.”

In other words, below the Primal Ancestor Realm, Yuan Qianxing, was not the sole special person who had the Inextinguishable Dao Heart.

Yuan Qianxing’s senses returned to reality, and his face was twisted with insanity as killing intent surged viciously in his eyes. “Huang Xiaolong, so what if you also have the Inextinguishable Dao Heart. Can it be more powerful than mine?!”

There were distinctions between saint godheads and holy souls, and such distinctions also exist between inextinguishable dao hearts. The higher the rank of an inextinguishable dao heart, the more powerful the grand dao energy it condensed.

“Return to Origin!”

“Annihilate Heaven, Annihilate Earth, Annihilate All-things!”

Yuan Qianxing bellowed. His body rose into the air as his fists murderously punched towards Huang Xiaolong. Origin energy poured down from the void, while the Holy Mandate Imprint on his forehead and the Inextinguishable Dao Heart in his chest burst out in dazzling rays of light.

As Yuan Qianxing’s fists struck out, origin energy and grand dao energy flooded, swirling into a great sea of origin energy of grand dao energy.

Under his fists’ force, everything seemed to return to the most primitive form in fragments.

The Third Resurrection Primal Ancestor Long Shengtian paled at the terror of Yuan Qianxing’s attack.

Fei Yanzi’s face was drained of blood.

But Huang Xiaolong was as calm as he ever was. The three saint godheads and twelve high-order Saint Fates’ brilliance intensified as xuanhuang qi, nefarious qi, and chaos void qi poured in three different waterfalls of energy from the void.

The twelve high-order Saint Fates’ brilliant rays shook the world.

Everyone’s sight was blinded by the intense light from the twelve Saint Fates.

At the same time, Huang Xiaolong’s Inextinguishable Dao Heart and his Holy Mandate Imprint’s powers roared to life as his fists punched out.

Upon seeing Huang Xiaolong’s fists force, the crowd had an illusion that they would undoubtedly perish.


As the two people’s fists collided, world-shaking explosions drummed endlessly.

It felt like an eternity had passed when the thunderous explosions finally stopped, and the crowd was immediately agape upon seeing Yuan Qianxing sprawled weakly on the edge of the battle stage, sans his robe and pants. One could only wonder whether Huang Xiaolong was too strong or the quality of Yuan Qianxing’s pants was inferior. Anyway, the point was, Yuan Qianxing no longer had pants on him. In fact, he was only clad in a piece of dirty-looking underpants that was dazzling red in color.

Clearly, he looked like he had been abused miserably that he had lost his pants!

Fei Yanzi took a quick gaze over Yuan Qianxing’s crotch and spat inwardly, annoyed that Huang Xiaolong had really taken off Yuan Qianxing’s pants in public!

However, looking at Yuan Qianxing’s sorry state, she gloated inwardly.

For many years, because of Yuan Qianxing, the Myriad Origin Race’s disciples had been bullying the Flying Heaven Race’s disciples.

“Your Highness!” Yuan Wangfeng and a group of Myriad Origin Race’s experts exclaimed anxiously as they rushed towards the battle stage, but all of them were sent flying by the protective barrier.

On the main viewing stage, Long Shengtian was laughing heartily, “Yuan Qianxing probably hadn’t expected that there would be a day that he’d be so miserable to the point of losing his pants.”

Fei Yanzi gloated at Yuan Qianxing’s state, and Long Shengtian even more so.

With Long Shengtian taking the lead, the disciples from Flying Heaven Race, Silver Purity Race, Twin Dragon Race, Purple Spider Race, and even the human race burst into laughter.

Yuan Qianxing struggled to his feet on the edge of the battle stage, and the harsh laughter all around drummed into his ears. His eyes were spitting flames of fury, and his killing intent surged violently around him. These insignificant ants dare to laugh at me?!

When this farce finished, he would squish each of these ants to their deaths! Every-single-one-of-them!

“Long Shengtian, don’t be complacent. One day, I will end your life and swallow you!” Yuan Qianxing shot Long Shengtian a bone-chilling glare from the battle stage.

Long Shengtian’s face sank, and he retorted icily, “Do you think you still have that chance?”

A light flashed and a metallic purple blade appeared in Yuan Qianxing’s hand. This metallic purple blade reflected heart-palpitating gleams under the sunlight as if it was enshrouded by metallic purple blazing flames.

“Purple Metal Blade!” Many present experts gasped when they recognized which blade had appeared in Yuan Qianxing’s hand.

The Purple Metal Blade was the Myriad Origin Race’s dao artifact!

No one had thought that the Myriad Origin Race would actually give Yuan Qianxing the Purple Metal Blade.

Seemingly pleased by the crowd’s shock, Yuan Qianxing let out a satisfied chuckle and pointed the tip of his blade at Huang Xiaolong and slashed down. Curtains of metallic purple blade qi turned into indomitable mountains of blade.

“Huang Xiaolong, die, die for me!” Yuan Qianxing roared savagely.

Huang Xiaolong snorted with disdain, and as Yuan Qianxing’s Purple Metal Blade slashed down, a bird-headed spear appeared in his hand. The sharp pointed beak of the bird-head was aimed at Yuan Qianxing’s crotch, tearing down with one swift motion.

“Flying Heaven Spear!”

Yes, it was the Flying Heaven Race’s Flying Heaven Spear!

The Flying Heaven Spear’s bird-head’s sharp beak pierced through the rows of blade mountains, and hooked onto Yuan Qianxing’s underpants in the blink of an eye.

Seeing this, Yuan Qianxing’s face froze, and he could no longer bother with anything else. With a flick of his wrist, he used the Purple Metal blade to block in front of his crotch.


A crisp metallic noise echoed through the air.

The Purple Metal Blade barely blocked the bird’s sharp beak in time. Purple flaming sparks flew from the friction, and a numbing pain snaked up Yuan Qianxing’s arm from the impact as his body was knocked back, crashing down onto the battle stage. His blood surged, and blood trickled down the corner of his mouth. But he didn’t have the time to be concerned with this. He looked down and sighed in relief, seeing his underpants were still on. Then again, cold sweat dampened his back.

Before he could finish letting out a sigh, the Flying Heaven Spear in Huang Xiaolong’s hand moved forward again. Yuan Qianxing tried to dodge in panic, but he was still a beat too slow. The bird beak pierced into his chest and came out from his back.

Terrifying destructive energy from the spear’s bird-head rushed into Yuan Qianxing’s body, destroying Yuan Qianxing’s Origin Saint Physique. Blood spurted from Yuan Qianxing’s mouth.

But right at this time, several sources of terrifying power descended from the void, passing the Five Spirits Peak’s restrictions, slamming straight onto the battle stage. More accurately, all the attacks were targeted at Huang Xiaolong. The power of this combined attack was enough to kill a dozen, even several hundred Ninth Heaven True Saint experts.

Primal Ancestors!

Moreover, there were several Primal Ancestors’ combined full force attack on Huang Xiaolong.

On the main viewing stage, the Otherworldly Mansion Master Mo Zhi let out a cold harrumph. His hands moved in the air, with his palms straight as a blade as he cut to the front. Under the power of his palms, space cracked inch by inch.

Almost at the same time, Long Shengtian and Fei Yanzi also attacked.

Huang Xiaolong pulled the Flying Heaven Spear out from Yuan Qianxing’s chest and thrust skyward without any emotion. In fact, he had long discovered that the Myriad Origin Race’s, Enchantress Race’s, Golden Buddha Race’s, and another race’s old ancestors were hidden in the void close by.

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