Invincible - Chapter 2671

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Huang Xiaolong bottled the grand dao source spring that weighed several thousand catties, even so, it merely reduced the dozens of square meters of grand dao source spring by half. The water level went down, but it was a little over a meter deep when Huang Xiaolong stopped.

Huang Xiaolong planned to use the remaining one-meter deep grand dao source spring for a bath! That’s right, for bathing! Huang Xiaolong wasn’t wasting on an impulse. Using the grand dao source spring to bathe, and cultivating within the spring pool would bring unimaginable benefits to his physical body.

Although Huang Xiaolong’s current saint physique was considered formidable, it was still far from the sturdiness of a dao physique. By borrowing the grand dao source spring, there was a chance that Huang Xiaolong could cultivate his saint physique into dao physique in advance!

That’s right, only the Primal Ancestor Realm experts could have dao physique, and once Huang Xiaolong’s physique transformed into dao physique, the explosive power would be frightening. Merely by relying on his dao physique, he would be able to punch through many low-level Primal Ancestors’ dao physiques. For example, Huang Xiaolong would be able to rupture the Golden Buddha Race’s mid-First Resurrection Primal Ancestor Chan Yuli’s dao physique with the force of one finger.

Moreover, cultivating inside the grand dao source spring after consuming Dao Fruit, with the two elements complimenting each other, could maximize the two elements’ benefits on him. Thus, his improvement of his strength would be even more amazing.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong wanting to cultivate inside this grand dao source spring was not the devil’s impulse.

After safely putting away the jade bottle containing grand dao source spring, Huang Xiaolong exhaled in relief. Then, he stripped off every piece of clothing on him, revealing taut muscles from top to bottom, and his skin reflecting a soft luster. He took a moment to admire his ‘big property,’ and nodded in satisfaction before entering the spring pool, submerging his body within.

He raised his palm and picked a Dao Fruit from the Tree of Grand Dao across space, and swallowed it in one gulp.

Huang Xiaolong circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium and entered cultivating state.

When Huang Xiaolong was cultivating in the grand dao source spring, a fast-spreading rumor shook the Alien Lands.

“What? The Otherworldly Mansion’s Young Master Huang Xiaolong is dead?! It’s not real, right?! How is that possible?!!”

“I wonder if it’s true? It was said that he went to the Sky Opening Island, and was besieged by Yuan Qianxing, Myriad Origin Race’s old ancestor and others, and finally, he was forced to jump into the Death Cave! The Death Cave, you know what that is, right? The Death Cave is on the most dangerous places in the Sky Opening Island. Primal Ancestors also don’t have chances of surviving once they enter the cave, not even high-level Primal Ancestors!”

“That Yuan Qianxing’s shamelessness really has no limit, several of them besieging Huang Xiaolong!”

“He was humiliated badly by Huang Xiaolong on the battle stage, turning him into the Alien Lands’ laughing stock, then why would he mind his reputation anymore? Then again, the winner’s king. Now that Huang Xiaolong is dead, a few decades later, who will care if Yuan Qianxing’s group besieged Huang Xiaolong or not. Then again, it’s a pity that Huang Xiaolong died just like that!”

“Yes ah, three evolvable saint godheads, twelve high-order Saint Fates, the Holy Mandate Imprint, and also the Inextinguishable Dao Heart at Fourth Heaven True Saint. It’s really a pity he died! Otherwise, Huang Xiaolong would have been the Alien Lands’ strongest person in the future! There was a chance that he could have been the person to conquer the Holy World and Alien Lands!”

This piece of news was spreading rapidly across the Alien Lands. The Alien Lands’ alien races, human race, and various experts were shocked when they heard this news, and lamented at the loss of a genius. Many pitied Huang Xiaolong, crying about the unjust treatment, rebuking Yuan Qianxing’s shameless action.

Naturally, the Otherworldly Mansion’s Myriad Origin Race’s disciples, Enchantress Race’s disciples, and Golden Buddha Race’s disciples whooped with joy at the news.

Yuan Wangfeng, Yao Ji, Chen Muguang, and others even held a big feast to celebrate this news, and the feast went on for three days straight.

“Wonderful, that’s simply wonderful!” Yuan Wanfeng exclaimed loudly, laughing as he did, “Huang Xiaolong, ah, Huang Xiaolong, you’re dead at last! That’s good! That’s the best!”

Ever since Yuan Qianxing had lost the battle and fled with only his underpants, and Huang Xiaolong was promoted to the Otherworldly Mansion’s Young Master position, the three race’s recent days hadn’t been going well. It was especially difficult for Yuan Wanfeng, the Otherworldly Mansion’s grand hall master.

The three races had been suppressed by Long Shengtian one way or another. The three races had many experts in high positions within the Otherworldly Mansion, but now, many of them were seconded to secondary positions by Long Shengtian.

Everything was going to be fine for them now. With Huang Xiaolong dead, Long Shengtian had no support! It was their three races’ return to glory.

Yao Ji laughed, “We’ve been holding in a foul breath these days, but now that Huang Xiaolong is dead, I can go look for Purple Spider Race and human race’s disciples to play with and vent the frustration that has been accumulating in my chest during this period.”

“Better look for the Purple Spider Race and human race’s female disciples!” Yuan Wangfeng chuckled, “At least, there’s some excitement to be found!”

The three races’ disciples broke into laughter.

Chen Muguang stepped forward and smiled fawningly, “There is no need for Lord Yao Ji to go personally, I’ll go catch a few for Lord Yao Ji. I know several Purple Spider Race and human race’s female disciples that are quite pretty!”

Yao Ji laughed happily, “Good, then I’ll let you handle this matter.” He patted Chen Muguang’s shoulder and added, “Do a good job. If you encounter any problem in the future, come to me, I’ll be your backing.”

Chen Muguang was overjoyed and thanked repeatedly.

“Now that Huang Xiaolong is dead, the Otherworldly Mansion’s Young Master’s position is empty again.” Yuan Wangfeng smiled. “Your Highness Yao Ji, perhaps, we can make a petition to the Eminent Elders Panel to re-elect a young master!”

Yao Ji’s eyes lit up, “You mean, have Brother Qianxing come back?!”

“Not only have Yuan Qianxing come back, but have Yuan Qianxing come back to take up the Otherworldly Mansion Young Master’s position!”

Yao ji immediately understood Yuan Wangfeng’s intention.

“That’s right, we can’t have the young master position be left empty unnecessarily.” Yuan Wangfeng’s smile deepend. “With Huang Xiaolong out of the picture, only His Highness Yuan Qianxing is capable of sitting in that position.”

Yao Ji’s eyes glimmered with excitement, “Yes, yes, we’ll submit a petition to the Eminent Elders Panel in the next few days.”

The passage of time flowed by, and soon, more than a decade had passed.

During this time, the lives of Purple Spider Race and human race’s disciples at the Otherworldly Mansion could only be described as miserable.

With the three races’ joint petition to the Eminent Elders Panel, although Yuan Qianxing did not get the Otherworldly Mansion Young Master’s position, he successfully returned to the Otherworldly Mansion. He once again rose to power, and he strongly opposed Long Shengtian.

As time had passed, Yuan Qianxing’s strength had risen rapidly, and with his influence in the Otherworldly Mansion, he was beginning to suppress Long Shengtian’s authority.

“Zi Dongping and Chan Yuli’s battle is taking place in thirty years,” Yuan Qianxing stated lazily as he sat on the throne seat inside a luxurious residence within the Otherworldly Royal City. “After Zi Dongping is dealt with, eradicate all the Purple Spider Race disciples within the Otherworldly Mansion!”

“Your Highness can kill Zi Dongping directly even now. There is no need to wait for thirty years. It’s such a hassle,” Yuan Wangfeng responded.

Yuan Qianxing shook his head, “A mere Zi Dongping is not qualified to have me deal with him personally.” Then he asked Yuan Wangfeng a question, “Have you found Fei Yanzi’s whereabouts?”

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