Invincible - Chapter 2694

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“Yeah! When you left the Chaos Essence Holy Peak, the ancestor also left behind you!” Feitian Longpeng hesitated for a moment before adding, “There were some who said that the ancestor went over to the Sky Opening Island.”

Huang Xiaolong stared at him with question marks popping up in his mind. Sky Opening Island?

He hadn’t expected Fei Yanzi to actually do it! He had felt that she had said it in a fit of rage!

If she really went over to the Sky Opening Island, things might get troublesome. A frown formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face. Someone at her level wouldn’t go missing for too long. If she hasn’t appeared, then it means that she might be stuck in some region in the Sky Opening Island!

The darkness that filled the lands that night was exceptionally dense.

In the Cangqiong Dao Palace, Huang Xiaolong stared at Yuan Qianxing, Yao Chengxin, Chan Yuli, and Mo Jincheng who were trapped on the platform.

Four out of the six, who had surrounded him in an attempt to take his life, were captured by him! The only ones left were Yuan Wanfei and Elder Ming.

“Huang Xiaolong, wipe that smug smile off your face. This isn’t over!” Yuan Qianxing glared at Huang Xiaolong, and he gnashed his teeth.

“I’m the one who will have the last laugh.” Huang Xiaolong spoke casually, “You don’t have to worry about laughing any longer. Soon, you’ll never laugh again.” By reaching out to grab Yuan Qianxing, he dragged the other party over towards him.

With Yuan Qianxing’s neck in his hands, Huang Xiaolong raised him off the ground. “Right now, I’ll devour your Origin Saint Godhead and Origin Physique!”

A trace of panic flashed through Yuan Qianxing’s eyes, but he tried to suppress his fears. “I am the incarnation of the origin! You won’t be able to kill me! No one can! Huang Xiaolong, you’re dreaming if you think that you can devour me!” A sinister smile formed on his face soon after. “One day, I’ll return to kill you!”

“Is that so?” Huang Xiaolong chuckled, and he activated his Great Immemorial Saint Godhead and a sucking force enveloped Yuan Qianxing.

However, a mysterious energy emerged from the void before Huang Xiaolong could devour Yuan Qianxing. The mysterious energy surrounded Yuan Qianxing and scattered the devouring force around him.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong’s attempt was foiled, Yuan Qianxing roared with laughter. “Hahaha! Huang Xiaolong, didn’t I say that you won’t be able to kill me? I am the incarnation of the origin itself! You can’t kill me! Hahaha! You can’t kill me!!!”

He was a little worried that Huang Xiaolong would be able to devour him when everything started. However, there was no longer a trace of fear left when the mysterious energy from the void descended to assist him. Right now, he couldn’t help but roar with laughter.

As he stared at Huang Xiaolong with a look of mockery, he felt as though he was an existence standing in the heavens, staring down at the ant trying to threaten his life. He wanted to show Chan Yuli and the others that he was a true immortal-like existence!

After looking at the elated Yuan Qianxing, Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother acknowledging his happiness. A golden dragon slowly materialized from the void behind him. When it finally appeared, everyone felt a strange sense of worship in their hearts.

“This…?” Mo Jincheng felt a weird sensation in his heart.

A trace of golden light emerged from the body of the dragon all of a sudden, bathing the Cangqiong Dao Palace in light! In the golden world, Huang Xiaolong was god!

He was an existence higher than anyone else!

Yuan Qianxing discovered that his connection with the origin was broken the moment the world of gold appeared.

He was like a fish in a pond where the water evaporated without any warnings!

“No! This can’t be happening!” Panic overwhelmed him in an instant.

He knew that without the assistance from the origin, there was no way he could stand against the monstrous existence that was Huang Xiaolong!

Once again, the suction force surrounded his body. The only difference this time was that the mysterious energy from the origin no longer appeared to protect Yuan Qianxing.

“No!” Roaring with all his might, Yuan Qianxing pushed himself to the extreme in an attempt to protect the origin energy leaving his body. However, it was useless. Regardless of how hard he struggled, he failed to stop the outflow of energy. Every time he tried to activate his Origin Saint Godhead, the flow of energy out of his body became even faster. When Huang Xiaolong started, the origin energy he managed to absorb was like a tiny stream, but with Yuan Qianxing’s desperate struggle, the origin energy stream widened to a river!

“No… No! I am the incarnation of the origin itself! How can this happen to me?!” Yuan Qianxing screamed. “I can’t die! It’s impossible for you to kill me! I am an existence connected to the origin!”

Chan Yuli, Yao Chengxin, and Mo Jincheng stared at Yuan Qianxing’s miserable end with a terrified expression from the platform. They stared at each other as the seedling of fear spouted in their hearts.

Yuan Qianxing was an existence who was unkillable. He was connected to the origin, and his life and death were connected to the fate of the world! However, Huang Xiaolong was devouring him right before their very eyes! It was something that made absolutely no sense!

Once Huang Xiaolong devoured Yuan Qianxing’s Origin Saint Godhead, his fate was basically sealed.

The fear they had for Huang Xiaolong had momentarily dissipated by quite a lot when Yuan Qianxing had successfully defended himself. However, everything returned when they saw what was happening to Yuan Qianxing.

As he stared at Yuan Qianxing panicking and struggling, Huang Xiaolong remained emotionless. If he didn’t have the Huang Long Bloodline flowing in his veins, devouring Yuan Qianxing would really pose a problem. However, it was too bad Yuan Qianxing met a monster like him.

Increasing the speed, Huang Xiaolong no longer held back.

The energy of the origin poured into Huang Xiaolong’s body endlessly, and it nourished his three saint godheads.

Golden light spewed out from his three saint godheads and a majestic scene was painted.

“Huang Xiaolong, please! Please spare my life!” Yuan Qianxing started to beg when he realized that Huang Xiaolong was able to sever his connection with his only source of protection. “I’ll do anything you want! Didn’t you want me to submit and serve you? I’ll do it! I agree to submit! All of us agree to be your slaves!”

In that instant, he spoke for everyone present.

“They might live, but you will have to die.” Huang Xiaolong stared at Yuan Qianxing and snorted.

Regardless of what Yuan Qianxing promised him, Huang Xiaolong had already made up his mind.

“Why?!” Yuan Qianxing screamed. “Why must you kill me?”

“Why?” Huang Xiaolong stared at him like he was looking at a fool. “I don’t like the way you look. When I see your face, I feel like punching it. It’s better for you to remain out of my sight forever. What do you think about my reason?”

Of course, Huang Xiaolong was being serious. That was one of the reasons he wanted to kill Yuan Qianxing.

Several days later, Huang Xiaolong finally completed the refinement process of Yuan Qianxing’s Origin Saint Godhead and Origin Bloodline.

Suppressing the other party’s Inextinguishable Dao Heart for the time being, Huang Xiaolong decided to refine it after he entered the Primal Ancestor Realm.

Cultivating for several months in the Cangqiong Dao Palace without any distractions, he consolidated his foundations after refining Yuan Qianxing’s saint attributes.

While he was gone, Long Shengtian and the other Primal Ancestor of the Otherworldly Mansion managed to recover fully after refining the nascent holy fruit given to them.

“Is there still no news on Yuan Wanfei and that old man?” Huang Xiaolong asked Long Jianfei.

Before refining Yuan Qianxing, Huang Xiaolong had already requested for the others to investigate the whereabouts of Yuan Wanfei and Elder Ming. The two of them were poisonous bugs hidden in the darkness, and he wanted to deal with the both of them before entering the Divine Tuo Holy World.

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