Invincible - Chapter 283

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Chapter 283

Chapter 283: Saber Imperial City

“Four Seas Mountain…” Huang Xiaolong took out the Bedlam Lands map, searching for the said location on it, but ended up creasing his brows . From what he could see on the map, among the hills and mountains surrounding the City of Myriad Gods, none were called Four Seas Mountain . Then he called Qin Yang, Lifei, Jie Dong, and Fan Encheng over, asking them about the Four Seas Mountain .

“Four Seas Mountain?” Qin Yang shook his head, “Replying to Young Lord, around the City of Myriad Gods there is a Hundred Venom Hill, Golden Leaf Mountain, and others, but this subordinate has never heard of Four Seas Mountain . ”

Lifei, Jie Dong, and Fan Encheng all shook their heads simultaneously at Huang Xiaolong, the three of them had never heard of the name either .

Huang Xiaolong’s brows locked together, there was no Four Seas Mountain in the proximity of City of Myriad Gods? Perhaps due to the passage of time, the name Four Seas Mountain was replaced by another name, maybe the Four Seas Mountain doesn’t exist anymore .

Several tens of thousands of years had passed, countless ancient cities had submerged in the river of time, what more a mere Four Seas Mountain!

This is truly a headache! But, a light shone in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes, he still needed to make the trip to the City of Myriad Gods . No matter what, he had to find this Four Seas Mountain, find the location stated on the map . Only this way could he break through to Saint realm before the Deities Templar’s next disciple selection began .

The sky started to brighten, sunlight streamed over the Savage Sanguine Wasteland, penetrating the layer of sanguine fog that was slowly thinning and dissipating .

Huang Xiaolong looked at the vast wasteland and stood up, saying to the four people with him: “Let’s go . ”

“Yes, Young Lord!” The four answered .

Thus all five people continued on their journey to the City of Myriad Gods .

On the way, Huang Xiaolong gave Qin Yang injury healing pellets and forced out the extreme cold poison caused by the Asura Demon Claw from his body . Huang Xiaolong then questioned Qin Yang regarding Ghost Shadow Sect and Blood River City, which were all truthfully answered by Qin Yang .

As the Ghost Shadow Sect’s Patriarch, the things he knew were undoubtedly more than Lifei, extending to some of Five Poison Cult’s confidential secrets .

Two days later, the group was out of the Savage Sanguine Wasteland, arriving in a place called Saber Imperial City .

This Saber Imperial City was one of the Bedlam Lands’ ten mega cities, although in the lower ranks, at number nine . According to rumors, that person’s comprehension and skills in the art of Saber were bordering perfection, even gods and demons needed to give way .

Huang Xiaolong stood before the gates of Saber Imperial City, looking at the large stone saber hanging on the gate arch that exuded a sharp saber energy that seemed to pierce the passersby straight at their souls . He was amazed, a mere stone saber could exude this extent of pressure, affecting even one’s soul .

“Young Lord, it was said that this giant stone saber was the Lord Saber Emperor’s personal weapon before breaking into the Saint realm . ” Qin Yang walked up, explaining to Huang Xiaolong respectfully, there was a look of awe and worship in Qin Yang’s eyes as he faced the stone saber, “After Lord Saber Emperor broke into the Saint realm, he made a Fiend Saber . Later, when he built Saber Imperial City, he hung this stone saber on top of the city gates . ”

Huang Xiaolong nodded .

The Saber Emperor was one of the few top rank experts of the Bedlam Lands famous for his saber skills . Since this sword was his personal weapon before he broke through Saint realm, it must have absorbed a certain amount of Saber Emperor’s saber intent .

I wonder who’s stronger, comparing Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu with this Saber Emperor… Huang Xiaolong mused .

Asura’s Gate was Star Cloud Continent’s super large sect . As Asura’s Gate Left and Right Custodians, not only were they considered as the sect’s top tier power, they were also Star Cloud Continent’s top-level experts .

“Let us enter . ” Huang Xiaolong retrieved his sight from the huge stone sword on the gates and said to Qin Yang and the rest . The five of them no longer delayed, entering the Saber Imperial City .

By the time they passed through the gates, the sky already darkened, therefore Huang Xiaolong decided to first look for a place to rest for the night before continuing on their way . At the speed the five of them were traveling, they could make it into the City of Myriad Gods in good time before the auction date .

The five of them checked into an inn called Warm Fragrance .

The inn had a restaurant on the ground floor, medium-sized but packed with people, so many that they could hardly find a vacant table . When they walked in, a tantalizing wine fragrance filled every inch of the restaurant space; the moment Huang Xiaolong stepped inside, the scent of wine teased his nose .

Huang Xiaolong found a vacant table in a corner and sat down, whereas Qin Yang, Lifei, Jie Dong, and Fan Encheng stood behind him, hesitant to sit .

“All of you also sit down . ” Huang Xiaolong pointed at the empty chairs around . The four answered with respect and each took a seat with Huang Xiaolong’s expressed permission .

Lifei called for the waiter after she sat down . Seeking Huang Xiaolong’s opinion, she ordered a table of dishes and two jugs of good wine .

The waiter returned a short while later, bringing up Lifei’s orders .

The table was laden with good food, fulfilling three main criteria: color, fragrance, and taste, rousing Huang Xiaolong’s appetite . Although with Huang Xiaolong’s Xiantian realm strength he could go more than half a month without food, he still kept the habit of eating .

Beside him, Lifei opened up one of the wine jugs, pouring out a cup for Huang Xiaolong, which he downed in one gulp . The wine smoothly passed his throat, spicy and austere with a slightly bitter taste lingering on the top of the tongue at the end, yet it filled his tastebuds with a memorable vibrance .

“Good wine . ” Huang Xiaolong praised . Although it could hardly compare with the Beauty Allure Wine or Sapidity Wine, it was a different flavor on its own . He indicated Qin Yang and the rest to fill their cups, enjoying the wine together .

While the five of them were lifting their cups and drinking, a commotion sounded outside the inn and a group of five people walked in, amongst them were two women .

When Huang Xiaolong caught a clear glimpse of the women’s faces, he was shocked .

Cui Li!

Ever since the Duanren Imperial City Battle ended, he rarely came across Cui Li . The last time he saw her was three years ago, before he departed from Duanren Empire to come here, to the Bedlams, Xie Puti mentioned Cui Li in their conversation .

He’d never imagined he would run into Cui Li here, in the Bedlam Lands! What is Cui li doing here? The other woman was Cui Li’s young aunt, Huang Xiaolong met her once, many years ago, at Duanren Imperial Palace on the reward ceremony day . The other three people, from the way of their dressing, were probably members of Cui Family .

The moment she entered the restaurant, as if she sensed something, Cui Li raised her head and looked up, her gaze precisely meeting with Huang Xiaolong’s . Seeing Huang Xiaolong there, Cui Li’s beautiful eyes contained surprise, followed by melancholy .

Cui Li’s youngest aunt also noticed Huang Xiaolong and she was just as surprised .

“Li Li, you know that kid?” At this time, the young man beside Cui Li asked as he watched Huang Xiaolong with hostile eyes…

Cui Li recovered her thoughts, but she didn’t answer the young man, merely shaking her head . The group then proceeded to an empty table in another side of the restaurant and sat down .

Ordering some dishes, the five people started eating quietly when their orders were served . Each had their own thoughts, especially Cui Li, the frown on her forehead was too obvious in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes .

A short while later, the five paid and left .

Though curious about Cui Li’s presence in the Bedlam Lands, Huang Xiaolong didn’t think too much about it, nor did he care .

A quiet night descended over the Saber Imperial City .

Huang Xiaolong sat cross-legged in his room and was about to start practicing when a noise came from outside his room and he focused to listen .

“Our Young Lord has spoken . In any case, tonight, those two Cui Family women must be sent to his bed . ”