Invincible - Chapter 286

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Chapter 286

Chapter 286: Summoning the Giant Puppets

Jin Zhong and Qiao Liang were doubtful watching Huang Xiaolong’s calm demeanor, neither gave the Poison Saint Sect disciples the order to attack .

But seconds later, Jin Zhong suddenly jeered, saying “Little brat, you can really put on an act, I’ll see how long you can maintain that calm facade!” Jin Zhong waved his hand, signaling the disciples: “Get him!”

Hearing Jin Zhong’s command, the surrounding Poison Saint Sect disciples swarmed towards Huang Xiaolong’s group of five .

Overwhelmed by the numbers, Qin Yang, Lifei, and the rest couldn’t help but panic a little .

Just when the horde attacks were about to strike them, a blinding golden flash appeared above Huang Xiaolong . When it disappeared, it revealed six giant ‘humans’ floating in midair .  

After the six giant ‘humans’ appeared, stalwart fists punched down onto the swarm of Poison Saint Sect disciples . A dozen booming blasts rang out in their midst almost simultaneously .

The disciples that were struck and affected by the shockwaves were sent flying, miserable screams rendered the air, however, all was quiet when they crashed into the soil several hundred meters away, no longer breathing .

The abrupt turn of events was out of everyone’s expectations .

Qin Yang and the others stared dumbly at the six giant ‘humans’ guarding in front of them . Even Jin Zhong and Qiao Liang were dumbfounded watching this, staring blankly in shock at the six giant ‘people’ that seemed to be coated with a layer of golden paint .

“This, this is the ancient Golden, Golden Giant Tribe?!” Something flashed in Jin Zhong’s mind and he couldn’t help blurting out in extreme shock .

Ancient times’ Golden Giant Tribe?

Qiao Liang’s eyes were rounded in shock as well, he dared not believe the scene in front of him . He stammered, “Anㅡancient era’s Golden, Golden Giant Tribe?! Didn’t the Golden Giant Tribe go extinct?”

Of the many big tribes of the ancient era, now there were only the elf and dwarf race left, the others had gone extinct .

What were they seeing in front of them?

Their shocked eyes trailed towards Huang Xiaolong .

Huang Xiaolong coolly admitted, “Correct, the ancient Golden Giant Tribe . More accurately, it’s Golden Giant Tribe puppets . ”

“Ancient Golden Giant Tribe puppets!” Jin Zhong and Qiao Liang shouted in unison . At this moment,they finally realized what Huang Xiaolong’s trump card was .

Those six ancient Golden Giant Tribe puppets were exactly the giant puppets found on the third layer of the Linglong Treasure Pagoda . In the recent months, as Huang Xiaolong’s Ancient Puppetry Art and Soul Mandate continued to advance, he had increased the number of puppets under his control to six .

Six supreme giant puppets, the weakest one was at the early Xiantian Sixth Order, while the strongest puppet’s strength was at mid-Xiantian Seventh Order . A mid-Xiantian Seventh Order puppet possessed battle power comparable to a peak early-Xiantian Eighth Order . Moreover, the giant puppets were immune to poison . That was why Huang Xiaolong didn’t put these Poison Saint Sect disciples in his eyes .

The strongest amongst these Poison Saint Sect disciples were Xiantian Sixth Order, more than half of them consisted of Xiantian Fourth Order and Fifth Order, not many disciples were above these levels .

In a mere few breaths’ time, the six ancient Golden Giant Tribe puppets sent another batch of Poison Saint Sect disciples flying . A sharp gleam flickered in their eyes, with a body twirl, they deployed another attack into the midst of disciples .

A wave of panic hit the remaining Poison Saint Sect disciples, they were all thumbs and toes as they tried to defend and counter at the same time, some used poison and some drew their swords .

Sharp swords slashed onto these puppets and loud clashes reverberated in the air, but to the horror of these Poison Saint Sect disciples, they discovered that their full force sword attacks merely left harsh white lines on these puppets’ bodies . The poisonous insects’ bites felt no different than a gentle tickle to these puppets . Completely ineffective .

This result scared the Poison Saint Sect disciples even more, each of them was at a loss of what to do .

Although the size of these puppets was enormous, they were by no means slow . At lightning speed, another dozen of Poison Saint Sect disciples were sent flying off .

The giant puppets’ bodies were extremely tough, their fists were harder than steel . Being struck by these fists, most of the Poison Saint Sect disciples’ internal organs shattered from the impact .

Watching this happen before their eyes, Jin Zhong and Qiao Liang were shocked and enraged .

Shocked due to these giant puppets’ defense, power, and toughness, angry because their disciples were so vulnerable and weak before these giant puppets .

“Forget about the giant puppets, go kill them!” Qiao Liang raged, pointing at Huang Xiaolong’s group .

The Poison Saint Sect disciples reacted one by one, avoiding the puppets, all aiming their attacks at Qin Yang, Lifei, Jie Dong, and Fan Encheng .

Still, no more than half of the initial fifty to sixty disciples were left, for Qin Yang’s group, this much did not constitute a threat .

This time around, Qin Yang, Lifei, and the other two dashed into the midst of Poison Saint Sect’s disciples .

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong controlled four puppets to continue attacking the Poison Saint Sect disciples, while the two strongest puppets at Xiantian Seventh Order rushed towards Jin Zhong and Qiao Liang . As Elders of Poison Saint Sect, Jin Zhong and Qiao Liang’s strength weren’t weak, respectively at mid-Xiantian Eighth Order and peak mid-Xiantian Eighth Order .

Although their strength was marginally higher than the puppets’, their every attack being capable of pushing the puppets back, it still failed to cause any actual damage . Both giant puppets were impervious to pain, if they were pushed back, they would just charge again and again . The longer Jin Zhong and Qiao Liang fought the puppets, the angrier and frustrated they became .

A short while later, Jin Zhong struck a palm against the puppet he was fighting . Seizing the window, he sprinted forward, targeting Huang Xiaolong with another palm, “Qiao Liang, you delay the giant puppets, I’ll kill that brat!”

Jin Zhong finally realized these puppets were controlled by Huang Xiaolong, kill him and the biggest part of their problem would be eliminated . Qiao Liang too noticed the same issue .

Huang Xiaolong stood on the same spot, the corners of his mouth suddenly curved up watching the Poison Saint Sect Elder Jin Zhong coming at him with a palm attack, full of sarcasm and a taunting flavor .

Judging from the expression on this Poison Saint Sect Elder’s face, did he think he could easily deal with him?

On the surface, Huang Xiaolong was but a mid-Xiantian Seventh Order .

When Elder Jin Zhong was a little more than an arm’s length away from Huang Xiaolong, rolling demonic black fog enshrouded Huang Xiaolong, a terrifying aura of slaughter flooded out in all directions .

The abrupt rush of terrifying slaughter aura made Jin Zhong’s heart palpitate with unease, quickly anchoring his attack . In the next instant, he saw wings as black as ebony erupting from Huang Xiaolong’s back, with dark red runic patterns adorning their surface . The dark red runes contained a mysterious power that made hearts recoil in fear .

Huang Xiaolong’s hair defied gravity and turned white, as his eyes turned crimson red .

“This is…?!” When Jin Zhong and Qiao Liang not far away saw Huang Xiaolong’s transformation, the word ‘shock’ couldn’t describe what they were feeling .

Before the blow receded, a dragon’s roar resounded in their ears . In the split second they were stupefied, a giant black dragon materialized behind Huang Xiaolong .

“Black Dragon… martial spirit!” Jin Zhong, and Qiao Liang shook .

The giant black dragon’s emergence also attracted the attention of nearby Poison Saint Sect disciples .

Summoning out the black dragon, Huang Xiaolong soul transformed immediately, layers upon layers of shiny black dragon scales covered his arms, chest, legs, and the rest of his body, his arms bulked up, with ten fingers akin dragon claws . Dragon’s might soared towards the sky .

Before Jin Zhong recovered from his stupefied shock, Huang Xiaolong moved . A palm struck out―Earthen Buddha Palm!

Buddha statues covered the heavens, filling four corners of the world in Buddha luminescence .

Jin Zhong was jolted back to his senses, desperately trying to retreat while calling out his martial spirit at the same time . A giant figure emerged behind Jin Zhong, covered entirely in crystal ice that reflected a ghostly green glow .

This was Jin Zhong’s martial spirit, Soul Glacier Green Demon .