Invincible - Chapter 288

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Chapter 288

Chapter 288: Arriving in the City of Myriad Gods

Qiao Liang looked as Jin Zhong’s body turned into a golden light, vanishing right in front of his eyes, he was stupefied and frozen on the spot . Jin Zhong, a Xiantian Eighth Order died just like that?


At this time, in mid-air, a ring dropped to the ground: Jin Zhong’s spatial ring .

Watching Jin Zhong’s spatial ring falling down, the stupefied Qiao Liang woke up from his daze . His eyes lit up, hand reaching out, preparing to snatch the ring, but when he was about to move, a strong suction force came from Huang Xiaolong’s palm, the spatial ring fell into Huang Xiaolong’s hands .

Qiao Liang was dumbfounded for a second before staring at Huang Xiaolong with jealousy and fear .

Godly Xumi Art!

This black-haired young man in front of him actually possesses the number one battle skill on this piece of heaven and earth, the Godly Xumi Art!

Without wasting any time to think, Qiao Liang jumped back, and in the next moment, he turned around to escape . But, right after he twirled around, a silhouette flickered in front of him, and Huang Xiaolong was already blocking in front .

“You, Little brother, no, Senior!” Qiao Liang cried out in fear, but just as he opened his mouth to plead, several dozen arms once again appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s back; claws, palms, fingers, all struck out simultaneously .

Demonic air soared to the sky, ten thousand demons shadowing heaven and earth, Asura Demon Claw!

One after another, golden rings of light spread out, piercing through the air . Wherever they passed, all living beings stopped, the God Binding Palm!

Gray fog rolled and black strange creatures were shrieking, the Absolute Soul Finger!

Qiao Liang watched helplessly as the Asura Demon Claw engulfed him . Feeling the terrifying power of the God Binding Ring and Absolute Soul Finger, he lost all will to resist . The only thought was to escape, to run, but it was too late; the God Binding Palm and Absolute Soul Finger already reached him . Despair filled his eyes .   

In these last moments of his life, Qiao Liang suddenly thought of his Young Lord, wondering if it was a fortune or a disaster that their Young Lord provoked someone this terrifying .

It was said that the person who has the Godly Xumi Art has the power to change the entire Martial Spirit World!

Asura Demon Claw, God Binding Palm, and the Absolute Soul Finger struck Qiao Liang’s chest, pushing him back like a broken kite . Crashing to the ground, like Jin Zhong before him, bright lights of claw, palm, and finger imprints shone from inside Qiao Liang’s body . He then vanished forever into thin air .  

Huang Xiaolong’s expression remained the same from the beginning until the end, with a small suction force from his palm, Qiao Liang’s spatial ring flew to Huang Xiaolong’s hand . His spiritual sense probing inside the rings, Huang Xiaolong found heaps of gold coins, spirit stones, spirit pellets, and also two secret techniques, one being the Great Demonic Yin Sound and the other Great Void Divine Fist .

Great Demonic Yin Sound? Although Huang Xiaolong practiced many different types of skills, he had yet to learn one that used sound to attack, thus he was delighted to find the manual for the Great Demonic Yin Sound in Poison Saint Sect Elder Jin Zhong’s spatial ring .

In fact, this Great Demonic Yin Sound was not a weak battle skill, combining it with his extreme Yin and frigid Asura qi, executing the Great Demonic Yin Sound would have twice the power of what Jin Zhong displayed . But what kind of battle skill was this Great Void Divine Fist? Huang Xiaolong took out the skill manual from spatial ring and started to scan through the pages on the spot, and the more he read the more shocked he became .

This Great Void Divine Fist was actually a battle skill from the Great Void Divine World!

Grade wise, the Great Void Divine World was perhaps lower ranked compared to the Asura Netherworld or Buddha World, but it was still one of the Divine Worlds . How did this Great Void Divine Fist manual fall into a Poison Saint Sect Elder’s hand?! The spatial ring belonged to Elder Qiao Liang .

Furthermore, why did that Qiao Liang not use this skill just now? If he did, Huang Xiaolong probably wouldn’t have been able to kill him so easily . However, when he flipped to the last page of the Great Void Divine Fist manual, only then did Huang Xiaolong understand, to practice this Great Void Divine Fist one must possess at least a grade twelve martial spirit .

No wonder… it seems Qiao Liang’s martial spirit grade failed to meet the prerequisite condition, thus he couldn’t practice it . Still, where did this Qiao Liang get his hands on this manual?

At this time, tragic screams rendered the air, causing Huang Xiaolong to turn around . With the six giant puppets’ assistance, Qin Yang, Li Fei, and the other two dealt the remaining Poison Saint Sect disciples cleanly .

Thus, Huang Xiaolong kept the Great Void Divine Fist into the Asura Ring and went over to join Qin Yang’s group .

When Qin Yang and the rest saw Huang Xiaolong approaching, there were changes in the way they looked at him, there was trepidation and hot fanaticism . They witnessed clearly the scene where Huang Xiaolong used the Godly Xumi Art to exterminate Elders Jin Zhong and Qiao Liang .

The Godly Xumi Art! Thinking of these three words, all four couldn’t help shaking with hard to contain excitement .

Stopping his steps not far from the four people, Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, a bright light flashed as all six giant puppets returned to the Linglong Treasure Pagoda . Glancing at the Poison Saint Sect disciples’ bodies around, he said: “Clean up, we’ll continue forward . ”

“Yes, Young Lord!” All four answered in sonorous voices .

It didn’t take long for the four of them to deal with the corpses around, then the group of five moved on . As for the spatial rings on those Poison Saint Sect disciples’ bodies, they were all taken away by Huang Xiaolong . These Poison Saint Sect disciples were all mid-levels Xiantian and above, there were quite a lot of good things inside their spatial rings .

Half a day later .

In an underground secret chamber in Knife Imperial City, Poison Saint Sect’s Young Lord, Hu Er, was looking gloomy, one of his subordinates just reported that they lost contact with Jin Zhong and Qiao Liang . Dubious lights flickered in his eyes .

Ten days passed quickly .

After ten days, Huang Xiaolong’s group of five was currently standing before the giant gates of a city . From the distance, this massive city was like a godly mountain supporting the heavens! This was one of ten largest cities in the Bedlam Lands, ranked at number two, the City of Myriad Gods!

Standing in front of the gates, an ancient and mysterious atmosphere blew against their faces, that was greatly different with the Knife Imperial City . The atmosphere around Knife Imperial City surged with an overbearing dominance and vigor, whereas City of Myriad Gods was akin to a vast ocean that stretched endlessly .

“This is the City of Myriad Gods . ” Huang Xiaolong studied the four ancient texts on top of the city gates . Rumor has it, those four ancient texts were carved out by an ancient God Tribe King using the power of his eyes .

The ancient God Tribes had six famous Kings .

“Let’s go in . ” Moments later, Huang Xiaolong retrieved his gaze as he spoke to Qin Yang and the others .  The four answered respectfully, following behind Huang Xiaolong as the group entered the city .

The City of Myriad Gods was Bedlam Lands’ second largest city, naturally, it was bustling and lively . On top of that, with the time for the start of the auction nearing, the number of people in the city was more than usual . Fortunately, the streets in the City of Myriad Gods were wide and spacious, so it didn’t feel crowded .

Huang Xiaolong strolled along the streets while scanning the shops and the surroundings . Busy pedestrians moving up and down the streets wore different styles of clothes, the shops were like mushrooms after the rain, with most of them selling cultivation techniques and battle skills .

An hour later, it was close to midday, Huang Xiaolong’s group found a restaurant and went inside .

The restaurant was big and business was booming, guests came in and out constantly and there were loud noises of discussions that perked Huang Xiaolong’s interest .

“I heard that the final item in this time’s auction isn’t Big Thousand Temple’s Wind Breaking Finger!”

“Oh, then was is it?”

“It’s a piece of jade! A piece of jade left behind by the ancient God Tribes!”