Invincible - Chapter 325

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Chapter 325

Chapter 325: The Fourth Floor

Inside the Xumi Temple, Huang Xiaolong was dumbstruck .

This falling snow was so tyrannical! Even more so, it was a hundred times worse compared to the extreme cold wind at the bottom of the Broken Tiger Rift .

Huang Xiaolong felt his blood slowing down, and giant ghost Feng Yang’s situation even was more drastic—a thin layer of ice formed over him, wrapping the giant ghost inside, the protective fog of ghost aura shrouding him turned bleak .

Huang Xiaolong swiftly infused more energy into the Ten Buddha Formation, Buddha luminescence poured out, filling every corner . The nameless fire tree too was puffing billows of fiery ember glow, melting away the coldness spreading in the spacious temple hall .

The frigid coldness might have dissipated, but Huang Xiaolong noticed that the layer of ice clothing over the Godly Mt . Xumi’s surface remained, not only did it not melt, it actually increased in thickness as time passed .

As snow continued to accumulate over the Godly Mt . Xumi’s surface, it became heavier and heavier, decreasing in flying height, scaring Huang Xiaolong enough to go all out in pushing the Ten Buddha Formation . Only then did he managed to stop the Godly Mt . Xumi from its gradually descent . However, as more snow accumulated, even when using all his effort to push the Xumi Temple formation, he merely slowed the rate and speed of the descent . This greatly troubled Huang Xiaolong .

If the Godly Mt . Xumi was so heavy that it landed below, unable to fly, with the snow and ice encroaching every inch of Godly Mt . Xumi and chaining it to the ground, at that time Huang Xiaolong would really be trapped in this snow land .

Gritting his teeth, Huang Xiaolong made the Godly Mt . Xumi turn back, all the way back until the edge of the third floor entrance, leaving the area of falling snow . Finally, the Godly Mt . Xumi stopped falling in altitude .

Still, it did not console Huang Xiaolong in the least, his robe dampened by cold sweat .

Close call! If they didn’t turn back when they did, they absolutely would have fallen to the ground and be buried by the falling snow .

As a treasure from the Buddha World, the Godly Mt . Xumi was formidable against unworldly dark creatures, but helpless against the snow on the third floor . It was fortunate enough there was the nameless fire tree in the Xumi Temple, otherwise, he would have turned into an icicle early on .

Out of the falling snow area, Huang Xiaolong exited the Xumi Temple . Observing the layer of snow covering the Godly Mt . Xumi’s surface, he frowned grimly; this snow, most likely even a Third Order Saint realm expert’s flame could not melt it .

Pondering the matter, the true essence in Huang Xiaolong’s dantian churned and the true essence fire danced cheerfully on his palms . If his true essence fire also couldn’t melt this snow, he could only give up and leave this Ghost King’s cultivation cave .

Under Huang Xiaolong’s nervous gaze, he moved his palm closer to the snow covering the Godly Mt . Xumi, and to his delight, the snow slowly melted, turning into drops of ice blue water .

This strange snow actually melted under his true essence fire!

Great! This meant that he could pass through the third floor! On this third floor, other than the scary strange snow, there was probably no other danger .

A short while later, the snow-covered Godly Mt . Xumi was freed and Huang Xiaolong collected all the drops of blue water into a jade bottle . The strange snow came from this ice blue water, so it was obviously no ordinary water . It might come in handy in the future .

Thus, delaying no further, Huang Xiaolong formed a barrier of true essence fire on the Godly Mt . Xumi’s surface, then initiating the Ten Buddha Formation, the Godly Mt . Xumi once again flew forward at breakneck speed, entering the third floor space .

Snow continued to fall flake by flake .

But this time, when they fell on the Godly Mt . Xumi’s surface, almost instantly they were melted by the true essence fire . Although it still slowed its speed, it didn’t hinder the flight progress .

They flew past the white snow land without stopping .

Perhaps there were many of treasures on the third floor, but in Huang Xiaolong’s opinion, the Ghost King Sutra and Ghost King Dan superseded everything he could find here, therefore he had to reach the fifth floor at the fastest speed .

While Huang Xiaolong was rushing toward the fourth floor entrance, Zhao Chen, Li Qiuping, Wang Lin, and the others arrived at the entrance leading to the third floor . Although they had the numbers on their side, they faced more ordeals than Huang Xiaolong to reach this far .

Zhao Chen’s group battled the Ghost Maggots’ horrifying black vines over six hours before they seized the chance, sprinting past the entrance and arriving on the third floor, but even so, a number of disciples from Sin City, Blood Dragon City, Saber Imperial City, and Green Ghost City were turned into fertilizer for the Ghost Maggots .

Everyone’s appearance was lamentable after reaching the third floor .

“These Ghost Maggots are really scary!” Li Qiuping exclaimed in apprehension as he looked back, shrieks echoing in his ears . The rest with him looked pale, assenting in silence . If it weren’t due to their early preparation, chances were that everyone here would have died there at the third floor entrance .

“That little pup Huang Xiaolong, where has he ran to!” Zhao Chen barked moodily .

“The way I see it, he probably died under the vines of that Ghost Maggot . ” Standing behind Zhao Chen, Steward Feng spoke .

“Regardless whether that Huang Xiaolong is killed by the Ghost Maggot or not, we must rush to the fifth floor as soon as possible . ” Wang Lin added, “There are only ten more days before the Ghost City disappears . ”

Everyone had a solemn expression on their faces being reminded of this fact .

They had to leave before the Ghost City was closed, failing to leave meant they would be trapped inside until the Ghost City’s next reappearance .

And the next time would be one thousand years later .

“Fine . Now, everyone swallow a Fire Spirit Bead to resist that soul snow, so we can quickly ascend to the fourth floor . ” Guo Dehui took out a reddish bead as he said that, swallowing it down . Instantly, a clear blue flame shrouded his body .

Zhao Chen and the rest followed his actions, swallowed the same Fire Spirit Bead and stepped onto the snowy ground . With the help of the Fire Spirit Bead, Zhao Chen’s group sped through the vast snow land, narrowing the distance between them and Huang Xiaolong at amazing speed .

Whereas Huang Xiaolong carefully observed the surroundings on the lookout for any sudden circumstances while control the Godly Mt . Xumi, flying towards the fourth floor’s entrance . Nothing jumped out and it was peaceful the entire way . One day later, Huang Xiaolong safely arrived at the entrance leading to the fourth floor . What surprised him was the fact that there was nothing at the fourth floor’s entrance .

Huang Xiaolong spread out his spiritual sense, even opening the Eye of Hell to scan the entrance’s surroundings, but he detected nothing .

Ten minutes later, Huang Xiaolong was still in a state of disbelief, even as he was passing through the entrance smoothly, until he reached the fourth floor .

A moment later, Huang Xiaolong converged his thoughts, surveying the environment on the fourth floor . The scene in front of him reflected prism color fog everywhere, this fog glittered gorgeously, emitting a psychedelic light, floating with the occasional breeze, but other than that, Huang Xiaolong saw nothing of significance .

However, giant ghost Feng Yang blurted in astonishment when he saw the prism colored fog: “Seven Color Ghostfog!”

“Seven Color Ghostfog?” Huang Xiaolong repeated in bafflement .

“Owner, this Seven Color Ghostfog is the nastiest type of ghost fog one can find in Ghost Domain . It is extremely toxic, a small breath and not even a high-level Saint realm expert could escape from its death clutch, dying from rotting flesh . Similar ghost type creatures like us are no exception . ” Giant ghost Feng Yang explained .

Huang Xiaolong was truly shocked, it never crossed his mind that this colorful fog would be so poisonous that a high-level Saint realm could die after inhaling tiny wisps .

But Huang Xiaolong calmed down very quickly, deadly as this multicolored fog was, it probably could not enter Godly Mt . Xumi’s space . Despite his confidence, Huang Xiaolong took out two Jasper Lotus elixirs from the Asura Ring, giving one to Feng Yang . They each swallowed one Jasper Lotus .

This Jasper Lotus was one of the many elixirs he found at the bottom of the Broken Tiger Rift in the Eminent Holiness’ secret space . It was able to solve hundreds of the world’s toxic poisons .

After both had swallowed the Jasper Lotus elixir, Huang Xiaolong once again guided the Godly Mt . Xumi into the sea of colorful Ghostfog with caution .