Invincible - Chapter 447

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Chapter 447

Chapter 447: The Elf Forest

The person who appeared was, of course, Huang Xiaolong .

Huang  Xiaolong should have exited his closed-door practiced a few days earlier, however, the black dragon’s true essence was more copious than he expected compared to both the fire and water dragons, which was why he was slightly late .

Huang Xiaolong looked around and saw the Huang Family’s guard, Huang Hua, lying in a pool of blood, his expression instantly darkened .

“Big Uncle, you finally came out!” Guo Xiaofan ran to Huang Xiaolong’s side, issuing a quick complaint: “These bad eggs, they want to kill us!”

Huang Xiaolong’s  gaze was frosty, falling on Han Qing and the four old men .

Han Qing’s group of five looked at Huang Xiaolong warily .

‘Sovereign? Is this black-haired young man really…?’

“How do I refer to this warrior? This one is Snow Dragon City’s Han Qing, the eldest disciple under Silver Dragon Ao Gu . ” Han Qing said . Although his introduction was polite, the proudness in his voice when highlighting his identity was hard to hide .

Huang Xiaolong replied emotionlessly, “Even if Silver Dragon Ao Gu comes here personally today, he still won’t be able to save any of you!”

Han Qing and the four old men’s face became gloomy .

“Punk, you really think you’re Huang Xiaolong!” Han Qing’s anger rose, a finger pointed at Huang Xiaolong’s nose, “What qualifies you to speak my Master’s great name?” Not wasting time, Han Qing summoned his martial spirit .

Han Qing’s martial spirit was an enormous wolf of silver-colored fur with three black stripes running down its forehead, the wolf tribe’s King, the Silver Wolf King . Han Qing immediately soul transformed the instant his martial spirit emerged, both hands shaped into claws, striking at Huang Xiaolong at rapid speed .

Just as Han Qing’s claws were a narrow distance away from slashing him, Huang Xiaolong countered with the Asura Demon Claw . Ghost aura surged out in a brutal manner as countless wailing demonic spirits flew out, shaking one’s soul . Han Qing didn’t even have the time to react and was already struck by the Asura Demon Claw, flying out like a pebble .

Despite Han Qing’s strength, he was only a Second Order Saint realm . Against Huang Xiaolong, how was he to resist?

Forget not the killing intent already rising in Huang Xiaolong’s heart . In that attack just now, he didn’t hold back .

When Han Qing fell to the ground, everyone could see that his chest was blasted open, bones, flesh, and organs shattered, covered in blood .

The four Snow Dragon City enforcers inhaled sharply looking at the grave wound on Han Qing’s chest, their expressions ugly .

As a Second Order Saint realm, Han Qing’s physique was comparable to a Third Order Saint realm, sturdier than most . Yet, one strike from Huang Xiaolong turned Han Qing’s chest into this!

Not even a Seventh Order Saint realm expert was capable of doing this kind of damage!

“Now, it’s your turn!” Huang Xiaolong’s cold gaze turned toward the four old men .

That declaration instantly shook the four Snow Dragon City enforcers back to the present .

Without a shred of hesitation, all four of them leaped up, dashing toward the exit, wanting to flee . The strength Huang Xiaolong had shown vanquished any thoughts of resistance in them .

However, after barely taking flight, the four old men saw the world being filled with golden Buddha statues, shining golden palm imprints falling down on them . Terrified, the four of them were forced back to the initial spots .

Huang Xiaolong’s figure disappeared in a flicker, but a palm imprint shot out, smashing on their bodies at the same time and sent them plunging out .

In a split second, the Eminent Holiness space returned to its tranquil atmosphere .

“Big Uncle is so amazing! Big Uncle is so powerful!” Guo Xiaofan cheered, clapping his hands .

His actions brought a smile to everyone’s faces .

Huang Xiaolong too couldn’t resist a smile on his face watching the little guy’s antics . He collected all five corpses and placed them into the Linglong Treasure Pagoda, as food for the Poison Corpse Scarabs .

As for their souls, naturally they were given to the Supreme Ghost Flag .

“This place is no longer safe . Yu Ming and everyone, go pack up, we’ll leave in a short while . ” Huang Xiaolong ordered .

Since the place was found by people from Snow Dragon City, Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t place his parents and family here, he had to look for another place .

“Yes, Sovereign!” Yu Ming, Fei Hou, Haotian, and others complied .

“Big Uncle, then where are we going next?” Guo Xiaofan asked .

Huang Xiaolong sounded grim, “To the Asura’s Gate headquarters . ” Regardless of the places that Huang Xiaolong could think of, the Asura’s Gate headquarters was the safest bet .

“Go to the Asura’s Gate headquarters?!” Huang Peng and Su Yan were the most shocked .

The Asura’s Gate headquarters was located on Starcloud Continent, did that mean they were going to the Starcloud Continent?

“Great, great, let’s go to the Asura’s Gate headquarters!” Guo Xiaofan agreed with thunderous handclaps, “Big Uncle, everyone says you’re the Asura’s Gate Sovereign, do you have a lot, a lot of subordinates?” Guo Xiaofan’s stretched his arms wide open to emphasize the meaning of his ‘a lot, a lot . ’

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “That’s right, Big Uncle has a lot, a lot of subordinates . If Xiaofan works hard and become strong when you grow up, then you will also have a lot, a lot of subordinates!”

The little guy was ecstatic hearing this .

No one had any misgivings about Huang Xiaolong’s plan to bring them to the Asura’s Gate headquarters .

Huang Xiaolong had planned to head straight to the Ten Directions Continent after his closed-door practice ended, but looking at the current circumstances, he could only make a trip back to the headquarters before heading out again to the Ten Directions Continent by himself .

After all, his parents and everyone’s safety was far more important than Dragon God Grass .

A decision reached, Huang Xiaolong escorted his parents and family through the Bedlam Lands and Demonic Beasts Forest, finally reaching the Starcloud Continent . The group did not dally, heading straight to the Asura’s Gate headquarters in the Central Oblast .

Though there were some small problems along the way, with Huang Xiaolong there, those problems were easily settled by him .

Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation had reached the peak of late-Sixth Order Saint realm after refining the primordial divine black dragon, only a paper thin barrier stood between him and his breakthrough to the Seventh Order .

Relying on his current strength, battling one on one, a peak late-Seventh Order Saint realm was no longer Huang Xiaolong’s opponent .

Two months later, the group finally reached the Asura’s Gate headquarters .

Arriving at the Asura’s Gate, Huang Xiaolong dutifully made the necessary arrangements for their living, accompanied them for a full day tour around the headquarters ground, and guided Guo Xiaofan’s practice . In a blink, three days had passed before Huang Xiaolong departed for the Ten Directions Continent .

Relatively speaking, Starcloud Continent was closer to the Ten Directions Continent in distance . However, that was in a relative manner .

As usual, Huang Xiaolong traveled during the day and cultivated during the night . By the time he arrived, it was two months later .

In the Martial Spirit World, Starcloud Continent had more land area compared to Snow Wind Continent, but Ten Directions Continent was much bigger than Starcloud Continent .

Snow Wind Continent and Starcloud Continent were mostly occupied by humans, whereas on Ten Directions Continent, there were the demonic beasts and beastmen!

Other than the demonic beasts and beastmen, there were dwarves, elves, tree people tribe, sea tribes, and more than a dozen other races . Though there were also humans living on the Ten Directions Continent, their numbers were a paltry few .

“Up in front should be the Elf Forest . ” Huang Xiaolong muttered, looking at the map and the seemingly endless green forest .

This Ten Directions Continent map was something he requested Zhao Shu to prepare before his trip . The map was very detailed, each region and tribes on the Ten Directions Continent were clearly marked .

According to the map, the Poison Dragon Valley fell under the beastmen’s territory .

Huang Xiaolong once found a Beast God Scepter in the Eminent Holiness secret space, and on this trip to the Ten Directions Continent, he intended to have a look at the Beast God Shrine . The Poison Dragon Valley being in the beastmen’s sphere of influence made things more convenient for him .

However, before that, to reach the beastmen’s territory, Huang Xiaolong needed to pass through the Elves Forest, the Dwarf Mountain, and the Stellar Thunder Ravine .

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong entered the Elf Forest .