Invincible - Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: Imperial City Battle


“Register for Cosmic Star Academy enrollment?” Huang Xiaolong was dazed.

At this time, Li Cheng and a few of Li Residence bodyguards had caught up with them; it was Li Cheng who brought Li Lu over to Royal City.

“Uncle,” Huang Xiaolong greeted Li Cheng, struggling to get out of Li Lu’s arms.    

Li  Cheng looked at Huang Xiaolong meaningfully, laughed and said, “Xiaolong, I haven’t seen you for a few months, yet you have grown taller. These past few months, Li Lu has missed you very much."

“Dad, what are you saying!” protested Li Lu shyly, stamping her feet a couple of times.

Li Cheng chuckled, and then turned around towards Fei Hou, “Greetings, Senior Fei Hou.”

The news had traveled that Fei Hou defeated Huang Clan Manor’s Old Patriarch, Huang Qide, in one move thus revealing his peak late-Tenth Order strength-- of course Li Cheng heard about it.

Fei Hou slightly nodded, his expression remaining indifferent.

“Xiaolong, have you found a place to stay? If not, let’s stay together?”

The Li Family’s business dealt with silk and was relatively a large business. Thus, they have a small store and residence courtyard here in the Royal City. But their residence courtyard was about two hundred square feet, it couldn’t compare to Huang Xiaolong’s Tianxuan Courtyard.

Stay together? Huang Xiaolong stared at Li Lu and swallowed his saliva before answering. “No need, I already found a place to stay.”  

“Oh,” Li Lu pouted, feeling disappointed but very quickly a smile appeared again on her face, showing two cute dimples, “This Royal City is very big, bigger than Canglan County City. Come! Let’s go and have a look around!” Li Lu was already pulling Huang Xiaolong’s hand as she said that.

Look around? Black lines appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s forehead.

Still, in the end, he was pulled around the city by Li Lu for more than an hour.


More than an hour later, Huang Xiaolong finally escaped and returned to the Marshal’s Mansion with Fei Hou and the two guards. Huang Xiaolong left early in the morning, and it was afternoon when he returned.

In the Marshal Mansion, Huang Xiaolong invited Marshal Haotian over to his yard.

“Sovereign,” Haotian respectfully greeted upon seeing Huang Xiaolong.  

Huang Xiaolong pointed to chairs nearby and indicated that both Haotian and Fei Hou should sit, “Both of you, come sit.”

When both of them were seated, Huang Xiaolong said to Haotian, “I would like to know about Cosmic Star Academy.”

Haotian paused, he didn’t expect that Sovereign called him over to ask about Cosmic Star Academy; then, something occurred to him– Cosmic Star Academy is Luo Tong Kingdom’s elite academy, does the Sovereign want to enroll into the Academy?

Immediately, Haotian told Huang Xiaolong about Cosmic Star Academy’s history, and all he knew about it. He talked for twenty minutes or so before asking, “Sovereign, do you want to enroll into  Cosmic Star Academy?”

Huang Xiaolong practiced the Asura Tactics, and he had the Asura Sword Skill, and the Asura Demon Claw; therefore, in his opinion, it’s not that important whether or not he got into the Cosmic Star Academy. But when Haotian asked, Huang Xiaolong did not deny it.    

Haotian continued to elaborate, “If Sovereign enrolls into Cosmic Star Academy, it will be helpful to Sovereign’s practice. Every year, in Cosmic Star Academy, a competition is held between the different classes, then the different class years and the overall Academy, and every year’s first place winner is eligible to enter the Dragon Flame Valley to practice. Dragon Flame Valley is a practice treasure land! Not only can it refine the physical body, but it also can improve battle qi grade!”

“Dragon Flame Valley, refining physical body, and improving battle qi grade!”

Huang Xiaolong was astonished. This was his first time hearing that there were things that could enhance battle qi grade!

“Yes, Sovereign. This Dragon Flame Valley has a natural underground Dragon Vein and that is the reason why practicing in Dragon Flame Vally can refine and strengthen the body, and enhance battle qi quality! But it is only effective for those under the Tenth Order; after the Tenth Order, practicing in the Dragon Flame Valley has no significant benefits!” added Fei Hou.

Natural dragon vein!

The Cosmic Star Academy actually has a natural dragon vein!

A light flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. Although it only benefits those under the Tenth Order, it is already unbelievable enough. And for the current Huang Xiaolong, the benefits reaped would be great!


“Apart from that, the first place of every class year is rewarded with a dan. First place first year, a high Grade Four Spirit Dan, first place second year is rewarded with an early Grade Five Spirit Dan, the third year's first place gets a mid-Grade Five Spirit Dan, and lastly, the overall Academy Champion gets a high Grade Five Spirit dan!” Haotian explained in detail.

High Grade Four Spirit Dan! Early Grade Five, mid Grade, and high Grade! Both of Huang Xiaolong’s eyes were wide with disbelief; this Cosmic Star Academy was so generous, willing to come out with so many Grade Five Spirit Dans as rewards.

Grade five Spirit Dans in the Luo Tong Kingdom can’t be bought even if you have money!

Grandfather Huang Qide's heart bled profusely when he gave the Grade Four Spirit Dan that he had kept for nearly twenty years to Huang Xiaolong. Instead, Huang Xiaolong gave the Dragon Tiger Fundamental Dan to his father, Huang Peng, and that was only a high Grade Four Spirit Dan.

“The one who wins the overall Academy competition will be representing Cosmic Star Academy to Duanren Empire Imperial City for the  Imperial City Battle!” Fei Hou said.

“Head to Duanren Empire  Imperial City for the Imperial City Battle!” Huang Xiaolong’s astonishment came from the bottom of his heart.

“Correct, every year, all the first place Academy disciples under Duanren Empire’s rule will travel to the Imperial City to compete in what is called the Imperial City Battle!” Haotian continued to say, “In the competition, disciples that perform outstandingly, ranking within the first one hundred are eligible to enroll in Imperial City’s Duanren Academy. Becoming a Duanren Academy disciple, and this is a great honor no matter how prestigious the family or kingdom”

“And in that one hundred spots, from eleven to one hundred the disciples are rewarded with an early Grade Six Spirit Dan!”

“Second to the tenth place are rewarded mid-Grade Six Spirit Dan!”

“As for the champion, is rewarded with a high Grade Six Spirit Dan!”

Haotian was very excited as he spoke about the rewards that would be given.

That’s a high Grade Six Spirit Dan ah!

A high Grade Six Spirit Dan is a much-coveted treasure for a Xiantian like him!

Even Fei Hou was filled with longing.

And Huang Xiaolong swallowed, a ‘gulu’ sound was heard. 

His mother*, that’s a high Grade Six Spirit Dan! 

If a peak late-Tenth Order warrior swallowed it, he probably could breakthrough to Xiantian realm! 

Slowly, Huang Xiaolong calmed down. 

Then, Huang Xiaolong asked Haotian the Cosmic Star Academy’s registration process and requirements.

“A Houtian warrior can register and with Sovereign’s age, there won’t be any problem. The basic requirements are aged twelve and under and the martial spirits must be at least be a grade nine.” Haotian replied.   

“Grade nine and above?” Huang Xiaolong frowned: if it is necessary to check his martial spirits, then wouldn’t his twin dragon martial spirits be exposed?

“Actually, it doesn’t matter if Sovereign doesn’t have grade nine martial spirits-- I can arrange for Sovereign's entry to the Academy.” As Haotian had never seen Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirits, upon noticing Huang Xiaolong’s frown, he thought Huang Xiaolong’s martial spirits doesn't meet the requirement. 

As the Luo Tong Kingdom’s only Marshal, he has the ability to arrange for a person to enter the Cosmic Star Academy.