Invincible - Chapter 475

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Chapter 475

Chapter 475: Let Me Try

Scratch an itch?!

A strange expression emerged on everyone’s faces at that phrase, whereas Ao Shen had an ugly grimace of anger .

In the next moment, Huang Xiaolong raised an arm and landed a punch on Ao Shen’s chest . A low muffled sound was heard, followed by a series of crackling noises .

Ao Shen let out a miserable wail, his body flew out from the impact, crashing into a large stone pillar in the hall . The stone pillar cracked, crumbling down on Ao Shen’s body as it rolled to a corner, covering him in layers of rubble and dust .

The hall once again fell into heavy silence looking at the pile of stone rubble . Everyone secretly drew in cold breaths .

One punch! Ao Shen was sent crashing into a stone pillar with one punch?!

The Nine Dragons Temple’s Sixth Hall Master Ao Shen! A peak late-Ninth Order Saint realm order Ao Shen who had the sturdy physique of a sea dragon was actually sent flying in a single punch!

Grand Elder Celine felt her heart palpitate watching the scene . Her body trembled, but only she knew whether it was from excitement or fear . Her legs weakened slightly, pressing together .

Not even their Elf Queen could do this! Although their Queen was a Tenth Order Saint realm, Ao Shen’s battle prowess could rival their Queen’s strength due to his sea dragon physique .

While the rest were stunned, Huang Xiaolong walked toward Ao Shen . When he was in close proximity to Ao Shen, Huang Xiaolong stamped his foot on the ground, lifting the layers of rubble and dust to reveal Ao Shen’s sorry figure beneath . Piece by piece, the rubble flew back, and seconds later, the rubble disappeared and the shattered stone pillar stood in its original place as if it was never destroyed .

This unbelievable scene sent another great wave in Grand Elder Celine and others’ heart, so much that they could almost feel their glutes quivering .

For to their knowledge, not even an earth element magus could do this . Restoring rubble to its prior state .

Ao Shen, who was sprawled on the ground, bounced up together with the rubble when Huang Xiaolong stamped his foot . The rubble was restored into a stone pillar, but Ao Shen’s body plummeted heavily to the ground .

Ao Shen let out another pitiful scream .

“Are you dead? If you aren’t dead yet, then roll over here!” Huang Xiaolong glared at the lump on the floor, his cold voice commanded .

Ao Shen struggled up from the ground as fast as he could . Indescribable fear filled his eyes as he faced Huang Xiaolong . There was actually a human that possessed such perverse physique in this world!

He had always been proud of his sea dragon body’s defense, but today he found out that the physique he had always been proud of was nothing more than a paper tiger in front of this person .

“Do you want to crawl out of this hall like the worm that you are, or would you rather die now?” Huang Xiaolong generously provided options to Ao Shen .

An ugly expression took over Ao Shen’s face .

Crawl out of the hall like a worm?! He, the Sixth Hall Master of the Nine Dragons Temple was reduced to crawling out of this hall in such a humiliating manner! He stared at Huang Xiaolong, and a cold shiver snaked across his heart meeting Huang Xiaolong’s sharp gaze . From the young man’s eyes, Ao Shen was absolutely sure that he will do as he said, if he refused to crawl out of the hall, the young man would not hesitate at all to kill him!

In front of the elf race’s Grand Elder, and the other experts, Ao Shen’s knees buckled, lowering his body as he imitated a worm’s movement and crawled out of the hall .

The others merely watched in silence as Ao Shen of Nine Dragons Temple slowly made his way out of the hall like a worm . There was no surprise in their eyes . Only fear was present, fear of Huang Xiaolong .

Ao Shen crossed the length inch by inch, foot by foot, feeling a thousand times worse than having swords and blades slashing his body . When he made it out of the hall, he got to his feet . Enduring the humiliation, he faced Huang Xiaolong: “I want to know, who are you?”

Knowing very well the anger, hate, and the killing intent that must be surging in Ao Shen’s heart, Huang Xiaolong was unperturbed, “Who I am, you’ll know very soon when I pay a visit to your Nine Dragons Temple in a couple of days . ”

Ao Shen was stunned, he clearly did not expect this answer .

“Good, us nine brothers will await his brother’s arrival in the Nine Dragons Temple . ” Suppressing the killing intent in his heart, Ao Shen turned around and left, disappearing from view in seconds .

It took some time for the rest to adjust their mood watching Ao Shen’s sorry figure leaving .

Huang Xiaolong turned to the seat assigned by Celine earlier, and pointed to it, asking, “Am I qualified to sit here now?”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” The remaining five people hastened to ‘reassure’ Huang Xiaolong, bobbing their heads up and down .

Huang Xiaolong sat down without a word, but when the five people lowered their butts hesitantly, Huang Xiaolong spoke, “Do you think you’re qualified to sit with me?”

Huang Xiaolong’s question rendered the hall into a deathly silence . The five people that were about to sit paused, their butts hovering a few inches from the chairs .

The expressions on their faces weren’t very good . After all, the five of them were highly respected high-level Saint realm experts, Patriarchs of their families, renowned existences on the Ten Directions Continent, but now, a young human was questioning their qualifications to sit down with him? They were not qualified to sit next to a human brat?

Despite the grimace on their faces, none dared to lower their butts on the seats, and definitely no one wanted to be the first one to raise an objection .

“Hehe, what Senior said is right, we don’t have the right to sit with you . ” One of the sea tribe men spoke . But the smile on his face looked worse than crying, extremely forced .

He straightened his body . The female sea tribe member beside him followed his lead and stood up .

Seeing this, the remaining three hurried out of their awkward positions .

“Senior, just now I…” Grand Elder Celine was ill at ease recalling her attitude earlier, wanting to explain .

“It’s nothing . ” Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, waving the matter away .

“The Queen arrives~!” At this time, a loud cry announced the arrival of Elf Queen Kelly . Detecting the ruckus on this side, Elf Queen Kelly had rushed over .

Huang Xiaolong was too shy to remain sitting when the Elf Queen arrived, thus stood up . After all, the current beastmen tribes did not rule over the Ten Directions Continent as they did in the past, and the elves were not the Beast God’s subjects .

Elf Queen Kelly already knew what took place in the hall before she arrived . She walked straight to Huang Xiaolong, greeting him as ‘Senior’ with utmost respect .

This was Huang Xiaolong’s first time meeting the Elf Queen . Even he couldn’t resist praising the Elf Queen’s beauty inwardly, natural, noble, with a faint mother nature’s smile hanging on her lips at all times . Unique, even comparable to Shi Xiaofei .

The atmosphere eased and everyone took a seat .

With the Elf Queen’s presence as the host, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t so thick-skinned to continue making things difficult for the other five people .

The Elf Queen greeted everyone with some perfunctory polite words before bringing up the matter of healing the Tree of Life, anxiety shadowing her brows .

The five people shook their heads, they had seen the Tree of Life’s condition but none of them had a method to save the tree .

Elf Queen Kelly was crestfallen with the disappointing conclusion .

“Let me have a try . ” Huang Xiaolong interjected .

His words immediately drew everyone’s attention . Without elaborating further, Huang Xiaolong stood up and walked over to the Tree of Life .

Elf Queen Kelly, Grand Elder Celine, and the five people hurried behind Huang Xiaolong, exiting the hall .

Standing in front of the Tree of Life, he slapped his palm onto the tree trunk . A boundless water element energy gathered in the air from all directions, whirling faster and faster .  

At one point, a pearl of ice blue liquid formed in the high sky .

“This is pure concentration of water element, water essence?!” Elf Queen Kelly was overjoyed .

Astonished faces stared at the small ice blue water pearl .

The pure concentration of water element, water essence . In ancient times, only God Realm water element magi could grasp this power .