Invincible - Chapter 476

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Chapter 476

Chapter 476: Entering the Beast God Shrine

Before the group of stunned Saint realm experts, including the Elf Queen Kelly, numerous drops of water essence fell from high altitude . It was like a soft and light drizzle which roared into a monsoon rain a short moment later .

Under the water essence’s cleansing, the Tree of Life was provided with rejuvenating moisture . A soft halo shrouded the massive tree as its foliage, branches, and trunk reflected light like a crystal .

The Elf Queen Kelly and the other experts were drenched in the water essence rain too as they stood close to the Tree of Life . To their joy, they noticed that under the water essence rain, the old scars on their skin actually started healing with a speed visible to the naked eye . Scabs grew and fell, revealing smooth youthful skin, supple and tender, aglow with a jade-like luster .  

Internally, their own life energy was nourished, brimming vitality filled every part of their bodies .

The rain went on for an hour before Huang Xiaolong finally stopped, a little short of breath . Popping a medicinal pellet into his mouth, he quietly initiated Instant Recovery to replenish his depleted battle qi .

To Elf Queen Kelly’s pleasant surprise, she immediately detected that the life force had stopped seeping out of the Tree of Life . Their race’s sacred tree was overflowing with life energy once more . Moreover, its life energy was even more vibrant and faster than ever before .

“On behalf of our elf race, I offer our deepest gratitude to Young Noble for his grace . ” Elf Queen Kelly said to Huang Xiaolong, a happy and sincere smile on her face, showing her heartfelt joy and gratitude .

Huang Xiaolong reciprocated her smile, “Just a helping hand, moreover, I did it for the ten Life Crystals!”

Laughter rang out near the Tree of Life .

The Elf Queen invited everyone back to the hall and they all took their previous seats . After everyone was seated, the Elf Queen sent someone to bring the promised ten pieces of Life Crystal, handing them over to Huang Xiaolong herself with both hands .

Looking at the ten Life Crystals in the Elf Queen’s hands, twinkling like stars and emitting a captivating abundant life energy, Huang Xiaolong suppressed the delight in his heart and received the Life Crystals .

The Tree of Life was cured and the Elf Queen immediately ordered a celebratory banquet . Huang Xiaolong agreed out of politeness, while the five experts also stayed to join in .

The banquet lasted several hours, until dusk . The evening sun disappearing on the horizon just as Huang Xiaolong decided to take his leave, but Elf Queen Kelly was one step ahead of him, “It’s late, I’ve made lodging arrangements for the night . We have troubled Young Noble today, curing the Tree of Life must have exhausted Young Noble’s battle qi, please rest here tonight!”

The guests were stunned at the Elf Queen’s insistence .

Grand Elder Celine was shocked the most as she looked at their noble Queen with wide eyes . Their Queen had never, ever, invited any young man to stay overnight!

Five people shot envious looks in Huang Xiaolong’s direction .

How many experts on the Ten Directions Continent admired the Elf Queen, but all failed to win the beauty’s heart . One example was Nine Dragons Temple’s Ao Shen .  

But now, the Elf Queen herself had spoken of her wishes for Huang Xiaolong to stay for the night! Anyone with a little bit brain could see that the Elf Queen held a favorable impression toward Huang Xiaolong .

Huang Xiaolong had a stunned expression on his face as he looked at Elf Queen Kelly . Two pairs of eyes met in midair, causing her heart to throb .

“Pardon me, I still have matters to attend to, and shall take my leave . ” Huang Xiaolong contemplated the invitation for a moment and refused decisively in the end .

The hall floor was nearly carpeted with fallen eyeballs due to shock . Grand Elder Celine especially never imagined that Huang Xiaolong would decline their Queen’s invitation .

Quickly concealing the disappointment in her eyes, Elf Queen Kelly braved a faint smile, “Since it is so, I will send Young Noble out . The elf race will always welcome Young Noble to the Elf Forest . ”

The Elf Queen could represent the entire elf race, her open doors to Huang Xiaolong meant that the entire elf race’s doors were open to him . The meaning of her words so clear that it triggered another bout of envious looks that bordered jealousy .

At the end of the banquet, the other five guests bid their farewells and dispersed .

Huang Xiaolong also bid his farewell and the Elf Queen insisted to send him out . On the way out, neither of them spoke, which made the atmosphere weird and ambiguous .

When both of them were out of the Elf Forest, Elf Queen Kelly finally spoke, “Young Noble, are you really going to the Nine Dragons Temple?”

Huang Xiaolong nodded .

“Nine Dragons Temple’s Great Hall Master Ao Kun is very strong, recognized as the strongest person on the Ten Directions Continent . He’s said to practice an ancient Dragon Clan battle skill, the Dragon Killing Art . Be extra careful when you’re facing him . ” Elf Queen Kelly advised .

“I know . ” Huang Xiaolong said . He vanished from view moments later under the blanket of darkness .

Elf Queen Kelly stayed in the same spot for a long time before retrieving her gaze, returning to the Elf Forest behind .

After leaving the Elf Forest, Huang Xiaolong made his way back to the Sacred Tiger City . In the Castellan Manor, he refined one piece of Life Crystal .

What disappointed Huang Xiaolong was the fact that his cultivation practically did not budge an inch after refining the Life Crystal . Although Life Crystals were rare treasures, to someone like Huang Xiaolong who had refined eight primordial divine dragons, possessing a perverse physique like the True Dragon Physique, the effects were negligible .

‘Looks like it won’t be possible to break through to Tenth Order Saint realm in a short time . ’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself . After stepping into high-level Saint realm at Seventh Order, every small order breakthrough required several times more energy; to break through to Tenth Order Saint realm from Ninth Order where he was now, he’d probably need to refine three primordial divine dragons .

Inexplicably, Huang Xiaolong thought of the Beast God Shrine .

Huang Xiaolong decided to first stop by the Beast God Shrine before heading to Nine Dragons Temple to see if he could inherit the Beast God’s heritage, absorbing the Beast God’s power would greatly increase his strength . He had confidence in his current strength, but he didn’t have a full grasp of victory against Nine Dragons Temple’s Great Hall Master Ao Kun . After all, Ao Kun was hailed as Ten Directions Continent’s strongest person .

The next morning, Huang Xiaolong left Sacred Tiger City, making his second visit to the Beast God Shrine .

Four days later, Huang Xiaolong stood at the square in front of the Beast God Shrine, taking in the sight of the Shrine . Shrouded in a halo of mystery beneath the dazzling sunlight, it gave off an everlasting, ancient, and powerful aura . The Beast God Shrine stood proud and brilliant, creating a breathtaking scene .

Compared to the previous rowdiness during the beastmen tribes congregation, the surroundings were quiet, and under the quietness was a whelming silent pressure .

Huang Xiaolong walked toward the shrine, one step at a time .

The Beast God Shrine was a towering structure that encompassed several li of land . Above its massive entrance was the symbol of a mythical beast that was exactly the same as the mythical beast head on the Beast God Scepter .

A thought struck Huang Xiaolong and he took out the Beast God Scepter, holding it in his hand, yet the grand entrance remained closed without the slightest reaction .

Pondering the issue, Huang Xiaolong channeled his battle qi into the Beast God Scepter, fully activating the seal inside the scepter and projecting all the mythical beast bloodlines contained within . In that split second, all the mythical beasts symbols above the massive shrine entrance burst out in dazzling light .

At that moment, the tightly closed entrance slowly opened by itself . After a while, the dazzling light dimmed and dissipated .

Holding the Beast God Scepter in his hand, Huang Xiaolong stepped through the entrance, which closed itself behind him after he walked deeper into the shrine . Looking at the interior of the Shrine, its space was filled with large statues of different mythical beasts .

Those mythical beast statues looked like they were placed according to a certain array, and with a quick scan around, he calculated an even number of three hundred statues . Not one more, not one less .

While looking at the statues, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the center of the hall .

At the center of the hall was a diagram of an array, bearing some similarities to the Ten Buddha Formation at the center of the Xumi Temple . The only difference was that Buddhism seals were used in the Ten Buddha Formation, whereas the symbols on this array were most likely ancient beastmen runes .

Huang Xiaolong stood at the center of the array as he channeled his battle qi into the Beast God Scepter to stimulate the bloodline power contained within . When he did so, a powerful energy burst up from beneath the array .