Invincible - Chapter 498

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Chapter 498


Chapter 498: Unifying The Ten Directions Continent

“Everyone, break out with me!” Li Lu shouted and was the first to fly toward the opening . The other Deities Templar experts were overjoyed, swiftly rushing toward the tear in the array to escape for their lives .

A sharp glint flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes as they narrowed . Not missing a beat, he extended both arms and clapped his palms together . A myriad of golden rings flew out, casting over the entire square . The Deities Templar experts that were trying to escape through the small tear in the array were shocked to find the space around them become solid, locking all their movements .

“Storm of Thousand Beasts!” One of the experts let out a sudden bellow . His body shook violently, illuminated with a golden light as he accelerated forward like a thousand beasts stampeding, raising turbulent waves in the locked space .

Yet, it failed to unyoke the shackles placed on his immediate surrounding .

Executing the God Binding Palm at his current strength, it could even hold a peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm in place .

The Blades of Asura in Huang Xiaolong’s hands swung out, shooting out an expanse of flying blade lights that rained down like an angry thunderstorm .

Sounds of weeping and howling reverberated in the air—the second move of Asura Sword Skill, Tears of Asura!

The group of Deities Templar experts were stupefied with fear as they watched the falling blade lights . In the blink of an eye, many of them were pierced through by the razor-sharp raindrops, they had their heads, torso, and even legs pierced . Anguished screams rang without end .

Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth and closed it like he was inhaling and exhaling deeply .

Gusts of tempestuous wind originating from the power of a dragon blew out . The experts rushing to escape exploded when the ferocious wind whipped across their bodies .

“Breeze of Heaven!”

A shout sounded behind Huang Xiaolong, and at the same time a piercing sword energy slashed at his back . Huang Xiaolong spun around to see a cluster of light element sword qi forming a giant gale that almost reached him .

The attacker was none other than the first person who escaped the array, Li Lu .

Huang Xiaolong retaliated without hesitation, his saber slashed frontward with a turn of the wrist .

“State of Abundant Lightning!”

A stretch of lightning sky collided with the enemy's light element gale .

Then something unexpected happened! Li Lu’s figure broke through the sky of lightning and the sea of light element sword qi, stabbing a sword into Huang Xiaolong’s chest .

Taken by surprise, Huang Xiaolong responded with an Absolute Soul Finger .

Zheng! A loud crisp sound rang .

Li Lu was forced back, but she twirled around and her hand was already slashing out a second attack .

Her attacks were all lightning fast, each one was lethal, aimed at vital points of the body . In a split second, the two had exchanged more than a dozen moves before separating .

Huang Xiaolong let out a thunderous roar that traveled several thousand li .

Numerous shadows arrived with the wind howling behind them . These were beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans experts around the Nine Dragons City . Although a large part of the beastmen and demonic beast experts were arranged at the Nine Dragons Square, there was still a significant force of Saint realm experts scattered in various points of the city, about two-tenths combined .

Other than these experts, one mustn’t forget the innumerable disciples of both beastmen tribes and demonic beast clans .

Watching the experts scattered around the Nine Dragons City rushing over, her delicate face tightened . In that critical situation, she decisively gave up on killing Huang Xiaolong . The black and white swords zoomed downwards, targeting the Devils and Ghosts Flag .

“Chasm of the Light Sword!”

The black and white twin swords spun rapidly like a drill, forming an enormous dual coloured sword column that penetrated the thick death aura from the Devils and Ghosts Flag . A large hole appeared in the array, instantly allowing the trapped Deities Templar experts to escape .

The look in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes grew chilling cold . With a flick of his wrist, the Blades of Asura were replaced with the Eminent Holiness Halberd, slicing down on Li Lu with whelming momentum .

“Halberd Galaxy!”

Halberd images appeared, filling the sky like stars on a starry night, glittering with a captivating light as they reached in front of Li Lu .

Li Lu was stunned for a brief second . Then both of her palms pushed out as if there was something in front of her .

“Yin Yang Boundary Diagram!”

Black and white qi spewed out, shaping into a mysterious diagram that stood erect in space . Tails of halberd images crashed onto the black and white diagram, causing it to shake vigorously, yet it held firm without dissipating .

By this time, the outer beastmen and demonic beast clans experts finally arrived at the square .

“KILL—!” Li Lu’s eyes burst with a black and white sword light . Several of the newly arrived experts were slaughtered, pierced through by the dual-colored sword energy .

The glint in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes was laced with a brutal light . A thousand arms fanned out at his back, the Godly Xumi Art struck out with the Earthen Buddha Palm in full momentum .

Golden Buddha statues overcast the sky .

Li Lu veered away, dodging the volley of palm attacks . The black and white sword continued to spin behind her, with the surging energy forming layer upon layer of protective sword barriers .

“Life and Death Grand Sword Barrier . ”

The sword barrier was shattered, but new ones formed almost immediately . Some of the Deities Templar’s experts dodged too late and their bodies exploded after being hit by Huang Xiaolong’s Earthen Buddha Palm .

“All beastmen and demonic beast clans disciples listen up, exert full force to kill those people inside the array!” Huang Xiaolong hollered an order to the experts that arrived .

“Yes, Liege Lord Beast God!”

Already in a miserable and sorry state inside the array due to the evil spirits inside the Devils and Ghosts Flag and Poison Corpse Scarabs, the group of Deities Templar, Cosmos God Cult, and Sin City experts crumbled when they heard about the addition of newly arrived beastmen and demonic beast clans experts .

“I will make one last attempt to tear the Devils and Ghosts Array, I hope each of you seizes this chance well!” Then, Li Lu’s voice sounded .

Subsequently, the Deities Templar, Cosmos God Cult, and Sin City’s experts trapped inside the array saw an enormous sword column slamming down, smashing all the evil spirits around them . The sword column smashed a large opening in the array, several meters in diameter .

Beyond themselves with joy, the experts from the three parties fought to be one step faster in escaping the array .

However, barely a few seconds later, a terrifying saber energy pierced through space, revealing a raging crimson blood dragon coming at them with jaws wide open . The array opening was instantly enveloped by a suffocating slaughter qi .

Some experts that had just escaped through the opening were grinded by the saber energy .

“Go!” Li Lu yelled and her silhouette blurred and disappeared in a flicker of sword light, leaving the scene . The Deities Templar, Cosmos God Cult, and Sin City experts that managed to escape from the array followed her lead and fled, vanishing from sight in the briefest time .

Huang Xiaolong split open a few of the runners with a swing of his saber, but he did not pursue . The Great Dragon Saber in his hand waved out again and again at the experts still trapped inside the array .

The tens of thousands of beastmen and demonic beast clans disciples charged into the array like a tsunami, attacking with determined ferocity under Huang Xiaolong’s command .

One hour later, all the experts inside the array were killed, whereas more than half of the Sea Tribe and Green Devil Tribe died in the one-sided massacre . The remaining ones managed to keep their lives by begging Huang Xiaolong, submitting to him .

As for Sea Emperor Vander, he was split into several hundred pieces by the Great Dragon Saber in Huang Xiaolong’s hand .

Watching Vander’s tragic end, the Sea Tribe and Green Devil Tribe experts that submitted to Huang Xiaolong felt a chilling shiver down to their core .

When all was done, Huang Xiaolong retrieved the Devils and Ghosts Flag, as well as the swarm of Poison Corpse Scarabs . In one of the Deities Templar Elders’ spatial ring, he found the antidote for the One Day Scatter poison, the Awake Today Flower . Releasing Ao Kun, Lei Ge, the elves and the others from the Godly Mt . Xumi, he detoxified their poison .

The elves, dwarves, giants, tree people all willingly submitted to Huang Xiaolong after their poison was lifted . Other than the Elf Queen and the elf race experts, all other tribes and clans had their soul seas branded with a soul imprint .

Despite their dissatisfaction, those experts felt toward being branded, none of them openly objected .

On this day, Huang Xiaolong unified the Ten Directions Continent!

Daylight slowly dimmed and darkness rose to cover the land .

Huang Xiaolong was standing inside the inner hall of the Nine Dragons Temple, staring at the silvery moon, thinking of the day’s battle with Li Lu . Li Lu’s strength had actually grown to such extent!

Even now Huang Xiaolong found it hard to believe!

He possessed twin dragon martial spirits and encountered one fortuitous adventure after another, not to mention the eight primordial divine dragons he had refined to reach his current level, late-Ninth Order Saint realm . But it was exceedingly obvious in his eyes that Li Lu had already advanced to Tenth Order Saint realm! Even though it was just early Tenth Order Saint realm, her battle power was a hundred times stronger than an average peak late-Tenth Order Saint realm expert!

‘In the last decade, what exactly happened to Li Lu? How did her strength increase?!’

Huang Xiaolong’s brows were tightly scrunched together; one point he was sure of was that Li Lu’s body remained untouched . Still a virgin . Other than that, she must be somehow controlled by someone else, having part of her memory erased . Otherwise, she would absolutely recognize him!

Today, with every move Li Lu made to take Huang Xiaolong’s life, she was looking at him like a total stranger . In her eyes, she really didn't know him, it was not an act .