Invincible - Chapter 595

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Chapter 595

Chapter 595: Hard to Swallow This Indignity!


Stripped naked!

Adulterous cheating pair!

Tossed out!

Wang Na and Jiang Wuhuang’s faces turned white and green . With their status, who dared to rebuke them, when did they ever had to suffer such humiliation?!

At this time, whistling winds sounded from afar . Clearly, that brief exchange between Feng Yang and Wang Na earlier had alerted the Black Warrior Institute masters .

Wang Na shot an icy glare at Feng Yang, “Feng Yang, do you think you can protect your disciple his entire life? I’ll wait and see how you’re going to do so after the Highgod Advancement Tournament ends!”

“We’re leaving!” Both Wang Na and Jiang Wuhuang flew off into the sky . Before leaving, Jiang Wuhuang’s hostile gaze stopped on Huang Xiaolong briefly without hiding the killing intent behind it .

Not long after the pair left, Black Warrior Institute’s Grand Elders Chan Yu and Bao Xinrui arrived consecutively .

Liu Yun communicated with Huang Xiaolong through voice transmission . “Since the beginning of the previous term, the Black Warrior Institute’s new rule stipulates that each new term’s Institute Principal can only serve for fifty thousand years . By the end of the coming Highgod Advancement Tournament, it would also be the end of Master’s term, whereas the most likely candidate for the next Institute Principal is none other than that old witch Wang Na! Wang Na has always been in conflict with our Master . Even though everything seems peaceful on the surface, the surging undercurrents and moves made in the dark never ceased . If the next term’s Institute Principal really went to her, that would be a world of troubles and headaches for us . ”

Liu Yun’s brooding expression revealed his disquieting concerns . There were slightly over two hundred years until the next Highgod Advancement Tournament .

Huang Xiaolong’s brows knitted, he wasn’t aware at all that his Master would need to step down from the Institute Principal’s position once the Highgod Advancement Tournament ended .

“What are the requirements to be the Black Warrior Institute’s Principal?” The thought crossed Huang Xiaolong’s mind, and he turned to ask Liu Yun .

Liu Yun explained, “One of the main condition is that the candidate must be an Institute Vice-Principal to be eligible to contend for the position . Currently, our Black Warrior Institute has three Institute Vice-Principals, to become the next Institute Principal, Wang Na only need to defeat the other two Vice-Principals . The problem is, Wang Na’s strength is only inferior to our Master’s, if nothing out of ordinary happens, the next Institute Principal will be none other than her!”

Must be a Vice-Principal of the Institute! Huang Xiaolong’s hands clenched into fists .

Perhaps, there was a chance Wang Na wouldn't get to take over the position as she expected . If he entered the Highgod Advancement Tournament, received the Godforce infusion and broke through to Highgod Realm, then he would be qualified to become a Black Warrior Institute’s Vice-Principal, qualified to compete for the Institute Principal position!

A light gleamed in Huang Xiaolong’ eyes . Therefore, in the coming Highgod Advancement Tournament, he absolutely must get the first place!

Two hours later, Huang Xiaolong, Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen left their Master Feng Yang’s manor . Instead of returning to his yard on the Misty Rain Mountain Range, he traveled through the transmission array, reaching the Luo Tong Residence in the Black Warrior City .

After greeting his parents and the others in the  Luo Tong Residence, Huang Xiaolong headed to his own yard with his brows locked in a deep frown .

Despite the Luo Tong Residence being located in the center of Black Warrior City, and the city’s defense system being considered capable, Huang Xiaolong felt that it was still insufficient .

What if Jiang Wuhuang suddenly lost his temper, unleashing his anger on the Huang Family by sending high-level masters over to the Black Warrior City to assassinate his family? This was highly possible .

“You can go to the Azure Sea Firm to hire high-level masters for protection . ” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi suggested .

“Hire masters?!” Huang Xiaolong blanked for a moment .

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi reiterated, “That’s right . At a large firm like the Azure Sea Firm, as long as you can afford to pay the price, you can hire high-level God Realm masters . Of course, you won’t get a strong peak late-Tenth Order God Realm like your Eldest Apprentice-brother, but an average Tenth Order God Realm should be fairly easy . ”

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes lit up at this, it did not occur to him that he could hire high-level God Realm masters from big firms like the Azure Sea Firm .  

Huang Xiaolong hurried out from the Luo Tong Residence that very night, heading out to the Azure Sea Firm branch in the Black Warrior City . Meeting the branch supervisor, Meng Xia, Huang Xiaolong stated the purpose of his visit .

No doubt, hiring a Tenth Order God Realm master was an exorbitant cost; a hundred million Xuanwu coins per year! The terms of service would begin after the contract was signed, and the longest contract duration available was ten years .

A hundred million a year! For a contract of ten years, that was equivalent to one billion per person!

This price was enough to frighten anyone out the door .

Without so much as a word, Huang Xiaolong threw down ten billion, hiring ten early Tenth Order God Realm masters for ten years .

Having these ten early Tenth Order God Realm masters, it was more than enough to protect the Huang Family . When he led these ten early God Realm masters back to the Luo Tong Residence, his hanging heart finally felt at ease . However, there was still the problem of his brother Huang Xiaohai, sister Huang Min, and others’ broken Qi Seas and crippled meridians . He decided to wait until after the auction tomorrow and request for Master’s help to heal them .

On a towering peak that reached the clouds, on the north side of the Black Warrior Institute, a grand residence stood erect . The residence was Institute Vice-Principal Wang Na’s cultivation dwelling .

Ever since she returned from Feng Yang’s manor, both Wang Na and Jiang Wuhuang’s faces were as black as muddied water .

“I didn’t expect Feng Yang that old bastard to actually have cultivated his Great Purging Howl to that level . ” Wang Na scoffed, “It seems that not only has he fully recovered from his injuries from that year, his cultivation actually improved by a lot . ”

Jiang Wuhuang’s expression grew uglier at her words, “The Ancestor is in terminal seclusion, wait till the Ancestor comes out, Feng Yang that old wrinkly-skin’s days are numbered . ”

“No need to wait for the Jiang Family Ancestor . When the coming Highgod Advancement Tournament ends and I take over the Institute Principal position, let’s see if he can still act this arrogantly . ” Wang Na stated coldly .

“I cannot swallow this indignity if I don’t kill Huang Xiaolong!” Jiang Wuhuang’s voice was filled with hate and anger .

“Don’t worry, I’ve already contacted the Azure Dragon Institute . In the inner disciples’ assessment four years later, some of their inner disciples would come over . At that time, they’ll send Xiang Mingzhi as well . ” Wang Na’s tone grew icy, “All we need to do at that time is arrange that Xiang Mingzhi to challenge Huang Xiaolong and kill him on the Hidden Dragon Arena, right in front of that old bastard Feng Yang . I want Feng Yang, that old bastard, to watch his disciple die in front of him . ”

Jiang Wuhuang hesitated before speaking, “Having Huang Xiaolong killed in front of Feng Yang, that old wrinkled skin, I’m afraid he’ll run amok on the spot . ”

The consequences of Feng Yang running amok were not something their Jiang Family could bear .

Wang Na snickered, “It’s Xiang Mingzhi who’s going to kill Huang Xiaolong, what are you afraid for? You think Feng Yang will dare to kill Xiang Mingzhi? Xiang Mingzhi is the treasured disciple of the Azure Dragon Institute Principal, give Feng Yang a hundred leopard guts and he still wouldn’t dare!”

Jiang Wuhuang laughed loudly, “You’re right!” After a brief pause, he continued, “The sacred grade immortal spirit stone in tomorrow’s auction, do you know who took it out?”

Wang Na shook her head, “I tried investigating the matter, but there was no result . However, Feng Yang that old bastard knows the person who took out the sacred grade immortal spirit stone . ”

Jiang Wuhuang sighed, “Pity, but no matter what, that sacred grade immortal spirit stone in tomorrow’s auction, we must get our hands on it . With this sacred grade immortal spirit stone, we can activate the primordial formation left behind by our Jiang Family’s ancestors . Borrowing the power from the primordial formation, Ancestor’s strength would enhance to another level!”

The night passed peacefully .

The following morning was beautiful and sunny . The Black Warrior Auction House’s schedule proceeded as planned .

The entire Black Warrior City was filled with excitement, crowds making their way toward the auction house .

A soon as the sun rose over the horizon, Huang Xiaolong brought Shi Xiaofei straight to the Black Warrior auction house .