Invincible - Chapter 600

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Chapter 600

Chapter 600: Slave


It didn’t take Huang Xiaolong much time to reach the Luo Tong Residence from the Black Warrior City’s transmission array .  

However, what baffled Huang Xiaolong upon his arrival at the Luo Tong Residence was the fact that the guards stationed at the main entrance weren’t any one of the subordinates he had brought over from the Martial Spirit World .

Were these newly hired guards? Huang Xiaolong mused .

“Stop right there, what are you here for? State your purpose in coming to the Luo Tong Residence!” Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to step into the residence, the guards stationed at the main entrance blocked his path, while one of them barked at him .

“I’m Huang Xiaolong . ” Huang Xiaolong stopped, but there was a tiny frown between his brows .

“Huang Xiaolong?” The same guard snapped, “What do I care what ‘long’ you are, today our Enforcer Wuyue is not receiving any guests . ” The guard was rude and arrogant .

Enforcer Wuyue? Something flashed in Huang Xiaolong’s mind . He remembered that among the ten God Realm masters he hired from the Azure Sea Firm, there was one named Wuyue . But since when did this Wuyue become the Luo Tong Residence’s Enforcer? More accurately, since when did the Luo Tong Residence have an ‘Enforcer’ position, why wasn’t he aware of it? On top of everything else, from the way these guards spoke, it sounded as if this Enforcer Wuyue was the real owner of the Luo Tong Residence?!

Currently, Huang Xiaolong was not wearing his Black Warrior Institute inner disciple robe, thus the four guards naturally took Huang Xiaolong as an ordinary God Realm warrior that came to seek a guard position .

Huang Xiaolong shot a cold look at the four guards before opening the Eye of Hell on his forehead . In an instant, everything that was happening inside the Luo Tong Residence entered his Eye of Hell’s scope of vision .

Inside the Luo Tong Residence’s main hall, amongst the ten Tenth Order God Realm masters that Huang Xiaolong hired earlier, two of them were seated at the hosts’ seating at the head of the hall, one of them being that Wuyue, whereas Huang Xiaolong’s parents, Huang Peng and Su Yan, they were relegated to an inferior subordinate seating!

What angered Huang Xiaolong the most was that both Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu’s bodies were filled with angry whip marks as they knelt on the floor in the main hall .

Wuyue’s voice sounded in Huang Xiaolong’s ears as he reprimanded Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu: “Two measly half-step God Realms like you two dare to contradict this Enforcer, defying your superiors! Continue to whip them for me, another hundred lashes!”

Two guards standing at the sides in the main hall acknowledged respectfully, waving the whips in their hands to strike Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu’s bodies .

“Stop!!” Both Huang Peng and Su Yan shouted in anger .

“Wuyue, Zhang Quan, you’re crossing the line!” Huang Peng was angered to the point he was pointing at the two and shouting, “Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu aren't at fault at all, and even if they were, it would the two of us punishing them, not you lot! How can you punish Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu without rhyme or reason?!”

Wuyue looked as if he didn’t notice Huang Peng’s anger, speaking in an unhurried leisurely voice, “Residence Lord Huang, what I’m doing is for your own good, these dogs of a servant don't understand rules and etiquette . I’m only educating them so they understand the distinction between master and servant, what a servant should do and shouldn’t be doing . ”

“Exactly so . ” The man beside Wuyue, Zhang Quan sneered, “Otherwise, what if one of these days these ignorant slaves accidentally cause catastrophic trouble for the Luo Tong Residence? By right, you should be thanking us . ” At the end of his words, a towering momentum swept out from his body .

“Punk, did you hear what I’ve said?” The loud obnoxious guard got irritated watching Huang Xiaolong stood there like a statue, “Our Enforcer Wuyue is not seeing anyone today, if you’re here to apply for a guard position, come again tomorrow! Now, quickly leave!”

Huang Xiaolong did not move, he asked, “Is Enforcer Wuyue the decision maker in the Luo Tong Residence? What about Residence Lord Huang?”

The guard grinned nastily, “Residence Lord Huang? What Residence Lord Huang, in our eyes that’s just a wastrel that can’t even reach the Saint realm . In our eyes, there’re only Enforcer Wuyue and Zhang Quan!”

“That’s right . ” Another guard chimed in, “We’re guards recruited by Enforcer Wuyue, we only listen to Enforcer Wuyue . As for that dogfart Residence Lord Huang, ptui! A mid-level Xiantian realm garbage dares to dream of ordering us around?”

All four guards were First Order God realm . Even though they were merely First Order God Realm, they possessed a certain level of status on the Cloudsea Mainland . After all, in the Black Tortoise Galaxy, the strong made the rules .

All four guards were newly recruited to the Luo Tong Residence, but it was also the truth they did not put the so-called Residence Lord in their eyes .

“Since it’s like that, there’s no need for you lot to remain in the Luo Tong Residence . ” Huang Xiaolong’s cold voice sounded . Before the four guards could react, Huang Xiaolong flickered, striking a punch toward them .

Four bodies instantly exploded .

One punch sent four guards to their deaths! Not even a chance to scream .

Killing intent thickened in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes as he marched toward the residence’s main hall .  

Those in the main hall were stunned, turning their heads toward the hall entrance as the energy fluctuations from Huang Xiaolong’s attack had alerted them .

“What is happening outside?” Wuyue frowned as he ordered the guard beside him, “Zhong Fei, you go out and take a look . ”

That guard acknowledged respectfully and was about to exit the hall when a cold voice sounded: “No need . ” In a split second, a fist force blew out, and that guard Zhong Fei ended up just like the four guards at the main entrance, bursting into smithereens . Not an inch of intact skin remained .

Only then did Huang Xiaolong’s figure appear in front of everyone .  

When Zhang Quan and Wuyue saw that it was Huang Xiaolong, both of them were slightly stunned .



Huang Peng, Su Yan, Zhao Shu, and Zhang Fu all cried out happily .

“So, Eldest Young Master Huang has returned,” A brief moment later, Wuyue recovered his calm, a sneer at the corner of his lips, “Eldest Young Master Huang is so mighty, killing my subordinate the moment you return . ”

Huang Xiaolong retorted sarcastically, “Your subordinate? Wuyue, you’re merely a slave that I hired from the Azure Sea Firm, who gave you the authority to recruit guards into the Luo Tong Residence? And who anointed you as what dogfart Enforcer?!”

Wuyue’s expression turned extremely ugly .

Zhang Quan smiled whilst not smiling, “Eldest Young Master Huang, we’re doing this for the good of everyone here, the whole Luo Tong Residence’s guards are just some weak Xiantian or Saint realms . How will these lowly slaves be able to protect Residence Lord Huang and the rest’s safety?”

Huang Xiaolong snickered, “Meaning to say I’m supposed to feel grateful? You recruited these guards to protect my parents and the others . Then what is the purpose of me hiring you to Luo Tong Residence? To freeload here?”

Wuyue grew impatient and spoke in a biting tone, “Huang Xiaolong, don’t think that just because you’re the Black Warrior Institute Principal’s personal disciple we wouldn’t dare to cripple you! Let me tell you, even if we kill you, the Black Warrior Institute Principal can do nothing to us after we leave the Black Tortoise Galaxy!” Finished saying that, his momentum soared, about to make a killing move on Huang Xiaolong .

Huang Xiaolong using the word slave back and forth had triggered the killing intent from the bottom of his heart .

He, a Tenth Order God Realm master, would be welcome in other galaxies’ super forces and families, be it the Azure Dragon Galaxy, White Tiger Galaxy, or Vermillion Bird Galaxy, given the high, respected position of Grand Elder . He need not squat in this dump being some shit guard . If it weren’t because he was in an urgent need of money to purchase a divine armor, he wouldn’t even spare a glance at this sesame-sized Luo Tong Residence .