Invincible - Chapter 601

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Chapter 601

Chapter 601: Well Leave As We Please


Just when Wuyue was about to attack, Zhang Quan suddenly reached out to stop him . Facing Huang Xiaolong, he said, “Huang Xiaolong, considering the fact that you’re the Black Warrior Institute Principal’s personal disciple, as long as you give us one billion, we can overlook your discourtesy . I’m well aware that you bought the True Dragon King’s beast cores at the last Black Warrior Auction House for thirty billion, therefore, one billion is nothing to you . ”

Zhang Quan’s words stupefied Huang Xiaolong for a moment, and second later, he started laughing from indescribable anger .

These two Wuyue and Zhang Quan were but hired hands he got from the Azure Sea Firm to protect his parents . Using a more pleasing term, they were guards, but stripping all niceties, they were but slaves of the Luo Tong Residence! Now, not only did they not know the distinction between master and slave, Wuyue even styled himself ‘Enforcer’, ignoring his parents’ orders, and on top of everything else, they dared to turn the tables over to threaten him, demanding one billion with extended hands!

At Zhang Quan’s words, Wuyue halted his actions and snorted at Huang Xiaolong, “One billion is too little . Huang Xiaolong, your parents, brother, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew, each person is worth one billion . I won’t ask for much, just six billion . Otherwise, after I kill you, I will kill your parents, brother, sister, and others before fleeing to the Azure Dragon Galaxy . ”

One billion wasn’t enough, hiking the price on the spot to six billion!

Six billion! 

Zhang Quan was stunned but he remained silent .

Huang Xiaolong looked fixedly at Wuyue and Zhang Quan before bursting in laughter, “Initially, I only planned to cripple your arms, but now, both of you are going to hell!”

Those who dared to use his parents, siblings, and family’s life to threaten Huang Xiaolong, all of them should die without exception!

It was as if Wuyue had heard the greatest joke of his life, laughing wantonly in Huang Xiaolong’s face, “All of us are going to die? Huang Xiaolong, do you think you’re the Institute Principal himself?”

Zhang Quan too was shaking his head at the side; did this Huang Xiaolong have a problem with his head?

Hidden in the dark, the other eight Tenth Order God Realm masters that were employing a wait and see attitude also shook their heads in mockery at Huang Xiaolong’s brazen words, an ignorant and naive chick acting arrogant .

Precisely at this moment, the golden Dragon Pearl symbol between Huang Xiaolong’s brows released a blinding light, rendering everyone to close their eyes from the pain . An enormous ten thousand zhang five-clawed golden divine dragon flew out .

Wuyue and Zhang Quan’s arrogant demeanor instantly vanished as fear overtook them .

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi peered down at the two of them loftily as if looking at two insignificant lowly existences, then his dragon claw slammed down .

Both Wuyue and Zhang Quan’s faces were gray with despair, wanting to cry out but were unable, wanting to escape yet unable to move .

Pa! A sharp clear noise rang in the main hall . Just like slapping flies, the two people were flattened into human-shaped meat patties, sticking to the floor . The overpowering dragon essence force instantly shattered their Qi Seas, meridians, and souls, even destroying the time and space law threads residing in their soul seas .

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi transformed into a golden streak, returning to the golden Dragon Pearl in Huang Xiaolong’s forehead .

The blinding light dissipated .

Recovering their sight, everyone was stunned . Huang Peng, Su Yan, Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the others were agape staring at the two human-shaped patties stuck to the floor . Even without checking, everyone knew for sure that Wuyue and Zhang Quan were deader than dead .

Two mid-Tenth Order God Realm masters died just like that? So vulnerable?

“Long-Long’er, that just now, what happened?” Huang Peng stuttered a little dazedly . Just now, he barely had a vague glimpse of a vast golden light shooting out from the golden symbol on Huang Xiaolong’s forehead, then, nothing else .

Even Su Yan, Zhao Shu, and Zhang Fu were staring at the golden Dragon Pearl symbol between Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrows .  

That time when he killed the Deities Templar’s Preceptor Ying Tian, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi once appeared in front of Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, however, Ying Tian was merely a First Order God Realm while Wuyue and Zhang Quan were both mid-Tenth Order God Realm masters .

Watching the flabbergasted expression on his parents’ faces, Huang Xiaolong relaxed slightly, smiling faintly as he said, “Father, Mother, in the past I have obtained the Dragon Clan’s heritage power . Just now, what you saw was the Dragon Clan’s heritage power which killed Wuyue and Zhang Quan . ”

Dragon Clan’s heritage power!

Another wave of shock crashed against Huang Peng and Su Yan’s hearts .

“Eldest Young Master Huang, spare us, have mercy, spare us!” The several guards in the main hall regained their senses, immediately begging Huang Xiaolong for mercy . These were all people recruited by Wuyue and Zhang Quan, dogs to the two ‘enforcers’ in essence .

A strong killing intent flitted in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes as he raised his hand and struck out an Earthen Buddha Palm, sending out myriad images of Buddha statues in dazzling aureate lights, slapping the guards into the air . When they fell to the ground, none of them were breathing .

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong briefly asked his parents about matters related to Wuyue and Zhang Quan .

It turns out that slightly over a year after Huang Xiaolong went into closed-door practice, Wuyue and Zhang Quan began to self-style themselves as Enforcers, recruiting new guards on their own, even snatching the Black Warrior Greater Strength Pellets that Huang Xiaolong gave to Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and the rest .  

When Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu reprimanded them, the two of them used the excuse of defying their masters to punish Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu, and anyone else that dared to speak up .

Though the other eight remaining Tenth Order masters did not work in cahoots with the two of them, they were apprehensive of Wuyue and Zhang Quan’s mid-Tenth Order God Realm strength yet the eight of them did receive many benefits from the two as well . Hence, all of them silently agreed to open an eye and close another

This only increased the ire in Huang Xiaolong’s heart .

Even though those eight people did not take part in Wuyue and Zhang Quan’s schemes, it was no different than being accomplices . Knowing full well about Wuyue and Zhang Quan acting so, they actually chose to ignore the matter, what was that if not being accomplices?

“Call those eight people here . ” Huang Xiaolong stated sharply .

“Yes, Sovereign . ” Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu acknowledged respectfully .

Moments later, eight early Tenth Order God Realm masters walked into the main hall behind Zhao Shu and Zhang Fu . However, each of them had doubt and confusion in their eyes . Earlier, when Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi acted, he had barricaded the main hall from outside perception . Hence, these eight people were still in the dark about what took place in the main hall .

“Eldest Young Master Huang . ” Upon arriving, the eight people extended a perfunctory greeting, it was clear from their manner and expression that there was no courtesy or respect at all .

Huang Xiaolong looked at the eight people with an icy gaze as he spoke, “I hired you all to protect my parents and others, but Wuyue and Zhang Quan, those two dogs of a servant dared to defy their masters, yet all of you remained impassive, how do you explain this?”

Huang Xiaolong’s questioning tone lit a fire in the eight people’s hearts .

“Explain?” One of the eight snickered, “How we act, do we need to explain to you? Huang Xiaolong, you think you’re the Black Warrior Institute Principal?”

Another chimed in presumptuous tone, “You hired us to ensure your parents and these people’s safety . Now, these people are very safe, not dead, their limbs all intact, this proves that we have carried out our duty . If you’re dissatisfied, you can go to the Azure Sea Firm to dismiss us, but it’s impossible for the Azure Sea Firm to refund the ten billion fees to you!”

“He thinks he’s really something just because he’s the Black Warrior Institute Principal’s personal disciple . Huang Xiaolong, a Black Warrior Institute inner disciple like you, before God Realm masters like us, you’re nothing at all!” A third person added .

“Let’s go!”

All eight ignored Huang Xiaolong, turning around to leave .

“Leave?” Huang Xiaolong sneered,  “Who allowed any of you to leave? There’s no need to leave . ”

One of them turned around laughing, “We’ll go as we please, but of course, you can also cry to the heavens, begging us not to leave . ”

All eight burst into laughter .