Invincible - Chapter 700

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Chapter 700: 700

Subsequently, Huang Xiaolong also heard some information related to the many experts from both Ying and Zhao Families that came to Martial Spirit World .

However, Duan Wuhen couldn't say for sure how many God Realm masters the Ying and Zhao Families had sent to the Martial Spirit World, only that both the Duanren Imperial City and Huang Clan Manor had Ying Family Grand Elders in command .

Other than Duanren Imperial City and the Huang Clan Manor, other empires’ and kingdoms’ imperial and royal cities had either half-step Saint realm or peak half-step Saint realms guarding them .

Huang Xiaolong’s tension eased hearing this .

Although he still didn't know the exact number of God Realm masters the Ying and Zhao Families sent to the Martial Spirit World, from Duan Wuhen’s description of the overall situation, it seems like their number was on the lower end .

With Ying Changtian and the rest in Duanren Imperial City gone, after he dealt with the ones in the Huang Clan Manor, the threat over Snow Wind Continent would be gone .

“Do you know what the strength of the Ying Family Grand Elder in the Huang Clan Manor is?” Thinking of this, Huang Xiaolong asked Duan Wuhen . At Huang Xiaolong’s current strength, he could kill a peak late-Eighth Order God Realm, but if it was a Ninth Order God Realm master, he would have some difficulty .

Between a peak late-Eighth Order God Realm and Ninth Order God Realm, the latter was on a completely different level . Though Huang Xiaolong might not be a Ninth Order God Realm master’s opponent, he could still escape .

Due to the Dragon Pearl’s suppression, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi could not be separated too far a distance from Huang Xiaolong, thus, if the Ying Family Grand Elder guarding the Huang Clan Manor was a Ninth Order God Realm master, it would be really troublesome to deal with .

Duan Wuhen shook his head, respectfully answering, “I don’t know, but I did hear that the strongest person amongst the Ying Family Grand Elders here was Ying Changtian . ”

Hearing this made Huang Xiaolong completely at ease .

Duan Wuhen then added, “From what I heard, there are four Ying Family Grand Elders guarding the Huang Clan Manor, and all four of them are siblings . ” He paused in hesitation, continuing, “All four are lecherous characters . After they took over the Huang Clan Manor, the place was turned into a land of debauchery . Every day, the Ying Family guards would capture a hundred young girls and bring them to the Huang Clan Manor for the four of them to vent their lust . ”

“They cultivate a technique called Blood Demon . After these young women are violated by the siblings, their blood essence would be sucked away, turning into dried corpses!”

“What?!” Huang Xiaohai’s fury pierced the sky: “Those vile bastards!”

Everyone listening was extremely furious . The demure Shi Xiaofei showed a rarely seen ice-cold killing intent .

The Huang Clan Manor held a special meaning in everyone’s hearts . Not only was the Huang Clan Manor the Huang Family’s ancestral land, it was a source of sustenance for their souls .

But it was turned into a den of vice by those Ying Family Grand Elders!

A chilling glint flickered past Huang Xiaolong’s eyes .

Still, after considering the situation, Huang Xiaolong had Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, Lil’ Tian, Huang Xiaoyong, and everyone else act alone or in groups of two to deal with the Ying Family masters in the other empires .

Whereas Huang Xiaolong, his parents, and Shi Xiaofei, they returned to the Huang Clan Manor .  

After Zhao Shu and the rest dealt with the Ying Family masters in other empires, they would gather at the Huang Clan Manor as well .

After receiving Huang Xiaolong’s instructions, all of them separated, each of them heading to their targets .

Before leaving, Huang Xiaolong reminded everyone to end things swiftly and assemble at the Huang Clan Manor . Everyone would then depart to the Starcloud Continent, the Bedlam Lands, and finally the Ten Directions Continent . They would obliterate them all before the Ying and Zhao Families’ Grand Elders could react!

Watching Zhao Shu, Zhang Fu, and everyone else fly away in different directions, Huang Xiaolong turned toward his parents, “Father, Mother, let us go . ”

Return to the Huang Clan Manor! 

Huang Peng and Su Yan nodded: “Let’s go . ”

Huang Xiaolong, his parents, his siblings, and Shi Xiaofei left the Duanren Imperial City, flying toward the Huang Clan Manor .

Not long after they left Duanren Imperial City, while flying past a small kingdom, they saw a group of Ying Family soldiers massacring a village . Greatly angered, the Huang Family slapped all the Ying Family soldiers into meat paste .

The entire way, as long as Huang Xiaolong’s group came upon Ying Family soldiers, regardless of what these soldiers were doing, the Huang Family exterminated them without bothering to say a word .

Although Huang Xiaolong’s group had been killing Ying Family soldiers along the way, it did not affect their speed, their actions were swift and ruthless . A wave of their palm from the Nine-tailed Bright Radiance Tiger’s back was enough to send these soldiers to their deaths .

In less than an hour, Huang Xiaolong’s group reached the Luo Tong Kingdom .

As they were passing by the Luo Tong Kingdom, looking at the sorrowful land below, all they saw was death aura and overwhelming resentful energy shrouding the Luo Tong Royal City . Huang Xiaolong sighed heavily, remembering his brother, Lu Kai .

‘If Lu Kai didn’t die, perhaps he would be a God Realm master by now…’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself . With his help, Lu Kai breaking through to God Realm was nothing difficult . Lu Kai’s death by the Deities Templar’s hand had always been Huang Xiaolong’s biggest regret .

Shortly after passing through Luo Tong Royal City, the silhouette of the Huang Clan Manor grew nearer in their eyes .

“Three early-Eighth Order God Realms, two Sixth Order God Realms, and three Fourth Order God Realms . ” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi’s divine sense spread out, instantly grasping the situation in Huang Clan Manor .

A total of eight God Realm masters .

Huang Xiaolong’s mouth curved into a cold sneer .

In a few breaths’ time, Huang Xiaolong’s group stood high in the air above the Huang Clan Manor .

Even from afar, they could see the changes in the Huang Clan Manor, as most of the buildings had been demolished . Other than newly built buildings, lascivious statutes and unsightly mural paintings were present in almost every corner .

In the square below was a group of young women garbed in thin clothing being forced to perform erotic dances . Several Ying Family guards were clamoring loudly with wicked smiles on their faces .

In the air above the Huang Clan Manor, a mist of blood-colored qi that emitted a faint bloody scent and an odious feeling was gathered .

Huang Xiaolong knew that this blood-colored qi came into being due to an evil cultivation technique . It seems like this was what Duan Wuhen was referring to, the Blood Demon cultivation technique .

The presence of Huang Xiaolong’s group was quickly discovered by the Ying Family soldiers inside the Huang Clan Manor .

“Who goes there? You dare to trespass into the Ying Clan Manor?!” A group of Ying Family soldiers flew up . Someone that looked like a captain barked at Huang Xiaolong .

‘Ying Clan Manor? Hmph, even changing the name of our Huang Clan Manor!’

When that Ying Family captain caught sight of Shi Xiaofei, his eyes lit up . Then his gaze traveled to Su Yan and Huang Min, clicking his tongue: “Hehe, I didn’t expect there to be such level of beauties in the Martial Spirit World . It seems like tonight will be fun . ”

“Captain, I think we’d better catch all of them and bring them to Grand Elder Ying Fei . ” One of the soldiers said, “If not, once Grand Elder Ying Fei and the other Grand Elders found out, I’m afraid…”

“Your mother,” That Ying Family captain suddenly sent that soldier flying with a smack, sneering coldly, “Do I need you to teach me what to do?!”

Murderous aura burst out from Shi Xiaofei, Su Yan, and Huang Min’s bodies .

Almost simultaneously, the three women acted . That Ying Family captain was struck by three powerful slaps, annihilated in body and soul, leaving behind nothing but a pool of blood . The remaining soldiers were also slapped to their deaths by the three women .

All three women were God Realm masters . The moment they acted, the energy fluctuations of a God Realm master instantly alerted the masters inside the Huang Clan Manor .

At this time, Ying Fei and the others were enjoying themselves with women and wine in the great hall .

“You, go see what's happening . ” Ying Fei put down his wine cup, ordering a Fourth Order God Realm guard beside him .