Invincible - Chapter 709

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Chapter 709: 709

When Lu Ruibing’s group of eleven reached the naval vessel, they immediately spread out, encircling Huang Xiaolong .

Watching his people easily encircle Huang Xiaolong, Lu Ruibing felt more confident and was no longer in a rush to act . He smiled amiably, asking, “This little brother, I haven’t seen you around before, you're probably not of our Peace Emperor World . Which family and which world surface are you from? What's your purpose coming here to the Black North Sea?”

Although in Lu Ruibing’s eyes this black-haired young man’s treasures were in the palm of his hand, he still wanted to probe Huang Xiaolong’s background and identity .

This way, he could be prepared for what may come .

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help shaking his head and laughing softly, knowing what little scheme the other side was playing at, but he decided to be honest, “I come from the Martial Spirit World, coming to Black North Sea searching for something . ”

“Martial Spirit World,” Lu Ruibing, Gao Haiming, and the rest were greatly relieved after hearing Huang Xiaolong’s answer . So, it was the Martial Spirit World!

These people knew of Martial Spirit World, one of the world surfaces close to their Peace Emperor World .

It was just a world surface that couldn’t even enter the top ten thousand ranking, it seems like their earlier worry was unnecessary!

Lu Ruibing’s smile widened, “I see, so little brother comes from Martial Spirit World, what is little brother searching for in this cold Black North Sea?”

“Black Tortoise Divine Fire . ” Huang Xiaolong said .

Lu Ruibing and his group were stunned, their hearts shook, watching Huang Xiaolong disbelief .

“You, you, what did you say? The Black Tortoise Divine Fire?!” Lu Ruibing’s voice was quivering with uncontrollable excitement .

“Yes, the Black Tortoise Divine Fire . ” Huang Xiaolong calmly confirmed .

Receiving Huang Xiaolong’s confirmation, Lu Ruibing had a feeling that the Heavens were raining him with all the blessings and luck .

The Black Tortoise Divine Fire!

One of the four great divine fires, the Black Tortoise Divine Fire was actually in their Peace Emperor World’s Black North Sea all this time?!

At this time, it did not occur to Lu Ruibing why the black-haired young man would tell him about the Black Tortoise Divine Fire . Gao Haiming and the others were also too busy feeling excited to suspect anything .

It was some time later when Lu Ruibing finally composed himself . Looking at Huang Xiaolong, a light flickered in his eyes . His original plan was to kill this black-haired young man in the shortest time, but now however, he was willing to let this young man live a few more days .

Until he found the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, it would be fine to kill the young man after that!

While all these thoughts were running through Lu Ruibing’s brain, Huang Xiaolong suddenly raised his hand . An overpowering suction force instantly pulled Gao Haiming and two other Eighth Order God Realm masters to his front .

Before these three Eighth Order God Realm masters could react, Huang Xiaolong’s ten fingers formed into claws, slamming down on two people’s heads, vigorous true immortal essence fire flowing out from his hands .

Two screams of agony rang in the cold air .

Gao Haiming finally regained his wits but was filled with dread instead . Letting out an exasperated shout, he struck both fists at Huang Xiaolong with all his strength!

A cold sneer rose at the corner of Huang Xiaolong’s mouth as he struck both of his fists as well, going head-on against Gao Haiming’s fists .

Gao Haiming was sent flying like a withered leaf blown by strong wind, crashing down on the other end of the deck, no longer moving after he rolled several feet .  

The abrupt change in situation dumbfounded Lu Ruibing and the remaining seven God Realm masters who were still immersed in ecstasy after hearing about the Black Tortoise Divine Fire .

Lu Ruibing quickly realized what was going on and his face was drained of all color . He turned around, wanting to flee with the other seven Nether Ice Palace God Realm masters .

But, just as these Nether Ice Palace’s people turned around, their bodies were pulled back by a powerful force, falling down onto the deck .

Huang Xiaolong walked over, shattering these Nether Ice Palace God Realm masters’ Qi Seas and meridians .

With their Qi Seas and meridians shattered, as strong as a God Realm cultivator was, they would not be able to gather any battle qi . Thus, Huang Xiaolong wasn't worried about these people escaping .

Last of all, Huang Xiaolong walked toward Lu Ruibing .

“You! I’m the Young Palace Lord of the Nether Ice Palace!” Lu Ruibing was terrified, retreating backward with a half-crying face .  

Huang Xiaolong said a perplexing sentence that Lu Ruibing didn’t understand: “And Zhao Weitong was the Zhao Family’s Patriarch!”

Huang Xiaolong didn’t even put Zhao Weitong, the Zhao Family’s Patriarch, in his eyes, what more a little Young Palace Lord of the Nether Ice Palace?

The reason Huang Xiaolong did not conceal the matter about the Black Tortoise Divine Fire simply because these people were already dead men in his eyes .

For a second, Lu Ruibing was still dazed, not understanding the meaning of Huang Xiaolong’s perplexing sentence, but a possibility quickly struck him .

Could it be… . ?!

Thinking of this, Lu Ruibing turned deathly pale, “The Zhao Family Patriarch and the others were killed by you?!”

By this point, Huang Xiaolong was too lazy to answer more questions, the Absolute Soul Finger laced with his true immortal essence fire pierced through Lu Ruibing’s forehead .

After killing Lu Ruibing and his group, Huang Xiaolong threw their bodies into the Asura Ring, the Flame Dragon Vessel continued to speed into the deep regions of the Black North Sea .

Huang Xiaolong once again sat down cross-legged on the deck, continuing to refine the rank six godhead .

Thin ice sleets continued to drift to the waters below .

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed .

As he moved forward into the deeper regions of the Black North Sea, the Black North Cold Stream Flow grew increasingly stronger . In the end, even the Flame Dragon Vessel with its dozen protective arrays couldn’t completely prevent the frigid air from encroaching .

This far into the Black North Sea, the Black North Cold Stream Flow had completely merged as one with its natural surroundings . All living beings in this part of the Black North Sea had already turned into ice .

In the outer and middle periphery, Huang Xiaolong would occasionally run into some Saint realm and God Realm ice element beasts’ attacks or disturbance, whereas now, here in the deep region, there wasn't even a single ice element beasts to be seen .

Not even beasts with strength reaching Tenth Order God Realm could live in the deeper regions of this Black North Sea .

That year when Huang Xiaolong entered the Hailstone Forest in search of the Hailstone Treasure, its frigid airflow could freeze time and space, yet this Black North Cold Stream Flow was much, much more horrifying than the Hailstone Forest’s frigid air .  

If it wasn’t for several reasons such as the Flame Dragon Vessel, Huang Xiaolong’s own cultivation having reached Eighth Order God Realm, his True Dragon Physique’s toughness, and Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi continuously using his true dragon qi to form a protective layer around Huang Xiaolong, he would have frozen solid long ago, becoming part of the scenery .

Upon entering the deeper region of the Black North Sea, Huang Xiaolong gradually reduced the size of the Flame Dragon Vessel until it was twenty meters in length and six meters wide, with a height of three meters . Through a short distance transmission array, Huang Xiaolong entered the cabin below . The Flame Dragon Vessel submerged into the water .

Deep under, the frigid coldness was many times more terrifying .

Huang Xiaolong was forced to circulate his god battle qi to resist the Black North Cold Stream Flow while exerting his divine sense to the limit searching for signs of the Black Tortoise Divine Fire under the sea .

What truly depressed Huang Xiaolong was the fact that, ten days later, he did not find anything at all . In these ten days’ time, he practically searched every corner of the seabed in the deep region . Other than sea water, there was only more sea water and endless coral reefs .  

One thing that baffled Huang Xiaolong was that the sea water wasn't frozen despite the horrifying cold!

 “Perhaps the Black Tortoise Divine Fire is not at the bottom of the sea?” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said .

“Not at the bottom of the sea?!” Huang Xiaolong was dazed for a few seconds .

If not here, then…?!

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes brightened, perhaps on the ice islands above?

Within the deep region of the Black North Sea, there were quite a lot of large icebergs floating on the sea surface, some so big that they were practically islands .

Not wasting any more time, Huang Xiaolong immediately maneuvered the Flame Dragon Vessel upward to the water surface, and into the air .  Once again, he spread his divine sense and began searching .

Three days passed in this manner .

Then, from the top of a giant ice island, Huang Xiaolong sensed an odd energy fluctuation .