Invincible - Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: Huang Xiaolong’s Martial Spirit


The Sky Peng disappeared from view after Lu Kai finished speaking; a coruscating light burst out as he soul transformed in an instant.

After soul transforming, a layer of plumage that was similar to the Sky Peng covered Lu Kai’s body like an armor, his eyebrows elongated, turning into a golden hue and there were four wings emerging from his back.

His battle qi soared quickly, blowing off the roof after combining with his martial spirit.

After the instant soul transformation, the four wings behind his back flapped and it was as if he disappeared from the air in a flicker of azure light.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes squinted; in a sense, he knew Lu Kai did not really disappear but because his speed was too fast, it created an illusion that he disappeared. All of this was just an illusion.

At this moment, the space in front of Huang Xiaolong shook violently and a piercing sound of wind rang out. His eyes widened-- this was an overbearing punch and the speed at which it was coming at him was almost breaking space constraints.

Unable to dodge the attack in time, Huang Xiaolong immediately used Phantom Shadow, but he was still a step too late. Lu Kai’s speed after soul transforming had broken his earlier limit and his fist already hit Huang Xiaolong’s chest.

“Bang!” A loud sound resounded and Huang Xiaolong’s body trembled-- his feet staggered back ten steps before coming to a stop on the battle stage. Waves of burning pain erupted in his chest.

This was the first time Huang Xiaolong was injured after he came to this world! 

Lu Kai did not continue to attack after this hit. Instead, his face showed that he was greatly shocked as he looked at Huang Xiaolong. After receiving his head on attack, Huang Xiaolong only retreated ten steps and judging from his appearance, the injury he received was superficial! Huang Xiaolong’s physique defense had reached such a strong degree!

Lu Kai was astonished, and so was everyone else around.

On the main platform, King Lu Zhe’s eyes flashed and then he grew quiet as if he was contemplating something.

As for Li Lu, her heart missed a beat from the fright and a worried expression was fully displayed on her face.


“Huang Xiaolong, I’ve said that after I soul transform you wouldn’t be able to stand my attack!” Lu Kai said as he stared at Huang Xiaolong, “How about it? Still don’t plan to call out your martial spirit?”

The crowd’s attention in all four directions was focused on Huang Xiaolong.

Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were staring closely at Huang Xiaolong; they really wanted to know if Huang Xiaolong possessed a grade eleven superb martial spirit.

Feeling the gazes of anticipation from all around the stage, Huang Xiaolong calmly looked at Lu Kai, saying “Since all of you are so curious about my martial spirit, then I should let you see what my martial spirit is!”

Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s words, the surrounding area became silent and their hearts tightened not knowing what to expect.

Suddenly, the air behind Huang Xiaolong rippled like water and a black light spread out and loomed over everything. With a flash, a majestic black dragon floated silently behind Huang Xiaolong, giving the impression that it was overlooking all living beings from a high position.


A dragon’s terrifying and oppressive aura swept out like a hurricane from the stage.

Everyone went into a daze as they stared at the black dragon floating behind. Not moving, not speaking, even forgetting to breath temporarily…

Whether it was King Lu Zhe, Sun Zhang, and Xiong Chu on the main platform or Xiong Meiqi and Li Lu close to the battle stage, and even Chen Qiang who was beaten by Huang Xiaolong, everyone was silent.

Staring at the black dragon’s four mighty, stout claws, each black dragon scale that looked like shiny black iron, and the imposing eyes, everyone was shocked to the core.

On the stage, Lu Kai looked blankly at the black dragon.

“That is a Primordial Divine Dragon!”

“Ancient Dragon Tribe, a true blood Dragon ah! And this is the elite amongst the Dragon Tribe, the Black Dragon!”

A teacher below the stage exclaimed out loud abruptly in a shaky voice.

Primordial Divine Dragon!

The Black Dragon, an elite amongst the Dragon Tribe!

A split second after that, the entire huge hall broke out in an uproar; the crowd was stirred with excitement and admiration, staring at this legendary martial spirit existence as if the one possessing Primordial Divine Black Dragon was themselves instead of Huang Xiaolong!

Primordial Divine Dragon martial spirits; the weakest Wind Dragon was said to be an average grade twelve martial spirit. However, the Black Dragon, the elite amongst the Primordial Divine Dragon Tribe was a top grade twelve martial spirit!

Top grade twelve!

This revelation made Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu jump up from their seats, their bodies trembling uncontrollably from excitement.

“It is actually the Primordial Divine Black Dragon!” Sun Zhang stuttered incoherently, “A top, top grade twelve martial spirit, grade twelve!”

Top grade twelve martial spirit, not top grade eleven!

If a top grade eleven martial spirit was shocking enough, what about the existence of an actual, top grade twelve martial spirit? When Xiong Chu thought of the probability of Huang Xiaolong’s future achievements, his lips trembled like he ate hundred pounds of chilies.

In the entire two thousand years of the Duanren Empire’s history talent, Huang Xiaolong definitely can be counted in the top ten!

Especially when they noticed Huang Xiaolong’s Black Dragon martial spirit was a variation!

All around was shock and excitement, apart from two people – Fei Hou and Marshal Haotian.

“Sovereign actually could separately summon the twin dragon spirits?!” They looked stupidly at the singular Black Dragon floating behind Huang Xiaolong. Both of them were aware that Huang Xiaolong possessed twin martial spirits, not only this Black Dragon, but also the Blue Dragon that was stronger and more powerful.

Across the crowd, Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou exchanged a look.

Because Huang Xiaolong had just returned from training in the Silvermoon Forest, he didn’t have the chance to tell either of them that he could summon his martial spirits individually. So, they only found out at this point of time, together with the rest of the people.

Up on the stage, Lu Kai who had been in shock gradually recovered; his eyes had a complicated feeling while looking at Huang Xiaolong and a strong jealousy towards Huang Xiaolong was born in his heart.


Jealousy is part of human nature.

“I didn’t expect your martial spirit to be a Primordial Divine Black Dragon!” Lu Kai suppressed the jealousy in his heart, and slowly said, “Even so, it can’t change the fact of your upcoming defeat! You should be more careful from now on, I will use the battle skill that I have worked hard to master in recent days, Hundred Saber Cut!” His hand slowly unsheathed the gilded saber that always hung at his waist. When the saber was unsheathed, a clear buzz reverberated in the air.

The gilded saber reflected in the light, exuding a cold, chilling feeling. The bloodthirsty eyes of a beast with sharp fangs were carved on the saber’s body.

This was the Luo Tong Kingdom treasured ancestral saber, the God Slaughtering Saber!

Lifting up the God Slaughtering Saber with both of his hands, Lu Kai slashed at Huang Xiaolong without warning, once again the first to attack.

“Hundred Cut Saber!”

Hundred Saber Cut, Earth rank battle skill.

Ripples traveled across space as dazzling rays shot out from the saber, crashing out like an angry flood towards Huang Xiaolong, enveloping him.

The crowd held their breaths in suspense.

Under the crowd’s watchful eyes, no one could tell when the two cold blades, neither too long nor too short, appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s hands. His hands swung out, “Tempest of Hell!”

Hundreds of cold blades light materialized out of nowhere and the air surged at rapidly turning into two cyclones, rotating endlessly. A hellish crying sounded clearly in everyone’s ears, into their mind, and deep into their souls.

“Zheng, zheng, zheng!” Clashes sounded and the Tempest Of Hell continued to rotate, shattering the saber light from Lu Kai’s Hundred Saber Cut attack. And it continued on towards Lu Kai.