Invincible - Chapter 732

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Chapter 732: 732

Not long after Liu Yilong left, while Huang Xiaolong was contemplating about the ten underground floors of the library, He Jing arrived saying that Wude was looking for him .

Huang Xiaolong didn’t think too much about the reason and went with He Jing to Wude’s Death Prison Peak .

“Go to Golden Mountain World?” During the meeting with Wude, Huang Xiaolong was surprised when he heard Wude wanted him to go to Golden Mountain World .  

Wude nodded, “After the demonic beast clans’ attack on Golden Mountain World, the Institute Principal has issued an order . For the disciples that volunteer to go to Golden Mountain World and kill members of the demonic beast clans, every First Order God Realm demonic beast is worth one hundred merit points, Second Order God Realms are one thousand merit points, and so forth . The merits points are many times higher compared to previous tasks, moreover, you’ve already broken through to Seventh Order God Realm, your foundation should have stabilized these few years . Take this opportunity to get promoted to an Elder!”

The requirements of an elite disciple to be promoted to an Elder differed between the Vermilion Bird Institute and the Black Warrior Institute . In the former, as long as one had advanced to Seventh Order God Realm they were eligible for a promotion . Whereas in the Vermilion Bird Institute, they needed to kill ten Seventh Order God Realm demonic beast on their own .

“But you don’t need to worry too much, this time I will arrange for your Eldest Senior Brother and Second Senior Brother to go with you . With the two of them, you won’t be in any danger . ” Noticing the Huang Xiaolong had grown silent, Wude said in assurance .

“Yes, Master . ” Huang Xiaolong nodded .

Coincidentally, he needed an Elder identity to enter the ten underground floors of the Vermilion Bird Institute library . Since this opportunity fell into his lap, he might as well make a trip to the Golden Mountain World to complete the Elder promotion task .

Although he would still be able to enter the library by bribing the Elders overseeing the ten underground floors with divine grade spirit stones, this wasn’t the best option . Entering the underground floors wasn’t a matter of going there once or twice .

Once the number increased, it would attract others’ suspicion and speculation .

Therefore, getting an Elder identity was more convenient in the long run .

After all, to Huang Xiaolong, killing ten Seventh Order God Realm demonic beasts was no different than playing .

Hence, the matter was set .

Early next day, Huang Xiaolong departed from the Vermilion Bird Institute with Wude’s eldest and second disciple, Fang Hengning and He Jing .

Wude’s eldest disciple, Fang Hengning was a middle-aged man with above average height and a brawny physique . His waist was the same size as his muscular chest, and his thighs, Huang Xiaolong estimated they were twice the size of an average person .

Huang Xiaolong got along quite well with Wude’s second disciple He Jing, but it wasn’t so with this Fang Hengning . Fang Hengning’s attitude toward Huang Xiaolong was lukewarm at best .

Huang Xiaolong didn’t mind this . In fact, Fang Hengning’s attitude was understandable based on Cheng Huai’an’s nature .

The Golden Mountain World was quite far from the Vermilion Bird World, it took Huang Xiaolong’s group more than ten days to arrive there, traveling by transmission arrays and flying .

On the way, He Jing filled Huang Xiaolong in on the current situation in the Golden Mountain World .

To counter the demonic beast clans’ attacks, other than their Vermilion Bird Institute, other super forces and first rank forces also sent some of their disciples over .

Currently, with the Vermilion Bird Institute at the helm, a temporary Demon Slaying Alliance was formed .

 Upon arriving, Huang Xiaolong’s group headed straight to the Demon Slaying Alliance headquarters .

What Huang Xiaolong didn’t expect was seeing Liang Guang when he stepped into the Demon Slaying Alliance . Together with Liang Guang was his Eldest Senior Brother, Yu Ze .

The Demon Slaying Alliance had five council representatives that oversaw the big and miscellaneous matters, and this Yu Ze was one of the council representatives . Of course, Fang Hengning was also appointed as one of the council representatives, increasing the count from five to six .

When Liang Guang noticed Huang Xiaolong, killing intent erupted in his eyes after a brief flicker of surprise . Though it merely lasted for the briefest second, Huang Xiaolong still caught it .

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent while sneering coldly in his heart, thinking, ‘This Liang Guang better know his place, else I wouldn’t mind playing with him . ’

When Huang Xiaolong’s group arrived, Yu Ze proceeded to explain in detail the current situation in the Golden Mountain World .

Even though they drove out the last wave of demonic beast attacks, a significant number of demonic beast clans’ masters had sneaked into the Golden Mountain World, hiding in various corners . There had been an inflood of reports related villages, towns, and even cities being annihilated .

The most crucial task right now was to weed out these demonic beast clans’ masters that had snuck in . Otherwise, the unfavorable hidden dangers would increase for their side .

Huang Xiaolong, Fang Hengning, and He Jing’s accommodations were arranged at a courtyard within the headquarters .

For the time being, they could only wait until the Alliance pinpointed the locations of those hidden demonic beast clans’ masters before heading out to deal with them .

Two days passed in waiting .

With nothing happening in the two days, Huang Xiaolong stayed inside the Alliance headquarters, cultivating .

On the third day, someone from the Alliance came over, informing Huang Xiaolong that a group of more than twenty demonic beast clans’ masters had appeared in a northern city, consisting of Fifth Order, Sixth Order, and Seventh Order God Realm masters . Huang Xiaolong was tasked to deal with them .

When Huang Xiaolong arrived at the hall, Feng Hengning, He Jiang, Yu Ze, Liang Guang, and several other masters were already there, discussing a solution of said matter .

“In my opinion, we should get our people  there as fast as possible and kill that bunch of demonic beast clans’ masters . ” said Yu Ze 

Fang Hengning and the other council representative nodded in agreement . Following that was the problem of who and how many people to send .

In the end, they decided to send He Jing, a mid-Eighth Order God Realm, and another early Eighth Order God Realm master from the Fu Family to lead a group of Sixth Order and Seventh Order God Realm cultivators over .

A group of thirty-two people was assembled .

Both Huang Xiaolong and Liang Guang were included within the thirty-two people selected .

From Fang Hengning, Yu Ze, and the other council representatives’ perspective, He Jiang, Fu Qian, Huang Xiaolong, Liang Guang, and the remaining twenty-eight masters were more than enough to obliterate a bunch of demonic beast clans’ masters .

After all, from the information they received, the strongest one in that group was only a Seventh Order God Realm .

Without delay, the group of thirty-two human cultivators departed from the Alliance headquarters, flying off to that city in the north of Golden Mountain World .

Half a day later, the Alliance’s masters arrived at the said city .

However, what entered their sight was a ruined city . A thick bloody scent filled the air, and as for that bunch of demonic beast clans’ masters, there wasn't a single one in sight . Everyone was slightly frowning .

“Enter the city and check . ” He Jing ordered with a sullen face .

Huang Xiaolong and the rest flew out in various directions, stopping randomly above the city and checking the situation below . Corpses littered everywhere on the streets, corpses of women, children, elderly, city soldiers, as well as some families’ disciples . Dismembered limbs and heads without a body, corpses with their livers ripped out were lying here and there .

“Those beasts are really inhumane!” Fu Qian was seething with anger . Despite death already being a common event, it was hard to stomach the cruelty in front of them .

Huang Xiaolong looked around in doubt .

According to the report they received, the defense line of this city didn't seem that easy to penetrate . Some of the bigger families residing inside the city had quite a few low and mid-level God Realm masters . Based on the strength of that group of demonic beast clans’ masters, the chances of them breaking past the city’s defenses so fast, and on top of that, with enough time to obliterate a city before they arrived, should have been low .


A possibility occurred to Huang Xiaolong—the strength of those demonic beast masters was not as reported, between Fifth Order and Seventh Order God Realm .

Almost at the same time, He Jing, Fu Qian, and others also thought of the same possibility .

“Return to headquarters first!” He Jing made a decisive call .

Just as everyone turned to leave, somewhere up ahead, a child’s cry for help rang in the quiet city .