Invincible - Chapter 733

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Chapter 733: 733

Hearing the voice of a child crying for help, actually, more one child, the group that was about to leave halted in their steps .

Each of them exchanged glances with the person closest to them .

However, not one person made any movements, for this sequence of events was too strange .

Sounds of children crying in a city that was obliterated into ruins right when they were about to leave?

He Jing hesitated a while before turning to Fu Qian, “Fu Qian, several of you stay here while some of us will go over . ” Since they ran into this, they should go check things out . Else, if word of their behavior leaked out, it would be detrimental to the Alliance as well as their Vermilion Bird Institute’s reputation .

Fu Qian nodded: “Understood . ”

This way, if something did happen, one side could rush back to the Alliance headquarters for reinforcements .

Then, He Jing picked Huang Xiaolong, Liang Guang, and ten other Vermilion Bird Institute elite disciples and flew in the direction of the crying children .

Very soon, He Jing’s group came upon several children that were crying for help . There were three children in total, two boys and a girl . All three seemed around seven to eight years old, their faces dirty from dirt and tear stains .

When the children saw Huang Xiaolong’s group, fear and dread were clear as day in their eyes .

A minuscule frown creased Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrows . He and everyone else vigilantly surveyed the surroundings, but there wasn’t anything odd .

“Elder He, what do we do with these three children?” A Vermilion Bird Institute elite disciple asked .

“Bring them back first . ” He Jing answered without hesitation . Nevertheless, there was no way they could just leave the children here .

He Jing then ordered three elite disciples to bring one child each . However, just as they were about to leave the place, one of the elite disciples suddenly fell limply to the ground .

In the next moment, another elite disciple fell .

He Jing was stunned . Before he could think of anything else, his head felt heavy and dizzy .

“This is…?!” He Jing exclaimed but it was barely more than a whisper .

“This is Soul Scattering Powder!” At this time, a cold sneer sounded .

Soul Scattering Powder!

The person who spoke was Liang Guang!

He Jing and the remaining elite disciples were alarmed .

“This is the legendary poison that can scatter one’s soul with a whiff, that Soul Scattering Powder?” He Jing blurted .

Liang Guang smiled, “Spot on! Looks like Elder He is very knowledgeable . Though this Soul Scattering Powder will not take your lives, without an antidote, one whiff is enough to make you fall into slumber for a good few days . ”

He Jing’s expression was extremely grim, shouting, “Liang Guang, what do you want to do exactly? Why are you doing this?”

At this point, only an idiot wouldn't be able to deduce that the Soul Scattering Powder was released by Liang Guang .

When Liang Guang heard that question, he burst into laughter . Then, he pointed at Huang Xiaolong, brimming with hatred, “Do you have any idea how I lived through these six years?! Not a single day passed by without me suffering, without pain . Six years, six years! I haven’t touched a single woman in these six years, I’m more dead than alive, and all of this is thanks to your Junior Brother!”

Six years ago, after his lower part was cut off by Huang Xiaolong, he had tried every method he could think off to recover, to make ‘it’ grow again . For someone that couldn’t live a day without women by his side, it was a living hell .

For six years, he hadn’t touched a single woman . It wasn't that he didn’t want to, but without his most crucial part, what was he supposed to do?

Liang Guang’s eyes were burning with hatred and ruthlessness, “If any of you want to blame someone, blame Cheng Huai’an! Don’t worry, I’ll leave all of your corpses intact after you die!”

He Jing’s face tightened, yelling at Liang Guang, “Liang Guang, how dare you be so presumptuous, killing a Vermilion Bird Institute’s Elder and elite disciples? Are  you aware of the consequences?!”

Liang Guang heartily laughed, “Elder He, of course I cannot afford the consequences, but you all died under the hands of the demonic beast clans, it has nothing to do with me . Don’t forget, the reason you’re here is to kill the demonic beast invaders . ”

He Jiang was stunned and angry at the same time .  

At this time, several sounds of rustling winds were heard and moments later, several people appeared behind Liang Guang .

“Young Master!” When these people arrived, they respectfully greeted Liang Guang .

He Jing and the others stared wide-eyed .

“You, you’re a member of the demonic beast clans?!” He Jing questioned in disbelief .

These peoples’ body exuded a strong demonic qi, no doubt they were not human, yet they greeted Liang Guang as ‘Young Master’!

Liang Guang grinned, “You guys are people that are about to die, I’ll kindly let you die knowing . That's right, I’m the Piercing Sky Beast King’s son, but I possess the bloodline of an ancient divine elephant, therefore I don’t have any demonic qi, no different from a human . The report this time is something that I deliberately leaked to the Demon Slaying Alliance to lure you guys here . ”

“Of course, my main target is Cheng Huai’an, as for the rest, you can only be considered funerary ‘gifts’ for Cheng Huai’an . ”

He Jing and all the elite disciples that were still conscious were furious and shocked . Who would have guessed that this Liang Guang was the Piercing Sky Beast King’s son!

The Piercing Sky Beast King was one of the few strongest demonic beast Kings within their Vermilion Bird Galaxy .

Huang Xiaolong watched everything with a placid expression, but even he didn’t expect Liang Guang to be the Piercing Sky Beast King’s son .

After six years spent inside the Vermilion Bird Institute’s library searching for information, Huang Xiaolong was quite informed regarding the Vermilion Bird Galaxy’s forces .

As time passed, under the effect of the Soul Scattering Powder, He Jing and the remaining elite disciples started to tumble to the ground one by one . He Jing being the strongest lasted a beat longer than the others and was the last one to fall .

Watching Huang Xiaolong, He Jing, and the elite disciples tumbled to the ground, unconscious . Liang Guang sneered and looked over his shoulder, ordering the several demonic beast clan members, “You lot kill the rest, as for that rotten punk, I’m going to do it myself . ” He said, pointing at Huang Xiaolong .

“Yes, Young Master!”

Liang Guang snickered as he stopped right in front of Huang Xiaolong, his eyes seemed to glow with bloodlust as he stared at Huang Xiaolong’s lower body, “Rotten punk, rest assured that before you die, I will cut off your lower part, so that you can truly experience the pain I felt these six years . ” Finished saying this, Liang Guang lifted his foot, preparing to stomp on Huang Xiaolong’s groin .

But before Liang Guang’s foot made contact, a sharp light flashed and Liang Guang was screaming shrilly, his body knocked back . After crashing to the ground, his subordinates saw that Liang Guang’s legs were completely cut off .

Huang Xiaolong, who was ‘unconscious’ seconds ago, stood up from the ground .

“Young Master!” The several demonic beast clan masters were alarmed, and cannot afford to focus on He Jing and the rest as they rushed to Liang Guang’s side .

“You… you’re still alright?” Even as Liang Guang screamed in pain, he watched in disbelief as Huang Xiaolong got to his feet . The Soul Scattering Powder was only ineffective against Highgod Realm masters, but what was wrong with this Cheng Huai’an?

Huang Xiaolong remained placid .

Liang Guang’s face turned grim and brutal, shouting at the several demonic beast clan masters, “Cripple this rotten punk for me! Don’t kill him yet, I want him alive!” Although he didn't understand why Cheng Huai’an was still fine even after he was poisoned with Soul Scattering Powder, so what, he was merely an early Seventh Order God Realm .

And his several demonic beast clan subordinates were all Eighth Order God Realm .

Under Liang Guang’s order, the demonic beast clan masters surrounded and attacked Huang Xiaolong .

However, what subsequently happened sent Liang Guang into a daze . ‘Cheng Huai’an’ merely raised a fist and lightly punched out, but all his Eight Order God Realm subordinates exploded into pieces . They didn’t even have time to let out a scream .

Huang Xiaolong strode toward Liang Guang, not bothering with the several fresh corpses on the ground .

“You, you, you’re not Cheng Huai’an?!” Liang Guang was astonished, looking at Huang Xiaolong with an incredulous expression, “Who are you exactly?”

Cheng Huai’an definitely didn't possess this kind of strength .