Invincible - Chapter 741

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Chapter 741: 741

Hearing He Feifan’s reply, the Liang Family’s Patriarch, Liang Qishen, let out an exuberant laugh, “That’s right, how can that Huang Xiaolong compete with Vice Principal He Feifan? If he runs into Vice Principal He Feifan in the Highgod Advancement Tournament, it’s definitely Huang Xiaolong’s misfortune . Our Vice Principal He Feifan doesn't even need to move a finger, just a simple breath is enough to kill that Huang Xiaolong . ”

Other families’ Patriarchs and Ancestors also joined in on the laughter .

Their words elevated He Feifan to an invincible existence that no one could compete against in the Highgod Advancement Tournament .

Heaped by compliments from these Patriarchs and Ancestors, He Feifan was laughing so happily that his face was slightly flushed red .

Sitting in a corner and watching this scene, Huang Xiaolong sneered in his heart .

This He Feifan was really thick-skinned . Well, since he said so, when the time comes in the tournament, he would play a little with this He Feifan .

Kill him with one breath? Huang Xiaolong’s gaze turned cold for an instant .

“Junior Brother, are you alright?” He Jing beside him sensed the coldness Huang Xiaolong exuded, and asked as he felt it was strange .

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “Nothing . ”

But He Jing took another glance at Huang Xiaolong before turning his attention back to the banquet .

The celebration banquet lasted for a day and ended at sunset, having all the guests return .

Huang Xiaolong had listened for an entire day to He Feifan and those Patriarchs and Ancestors flattering each other .

After the banquet, Huang Xiaolong’s daily routine resumed, spending his time between the Lightning Fire Peak and the library .

Days turned into months, months passed into seasons, and in the blink of an eye, a year had passed .

Huang Xiaolong had reached the lowest floor of the library, which was also the last floor .  

Perhaps it was because he had refined the Hundred Spirits Beast King’s arms, but Huang Xiaolong noticed in recent years that his arms seemed to be stronger than his other body parts . Not only in terms of defense, there were other aspects that were strengthened as well .

The Hundred Spirits Beast King possessed the Soul Devouring Physique, also known as the Undying Physique . It seemed to Huang Xiaolong that his arms now had the same attributes as the Soul Devouring Physique .

This finding delighted Huang Xiaolong .

Though his hands merely possessed the  Soul Devouring Physique’s attributes, which didn't bring many benefits, it proved that what Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi said before was true . If Huang Xiaolong managed find and refine the other parts of the Hundred Spirits Beast King’s body, he could obtain the Hundred Spirits Beast King’s Soul Devouring Physique .

A complete Soul Devouring Physique!

During this one year, Wang Qingjiang did not come to trouble Huang Xiaolong . Of course, it wasn’t because he didn’t want to, but he couldn’t, as Huang Xiaolong never went out of the Vermilion Bird Institute grounds .

As for He Feifan, ever since he broke through to Highgod Realm, he had become more conspicuous than before, as if he was afraid that no one would know he had advanced into the ranks of Highgod Realm masters .

It was obvious that He Feifan felt like the first place was already his without question .

Although Huang Xiaolong was at the lowest underground floor of the library, from time to time he could hear some Elders talking about He Feifan .

Times flew as another three months passed .

Today, like every other day, Huang Xiaolong was standing in front of a bookshelf on the lowest floor of the library, his divine sense spread out . Twenty minutes later, Huang Xiaolong retrieved his divine sense .

Huang Xiaolong looked over his shoulder, behind him . Not far from him was the library’s tenth underground floor wall, there were no more bookshelves .

He had finished searching through all the bookshelves on the last underground floor .

Huang Xiaolong breathed out soundlessly in relief, like he had just completed an important task . He felt relaxed after a long time, and even stretched lazily in an exaggerated posture, causing him to look at least half a head taller .

With the last bookshelf finished, Huang Xiaolong didn’t ponder too much, nor did he want to think about anything right now . He turned around and left the Vermilion Bird Institute library, heading back to the Lightning Fire Peak .

Back on the Lightning Fire Peak, Huang Xiaolong felt a sudden impulse to sleep, like an ordinary mortal .

Based on Huang Xiaolong’s current cultivation realm, it had been a long time since he needed to sleep, but he felt a strong impulse to do so .

‘This makes me miss the life on Earth . ’ Huang Xiaolong mused .  

After living for so long in this world, many of his memories of Earth had faded . Thinking of this, he looked outside the window . The sun was rising over the horizon, brightly lighting the early morning, but Huang Xiaolong didn't care for this as he laid down on the warm jade bed in his room and fell into deep slumber .

He slept until the sun rose the next day, trickling warmly into the room .

Only then did Huang Xiaolong wake up .  

A short while later, he walked out to the yard, called out his Blades of Asura, and began practicing the Asura Sword Skill’s moves consecutively .

During these years, he had already learned all eighteen moves of the Asura Sword Skill, it’s just that, at his current strength, not many people could force him to use his sword skills .

The yard was filled with dancing sword lights .

Asura qi spread out from the yard, shrouding the entire Lightning Fire Peak . Looking from outside, the Lightning Fire Peak seemed no different than usual, however, around Huang Xiaolong, frigid Asura qi surged, with howling devils weaving in the air . The whole yard had turned into a hellish land .

In this land of hell, he was the supreme lord .

After going through the Asura Sword Skills three times in their entirety, Huang Xiaolong put away his blades . The hellish scene slowly dissipated, returning the Lightning Fire Peak to its real tranquility .

Back inside the Lightning Fire Peak’s main hall, Huang Xiaolong sat down on main host seat . Only now did he begin to organize the information he got from the library, eliminating the irrelevant information, deducing the place with the highest probability to be the Vermilion Bire Divine Fire’s location .

Organizing and deducing took Huang Xiaolong three days and three nights .

Three days later, Huang Xiaolong was able to determine that the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire was in one of three volcanoes in the Fire World .

‘The Fire World’s Phoenix Volcano . ’ Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself .

“In Fire World’s Phoenix Volcano?” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi frowned hearing Huang Xiaolong muttering the location, “Looks like there’s going to be trouble . ”

Huang Xiaolong smiled bitterly, “It’s really troublesome, a very big trouble!”

The Fire World was the most dangerous world surface in the Vermilion Bird Galaxy .

In almost every corner of the Fire World were old array formations left from ancient civilizations, even the slightest carelessness could trigger any of them,and  no one could say for sure how things would end .

The deeper parts of Fire World had the most treacherous terrain of all, for in this place existed various types of horrendous mythical fire and flames, with the Godly Purple Lightning Fire, Flittering Light Hallowed Fire, Great Golden Flames, and Lightless Black Fire being amongst them .

Each and every kind of these fires was something that could make a Highgod Realm master’s expression grimly tighten .

There was a record of a past Vermilion Bird Institute Vice Principal who went to the Fire World searching for a sacred fire element fruit named Mortal Fire Fruit, but he ran into the Great Golden Flames in the deeper parts . In the end, that Vice Principal Institute died in Fire World without a corpse left to be found .

This Phoenix Volcano that Huang Xiaolong was going to was located in the deepest region of the Fire World!

Moreover, according to legend, in the ancient times, there was a group of divine phoenixes that died inside the Phoenix Volcano for an unknown reason . The phoenix qi around the Phoenix Volcano was extremely rich, which attracted phoenixes to nest around it .

The strength of those phoenixes was no joking matter . At a rough estimation, the weakest would probably be a Seventh Order God Realm, and the strongest of them were definitely in the Highgod Realm .

Huang Xiaolong’s presence around the Phoenix Volcano would surely be perceived by those phoenixes .

Huang Xiaolong’s head ached .

This was much more troublesome compared to the time he was searched for the Black Tortoise Divine Fire .

“You have the Black Tortoise Divine Fire, so you won’t have to worry about those other fires like the Godly Purple Lightning Fire or Great Golden Flames . ” Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi solemnly said, “But your biggest problem is the phoenixes nesting around the Phoenix Volcano . ”

Huang Xiaolong nodded in agreement .

Then again, no matter what, since he already determined that the Vermilion Bird Divine Fire was in the Fire World, this trip was inevitable .