Invincible - Chapter 782

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Chapter 782: 782

When Lu Cong questioned Huang Xiaolong if he was stronger than the Highgod Realm He Feifan, the Azure Dragon Institute disciples below broke out in laughter . The other families’ disciples were also laughing out loud .

The vast gap between the two was too obvious .

Even before He Feifan broke through to Highgod Realm, he was already ranked second on the Highgod Advancement List .

Now that he had stepped into the Highgod Realm, his strength surpassed the average Highgod Realm master . Based on He Feifan’s talent, his current strength was closer to a mid-First Order Highgod Realm master .

Although Huang Xiaolong was also extremely talented, how long had he been cultivating for? How could he hold a candle to He Feifan?

Huang Xiaolong ignored the waves of ridiculing laughter coming from below, calmly facing Lu Cong, “You first . ”

At Huang Xiaolong’s words, Lu Cong and the Azure Dragon Institute disciples laughed even louder .

“Are you sure you want to let me make the first move?” Lu Cong beamed as he asked Huang Xiaolong .

Huang Xiaolong did not say another word, releasing his aura . Overwhelming energy waves swept out from the stage .

Those laughing Azure Dragon Institute disciples and other family disciples’ laughter choked in their throats, their eyes bulged staring at Huang Xiaolong .

“Late-Tenth  Order God Realm?! How is that possible?”

“That Huang Xiaolong’s actually a late-Tenth Order God Realm! How long has he been cultivating for? A bit more than a hundred years! This, this, what is this?!”

“A little over a hundred years and he already reached late-Tenth Order God Realm, this is unprecedented in the four galaxies! Perhaps no one else will be able to do this in the future! This kind of talent is too terrifying! If given another few decades, doesn’t that mean he’s going to break through to Highgod Realm?! Breaking through to Highgod Realm in less than two hundred years?!”

The guests below were masters from the four galaxies, but quite a few Ancestors and Patriarchs jumped to their feet in a daze .

This matter was too shocking .

The Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi’s heart missed a beat, his astonishment showing clearly on his face .

It was a long time later before Lu Cong regained his calm, although his complicated emotions were still obvious in his eyes as he looked at Huang Xiaolong, saying slowly, “No wonder you dared to take out twenty thousand high divine grade spirit stones for a bet, it’s really unexpected that you already reached late-Tenth Order God Realm! But, Huang Xiaolong, do you think this is enough? That this makes you qualified to be my opponent?”

As Lu Cong was saying this, in the depth of his eyes a strong killing intent flickered . No matter what, he had to kill Huang Xiaolong today!

This kind of freakish talent really made others feel apprehensive .

Huang Xiaolong caught the flicker of killing intent in Lu Cong’s eyes, a cold sneer tugged at the corner of his lips, “Whether I am or not, we’ll know in a little bit . ”

Lu Cong did not speak . Fully stimulating the qi inside his Qi Sea, golden mysterious symbols rushed out frantically from his mouth . His momentum was doubled compared to his previous fight with Jiang Hanzhi earlier . It appeared like Lu Cong did not use his full strength fighting Jiang Hanzhi .

Below, Jiang Hanzhi’s face turned ugly when he felt Lu Cong’s momentum .

A moment later, Lu Cong’s rapid rising momentum finally stopped, a layer of golden light covered his body like a cocoon . Lu Cong slowly opened his mouth .

A string of golden symbols flew out, shaking the heavens .

Watching the string of golden symbols flying sharply toward himself, Huang Xiaolong raised his hand with one finger pointing out . He did not employ any battle skills, yet the row of golden symbols shattered from the force of Huang Xiaolong’s finger .

The guests below watched with their mouths agape .

‘This Huang Xiaolong easily shattered Lu Cong’s Ten Thousand Words Dharani with just a finger?’

Not to mention the fact that this single row of Ten Thousand Words Dharani contained fifty mysterious symbols .

Even though Huang Xiaolong revealed his late-Tenth Order God Realm cultivation earlier, shocking everyone, those Ancestors and Patriarchs from all over the galaxies felt that Huang Xiaolong would still lose to Lu Cong in the end .

But the result of the first exchange destroyed their estimations .

Watching this, the contempt in Lu Cong’s heart diminished, his pupils needled . He opened his mouth once more and another string of golden symbols flew out .

This time, the string of words contained more than a hundred golden symbols, but its power was more than double .

Huang Xiaolong still responded with one finger, causing this second string of golden symbols to burst in the air like bubbles .

Watching this, the guests below stirred .

Earlier, when Lu Cong fought Jiang Hanzhi and forced the latter off the stage, he only used slightly over a hundred golden symbols .

Just now, Huang Xiaolong was able to break Jiang Hanzhi’s string of golden symbols easily, didn't this mean that Huang Xiaolong was currently more powerful than the fifth-ranked Jiang Hanzhi?

Jiang Hanzhi was extremely gloomy watching Huang Xiaolong’s indifferent expression on the stage above . In his heart, he refused to accept this fact .

A few days earlier, he had even verbally taunted Huang Xiaolong .

“Bring out your most powerful attack . ” Huang Xiaolong looked at the slightly pale Lu Cong, his expression aloof, “Your Ten Thousand Words Dharani only have this much strength?”

Lu Cong’s face was distorted with fury, roaring at the top of his lungs . The golden light around his body spun . In the next second, everyone saw Lu Cong’s pupils change into a golden color, and at the same time his skin also emitted a golden light .

Lu Cong slowly floated up, hovering in the air, his robe fluttered without any wind . All of a sudden, Lu Cong opened his mouth and consecutive golden symbols flew out and formed a giant ‘万’ in the air above the stage .

As the number of golden symbols continued to increase, the ‘万’ character in the air grew twice as big, its golden light becoming ever more blinding .

The world-destroying power continued to rise .

Sensing the horrifying amount of destructive power accumulating in that giant golden character, those disciples below Highgod Realm turned deathly pale . Even the faces of some Highgod Realm masters tightened .

Moments later, the golden symbols stopped flying out from Lu Cong’s mouth . The giant ‘万’ character above was an accumulation of 4,167 golden symbols .

“Huang Xiaolong, go to hell!” Lu Cong shrieked sharply, engrossed in hatred . Both of his hands slammed down .

“Ten Thousand Words Dharani Formation!”’

Following Lu Cong’s hand gesture, the giant ‘万’ hovering in the air plummeted down on Huang Xiaolong, arriving right above the crown of his head in a split second .

This was the true power of the Ten Thousand Words Dharani, a formation created from the golden symbols, synchronizing the power of every one of those symbols . The area enveloped by the Ten Thousand Words Dharani Formation would be razed to the ground .

Lu Cong was confident that this attack of his could kill all below the Highgod Realm!

He didn't believe that Huang Xiaolong could take this hit and still live!

Below the stage, the Black Warrior Institute Principal Feng Yang tensed, standing up on his feet . However, right at this time, the Azure Dragon Institute Principal Qin Yi’s gaze was fixed on him .

As everyone else watched the stage above intently, Huang Xiaolong raised his right hand up . A bright golden light flashed and a golden-colored fire appeared in his palm, aiming at the ‘万’ character falling down above his head at incredible speed . His finger lightly tapped at the void .


The collision above echoed for a very long time .

After 4,167 explosion sounds were heard, the giant golden ‘万’ character finally dimmed, then turned into gray dust, scattered off .

Lu Cong’s body shook violently, staggering more than a dozen steps back . His face drained of all color staring dazedly at the air, “No, this cannot be, no!!”

At this point, Huang Xiaolong extended a hand, making his attack . A giant palm appeared in the air, slamming down on Lu Cong .

The guests from the four galaxies saw a giant golden palm slamming down above Lu Cong’s head, its speed too fast for anyone to react .

Together with the loud booming on the stage was a heart-wrenching cry .

A flattened human-shaped pancake appeared on the stage .

Lu Cong laid flat on the stage, spread eagle with his face kissing the stage, eyes bulging out . His back was badly ruptured, sinking into his chest . Lu Cong’s breathing was short and windy, but even that stopped a moment later .


(wan)- ten thousand/a great number/ abundant/ a myriad of …