Invincible - Chapter 784

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Chapter 784: 784

The banquet ended slightly over three hours later .

The instant the banquet ended, the Azure Dragon Institute Principal led his people to Saint Mother Yao Chi’s side and bid farewell before leaving with hasty steps and their heads down to their chests .

Several Ancestors and Patriarchs from prominent families of the Azure Dragon Galaxy that had a good relationship with Qin Yi didn’t even get a chance to greet him .

Watching the embarrassed faces of these Azure Dragon Institute people as they left, a cold smile spread over Huang Xiaolong’s face . No doubt, it was arduous for them to endure their anger for several hours until the banquet ended before excusing themselves .

It looks like Qin Yi was wary of Saint Mother Yao Chi to a certain extent .

Near the end of the banquet, various families’ Ancestors and Patriarchs led their juniors in greeting Saint Mother Yao Chi before taking their leave . Then again, quite a number of them stayed behind to watch the apprenticeship ceremony that would be held three days later .

Naturally, the Black Warrior Institute Principal Feng Yang and his other three disciples, Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen also stayed for the ceremony .

As the guests dispersed, the ones who stayed for the apprenticeship ceremony returned to their previously arranged accommodations .

Deep in the silent night .

Huang Xiaolong stood in the yard, thinking about the stage battle during the day .

The fact that he killed Lu Cong with a single palm would, no doubt, spread rapidly throughout the four galaxies by word of mouth from the guests that left today . He could even imagine the waves of shock it would cause in the four galaxies .

At that time, he would have even more sword tips pointed at him, but Huang Xiaolong did not regret his decision to expose his strength . At his current personal strength and forces, even the Azure Dragon Institute would have a hard time trying to eliminate him .  

Then again, what he showed on the battle stage today was only a portion of his strength .

The Black Tortoise and Vermilion Bird Divine Fires inside him were his real trump cards .

However, thinking about the impending apprenticeship ceremony three days later, Huang Xiaolong felt a throbbing headache .  

At that time, those Ancestors and Patriarchs would congratulate and try to foster some goodwill, and he would have to entertain them .

Three days passed in a blink, and the day of the apprenticeship ceremony arrived . The ceremony was also held at the Yaochi Mountain peak, where the pond was .

After three days, the decorations around the pond were changed anew, but were still festive and lively . When Huang Xiaolong, following Saint Mother Yao Chi, and his Master Feng Yang arrived at the venue, other families’ Ancestors and Patriarchs were already waiting .

Seeing Saint Mother and Feng Yang arrive, those guests were quick to greet them with beaming smiles . Saint Mother Yao Chi and Feng Yang responded with a smile and a nod .

The apprenticeship ceremony started punctually .

After performing a series of elaborate and confusing procedures, Huang Xiaolong reached the last step—kneeling three times and doing nine kowtows at Saint Mother Yao Chi, after which the apprenticeship ceremony came to an end .

Saint Mother Yao Chi was full of doting smiles watching Huang Xiaolong complete the apprenticeship ceremony, she personally held Huang Xiaolong’s arm as he stood up . But, when Saint Mother Yao Chi bent down slightly to hold Huang Xiaolong’s arm, her snowy voluptuous smooth bosom dominated Huang Xiaolong’s sight .

Although it was an accidental view, Huang Xiaolong still felt his blood rush downward for a second .

When Huang Xiaolong completed the last step, the Ancestors and Patriarchs that were watching came forward to congratulate Saint Mother Yao Chi and Huang Xiaolong .

Saint Mother smiled at each person who came to congratulate, then she pulled Huang Xiaolong to the seat next to hers .

Her dainty hands were supple and smooth .

Huang Xiaolong turned toward Feng Yang with pleading eyes, but Feng Yang smiled back at him, nodding encouragingly .

Watching this, Huang Xiaolong sat down beside Saint Mother Yao Chi, a little helpless .

In the banquet following the apprenticeship ceremony, everyone was in a jolly mood, laughter sounded and wine flowed .

However, sitting beside Saint Mother Yao Chi, her tempting body fragrance continued to curl into Huang Xiaolong’s nostrils, making him uncomfortable despite him and Saint Mother Yao Chi now being master and disciple . But Saint Mother Yao Chi was really too charming . Anyone in his shoes would fantasize a little .

Moreover, in the four galaxies, there were many examples where masters and disciples turned into a pair . Some were male Masters with female disciples, while others were female Masters and male disciples .

To Highgod Realm masters, age was just a number .

Dusk colored the horizon amber as night slowly took over the sky, the banquet finally came to an end .

Huang Xiaolong, his Master Feng Yang, Liu Yun, and the others returned to their assigned courtyards .

Back in his yard, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help recalling Saint Mother Yao Chi’s alluring face, her petite hands, that tempting scent, every gesture, and every smile, especially the snowy white skin of her décolletage .

All of a sudden, Huang Xiaolong awakened from his fantasy, shaking his head . What was wrong with him? Even though Saint Mother Yao Chi was an alluring beauty, he wasn’t a lustful person .

Then, thinking of Shi Xiaofei, a warm feeling filled his chest .

Whenever he thought of Shi Xiaofei, it would always give him a sense of warmth and security . From Shi Xiaofei, his thoughts strayed to Li Lu, which made him crestfallen .

Though he had been searching for clues of Li Lu’s whereabouts these years, it was as if Li Lu stopped existing after he annihilated Deities Templar .

At first, he suspected the adopted daughter ‘Chen Ying’ that Vice-Principal Wang Na had taken in to be Li Lu using another name, but later he found out that wasn’t the case . ‘Chen Ying’ wasn’t Li Lu at all .

A while later, Huang Xiaolong gradually calmed down, entering the Godly M . t Xumi and sat cross-legged at the center of the Xumi Temple .

The night passed peacefully .

The next morning, the various Ancestors and Patriarchs that had stayed back to watch the apprenticeship ceremony also bid their farewells to Saint Mother Yao Chi and left . A few days later, his Master Feng Yang, Liu Yun, Chen Yang, and Qi Wen also left Yaochi Mountain .

Only Huang Xiaolong remained .

As Saint Mother Yao Chi’s chosen inheritor, Huang Xiaolong naturally had to stay and learn her cultivation techniques, alchemy refining knowledge, as well as other matters related to her Yaochi Sect .

Huang Xiaolong walked Feng Yang and the others out until they left the Great Lake World before turning back to Yaochi Mountain, heading to Saint Mother Yao Chi’s yard .

“Greeting Young Lord!” The Yaochi courtyard’s maids bent their waists low in salute seeing Huang Xiaolong .

Huang Xiaolong nodded and continued forward .

“Xiaolong, you’re here . Come, come in . ” Hearing her maids greeting Huang Xiaolong, Saint Mother Yao Chi stepped out happily . She walked forth and pulled Huang Xiaolong in by his arm, having him sit beside her .

Feeling Saint Mother Yao Chi’s petite hands on him, her hand’s softness, her flower-like scent, Huang Xiaolong’s heartbeat quickened .

Sitting beside Saint Mother Yao Chi in such close proximity, Huang Xiaolong felt like he could feel her body heat through her attire . Inevitably, his face turned slightly red .

Saint Mother Yao Chi laughter softly watching Huang Xiaolong’s expression, “What? Are you feeling shy in front of Master?”

The maids standing in the yard giggled hearing her tease Huang Xiaolong .

But Saint Mother Yao Chi was quick to put on a serious expression as she explained to Huang Xiaolong the Yaochi Sect’s history and cultivation technique .

This Yaochi Sect had points of similarity with the Ascending Moon Old Man’s Thousand Worlds Sect, there was only one successor every generation .

However, every generation’s successor was generally female .

When Saint Mother Yao Chi explained the Yaochi Sect’s cultivation technique, the Yaochi Sacred Canon, Huang Xiaolong was inwardly confounded . In order to cultivate the Yaochi Sacred Canon, one must have a pure body—a virgin .

Only a virgin could cultivate it? Then it occurred to Huang Xiaolong, did this mean that Saint Mother Yao Chi was still a virgin? A virgin that was several ten-thousand years old?

Saint Mother Yao Chi noticed Huang Xiaolong staring dazedly at her when she was explaining about the requirements of cultivating the Yaochi Sacred Canon, moreover, the place Huang Xiaolong was staring at was none other than her voluptuous bosom, she immediately guessed what Huang Xiaolong was thinking about . She chided him though in a doting manner, “Boy, what nonsense are you thinking in that head of yours?”

Watching Saint Mother Yao Chi’s alluring gaze, Huang Xiaolong was shaken to his soul .