Invincible - Chapter 794

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Chapter 794: 794

“Eldest Apprentice-brother,” Huang Xiaolong turned his head to look at Liu Yun, throwing the blood contract through the air over to him .

Liu Yun was jolted to his senses, clumsy as he hurried to catch the blood contract . Looking at the blood contract in his hand, Liu Yun’s hand gripped tightly over it and joy flickered in his eyes .

“Let’s leave . ” Huang Xiaolong then added, not bothering with the Zhu Family as he leaped into the air and sped away . Liu Yun quickly followed after Huang Xiaolong .

As Huang Xiaolong and Liu Yun left, no one from the Zhu Family dared to block their way . They could only watch the two figures speed away, growing smaller in the air, finally disappearing .

“Junior Apprentice-brother, thank you!” After leaving the New Stone World transmission array, all the tension left Liu Yun’s body . He looked gratefully at Huang Xiaolong, thanking him .

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, smiling as he said, “It’s only a small matter, you can thank me when you and Third Apprentice-sister get married . ”

Small matter?

Liu Yun smiled a bitter smile inside, probably only Huang Xiaolong could claim it as a small matter . How many people in the galaxy could defeat a peak mid-First Order Highgod Realm master with just one palm strike?

Only masters whose names were on the God Ranking List could have done that . Thinking of this, Liu Yun had a strange expression on his face as he looked at Huang Xiaolong .

Huang Xiaolong naturally had no idea what thoughts were running through Liu Yun’s mind . Thinking back, he felt it was odd that when he and Zhu Family Patriarch were facing each other, and even after Zhu Chu was wounded, the Zhu Family Ancestor still didn't appear .

Could it be that the Zhu Family Ancestor was absent? The Zhu Family Ancestor’s absence reduced a significant amount of trouble for Huang Xiaolong . After all, the Zhu Family Ancestor was a peak late-First Order Highgod Realm master, moreover, there were rumors saying that he had broken through to Second Order Highgod Realm .

Then again, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t worried that Zhu Family Ancestor would look for him later to make trouble . Even if that Zhu Family Ancestor really broke through to Second Order Highgod Realm, with his current strength, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t afraid .

A few hours later, Huang Xiaolong and Liu Yun arrived back in the Black Warrior Institute . He then stayed for a couple of days at Liu Yun’s place before departing for the Martial Spirit World .

While Huang Xiaolong was traveling back to the Martial Spirit World, news of him defeating the Zhu Family’s Patriarch in a single strike spread over the galaxy like a hurricane . Soon, the entire Black Tortoise Galaxy knew about the incident .

Many world surfaces were left in astonishment . Prominent families, big and small sects, they were all struck speechless .

“What?! Huang Xiaolong defeated the Zhu Family Patriarch with a single strike!”

“Impossible! The Zhu Family Patriarch is a peak mid-First Order Highgod Realm master, absolutely impossible!”

“Impossible? This was leaked directly from the mouths some of the Zhu Family’s Elders and disciples!”

“That Huang Xiaolong’s immense talent is heaven-defying! He merely cultivated for slightly over a hundred years ah, but I heard he’s already a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm . Even more unfathomable is the fact that the Zhu Family Patriarch actually failed to withstand one strike from him! Doesn’t this mean that Huang Xiaolong’s current strength stands equal to a Second Order Highgod Realm master’s?!”

Everywhere, similar discussions were taking place . Exclamations of disbelief, shock, apprehension, terror, lament, and even admiration sounded from all corners of the galaxy .

Within the Black Warrior Institute’s Wuhuang Peak, when Wang Na heard the news, her first reaction was to ask if it was true . The people below must have wrongly reported the content, it must be Zhu Family Patriarch Zhu Chu who defeated Huang Xiaolong in one move, forcing him to retreat .

However, when she ordered her subordinates to investigate the matter, the result did not change: Huang Xiaolong defeated the Zhu Family Patriarch with one palm strike!

“Ridiculous!!” Wang Na shrieked, her hand waved in anger, sending all the tables and chairs in the hall flying .

This was not a result she could readily accept .

Huang Xiaolong, that stray dog, had grown to this extent! 

Her current strength was neither weaker nor stronger than the Zhu Family Patriarch! 

In short, she wouldn't be able to withstand one palm strike from that stray dog Huang Xiaolong either?!

Alarm and fear filled her .

Based on Huang Xiaolong’s current overwhelming strength, after he broke through to the Highgod Realm, wouldn't killing her be as easy as turning his palm?

“I cannot allow that stray dog to get any stronger!” Wang Na paced back and forth in the hall, repeating the same sentences to herself under her breath as if she had gone insane .

“Institute Principal, in my opinion, we should report this matter immediately to the Great Lord . ” Grand Elder Zhang Yijia who had been standing at the side cautiously reminded .

“Right, right, right! We must report this matter to the Great Lord immediately!” Wang Na regained her senses, nodding her head . She quickly took out a sound transmission jade slip to report this matter to the mysterious Great Lord .

Almost instantly, the space above the hall space rippled as a shadow emerged from the void, exuding a domineering aura . A bright light enveloped the shadow, obscuring its features .

Both Wang Na and Zhang Yijia immediately knelt respectfully on the ground, “Greetings, Great Lord! Great Lord’s divine might is unparalleled!”

“I already know about the incident related to Huang Xiaolong, even I did not imagine this kid’s talent to be this terrifying . In a few days, I’ll send the Mirage King over to deal with him . All you need to do now is to find his whereabouts and lend your support to the Mirage King . ”

From the light sphere, a majestic voice sounded .

“Yes, Great Lord!” Wang Na and Zhang Yijia were elated, respectfully acknowledging the order given . Although they didn't know how powerful that Mirage King was, they knew there were six great kings under their Great Lord, and this Mirage King was one of them .

Each one of the Great Lord’s six kings possessed unfathomable strength .

According to Wang Na’s estimation, not even Feng Yang was a match for this Mirage King .

The bright sphere in the air gradually dimmed and disappeared . The hall was quiet once more .

About the sensation he caused over the galaxy by defeating the Zhu Chu, Huang Xiaolong who was returning to the Martial Spirit World had no idea at all .

Half a day later, Huang Xiaolong stepped out from the Iron Radix World’s transmission array . From there, he flew through space to get to Martial Spirit World .

‘It seems there’s a need to build a transmission array in Martial Spirit World . ’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself .

Because there was no transmission array in Martial Spirit World, he could only transfer to the Iron Radix World and fly the rest of the journey, which was troublesome .

If there was a transmission array in the Martial Spirit World, transferring all the way back would definitely be much more convenient and faster .

Exiting the Iron Radix World, Huang Xiaolong flew on his sword at a rapid speed, reaching Martial Spirit World in half an hour’s time, then he tore open the barrier and entered . Once inside, Huang Xiaolong felt abundant spiritual energy envelop his body .

In the past ten years Huang Xiaolong wasn’t here, Martial Spirit World’s spiritual energy had once again increased in quality . And, to Huang Xiaolong’s surprise, Martial Spirit World’s current level of spiritual energy slightly exceeded even the Cloudsea Mainland’s .

He was ecstatic . In another hundred years or so, he believed that the Martial Spirit World would be the world surface with the richest spiritual energy in the galaxy . He could already imagine how, not too far into the future, more and more cultivators would rush to settle down in Martial Spirit World to cultivate . A light flickered in his eyes .

Ten minutes later, he was back in the Huang Clan Manor .

Many things had changed in the Huang Clan Manor compared to ten years ago . Through multiple expansions and renovations over the decade, it literally resembled an empire’s imperial city .

With Huang Xiaolong back home, cheers could be heard from top to bottom . Although noisy, the atmosphere instantly became lively .

The Huang Family members surrounded Huang Xiaolong, talking to him all at the same time, competing for attention . Huang Xiaolong was dizzied by the bustle around him . Shi Xiaofei stood a few feet away . Watching Huang Xiaolong, there was only bliss and happiness in her eyes .

On the very same day, the Huang Clan Manor held a banquet to celebrate Huang Xiaolong’s return and his success in inheriting Saint Mother Yao Chi’s legacy .