Invincible - Chapter 837

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Chapter 837: 837

Huang Xiaolong was stunned at his Master Feng Yang’s advice, a wry smile rose in his heart .

Feng Yang could hardly be blamed for not having confidence in Huang Xiaolong, for it was hard for anyone to believe that he, a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm cultivator had strength comparable to a Second Order Highgod Realm master .

When Huang Xiaolong killed the peak late-First Order Highgod Realm Evil Ghost Ancestor, the four galaxies’ forces had voiced their disbelief, and even today there were some that believed it was a false rumor, assuming it was something fabricated by Huang Xiaolong .

But he decided against telling his Master Feng Yang of his current strength; the fewer the people who knew, the better .

Taking Huang Xiaolong’s silence for despondency, Feng Yang comforted, “You need not feel discouraged, you’ve only cultivated for a little more than two hundred years, you still have other chances to participate . The Highgod Advancement Tournament is held every thousand years, and you definitely can breakthrough to Fourth Order Highgod Realm with your talent . At that time, entering the top ten wouldn't be a problem . ”

The next Highgod Advancement Tournament? Huang Xiaolong was stupefied, Feng Yang was telling him to wait another thousand years for the next Highgod Advancement Tournament? He smiled wryly as he said to Feng Yang, “Master, it’s alright, I’ll participate in this time's tournament . ”

Hearing that, Feng Yang tried to persuade, “Xiaolong, I know you’re strong, however, this term’s tournament is a gathering of monstrous geniuses from a hundred thousand galaxies, it will be more than difficult for you to enter the top one thousand . Furthermore, the risk is many times higher . ”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “I know, but… Master, rest assured, even if I can’t enter the top one thousand, protecting myself is not a problem . ”

Feng Yang tried a few more times, but Huang Xiaolong was determined to take part in this term’s Highgod Advancement Tournament, causing Feng Yang to helplessly give up with a sigh . “Alright then, since you’re determined, Master will not try to dissuade you further . There’s also a good side to you participating, just take it as gaining experience . Moreover, there’s quite a lot of treasures in the Overflowing Lightning Divine World Surface, two-million-years-old herbs probably aren't that rare, and even if you can’t enter the top one thousand, being able to get a few of those medicinal herbs is also a good thing . ”

Hearing his Master once again say that he wouldn't be able to enter the top one thousand, Huang Xiaolong could only nod his head, indicating his understanding .

Feng Yang and his three disciples stayed for a few days in the Huang Clan Manor . After that, the four of them left, returning to the Black Warrior Institute .

During the time Feng Yang stayed in the Huang Clan Manor, he imprinted his lifetime’s cultivation comprehension into a soul jade so that Huang Xiaolong could comprehend something from them in the remaining time before the Highgod Advancement Tournament began .

At the same time, he explained in detail to Huang Xiaolong about matters related to the upcoming tournament, what Huang Xiaolong needed to look out for .

Before leaving, Feng Yang reminded this youngest disciple of his to look for him at the Black Warrior Institute seven years later, he would bring Huang Xiaolong to Eternal Galaxy to register for the tournament .

After Feng Yang left, Huang Xiaolong entered seclusion .

Knowing that geniuses from tens of thousands of galaxies would be participating in the Highgod Advancement Tournament gave Huang Xiaolong pressure . At his current strength, being able to battle to a draw against Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, Green Dragon Beast King, and Ancestor Bifang, he was almost comparable to a mid-Third Order Highgod Realm master . Although entering the top one thousand wasn’t a problem at his current strength, it would be hard for him to get into top one hundred .

The chances for top ten, top three, and the first place were slimmer than slim, which was why, in these seven years, he had to strive to enhance his strength as much as possible .

Sitting cross-legged inside the Xumi Temple, there was a ganoderma, a red fruit, a black ginseng, a black lotus, and other herbs floating in front of Huang Xiaolong, seventeen various herbs to be exact . Each one of them was two-million-years-old and above .

Originally, he had planned to save these herbs and consume them after he broke through to the Highgod Realm, but that plan had naturally changed . He was going to refine these seventeen herb elixirs in the coming seven years .

Based on the speed of his cultivation, refining seventeen two-million-years-old-old herbs wouldn't be an issue .  

Huang Xiaolong circulated the Asura Tactics, causing the seventeen herbs to immediately start emitting a radiant light . Spheres of colorful energies flowed out from them and into Huang Xiaolong’s body .

While Huang Xiaolong was in seclusion, the news that the upcoming Highgod Advancement Tournament would involve close to a hundred thousand galaxies spread out, echoes of shock sounded from all corners .

All families, sects, and institutes were talking about the same thing .

When they found out about the astounding prizes, various families’ Patriarchs and genius disciples were raring to go . The galaxies boiled up in frenzied excitement one after another .

The enthusiastic excitement and delight was all-present .

Not far from the four galaxies was the Saint Lord Galaxy, which was one of the powerful galaxies in their vicinity, its overall forces were twice as strong as the Azure Dragon Galaxy’s . In this Saint Lord Galaxy, the number one super force was the Yelu Family, which controlled more than half of the galaxy's forces . One could imagine the magnitude of the Yelu Family’s power .  

The Yelu Family’s Patriarch was the Saint Lord Galaxy’s number one expert, and Yelu Tianfeng was his most talented son in thousands of years; the most talented son, no comparison . Yelu Tianfeng had already reached the peak late-Third Order Highgod Realm in a little more than one thousand and five hundred years .

In the Yelu Family’s headquarters located in the Saint Lord World, a young man holding a long spear was high in the air, striking one spear thrust after another at the void . Every spear thrust left a gaping black hole in space .

All of a sudden, the young man’s long spear made a sweeping curve at the ground below . A portion of hundreds li was lifted into the air from the mountain range below after a single spear sweep . Then, the young man’s long spear thrust out again . In a single instant, his long spear struck more than one thousand times, reducing the mountains in the air to pebbles that rained down from above .

The young man retrieved his long spear .

“Big brother, great spear skills! I say, not even a Fourth Order Highgod Realm master can withstand a single strike of Big brother’s God Executing Spear Technique, this term’s Highgod Advancement Tournament's first place is surely Big brother’s!” At this time, from afar, a young man flew over while clapping his hands with a beaming smile .

This young man was the same person that had a conflict with Huang Xiaolong on the White Tiger Galaxy’s Divinity Firmament Mainland, Yelu Tianhao . Whereas the young man holding a long spear was Yelu Tianhao’s Big brother, Yelu Tianfeng; the most talented and powerful disciple in Yelu Family’s history .

Yelu Tianfeng was exuding a sharp aura, as if it could pierce a hole through the sky . His voice was brimming with confidence, “Win the first place? Just a lower realm’s small competition, winning the first place is nothing much . When I ascend to the Divine World and enter a prominent sect, I’ll show those Divine World disciples who's better!”

In Yelu Tainfeng’s eyes, those so-called geniuses of the lower realm were just a mediocre bunch . Only geniuses of the Divine World could pique his interest . This wasn't arrogance, it was confidence, the confidence of someone reaching peak late-Third Order God Realm after cultivating for slightly over fifteen hundred years!

Yelu Tianhao grinned sheepishly, “What Big brother said is right, the other galaxies’ geniuses are nothing in front of Big brother, they’re dog shit . But some years back, I made a trip to the White Tiger Galaxy and came across a person named Huang Xiaolong . He was extremely arrogant, claiming that his talent is unrivaled, not putting our Yelu Family in his eyes . ”

Yelu Tianfeng glanced at Yelu Tianhao from the corner of his eye, indifferent in his time, “You think I can’t tell what you’re thinking? You think I don’t know what really happened? That Huang Xiaolong’s talent is not bad . That time, he was merely a perfection stage late-Tenth Order God Realm, but was capable of killing my Yelu Family’s Highgod Realm guards . However, he’s too weak! I’m not interested in killing him during the Highgod Advancement Tournament, but you can tell Yelu Xuan or one of the others to kill him . ”

Naturally, Yelu Tianfeng wasn't the only disciple from the Yelu Family participating in the tournament . There were several hundred disciples, and Yelu Xuan was one of them . He had cultivated for one thousand eight hundred years and had already reached late-Second Order Highgod Realm .