Invincible - Chapter 875

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Chapter 875: 875

At Wangu Yanhui’s question, Mu Qi and You Wuye also turned to look in Huang Xiaolong’s direction, waiting for his decision .

In the beginning, when Lu Dongwei saw Huang Xiaolong’s late-Second Order Highgod Realm cultivation, he had the same idea as Zhou Yao . He was about to command the black-haired young man to hand over his key, but he immediately noticed Wangu Yanhui and the others’ attitude toward him and felt a cold air down his neck . He quickly scrapped his earlier intention of snatching the black-haired young man’s key .

Looking at Wangu Yanhui’s questioning gaze, Huang Xiaolong nodded nonchalantly, agreeing without spoken words .

Fang Chu also noticed this, and a sharp glint appeared in his eyes, no one knew what he was thinking .

Since no one objected to Wangu Yanhui’s proposal, each of them took out their key, pouring godforce into the small sword to activate the ancient symbols on its surface . The five small swords emitted a bright light and flew up to the center of the hall .

The five keys rotated rapidly in the air and slowly merged into one, releasing an even more dazzling light . Then, a mysterious power emerged from them, bringing an even more dazzling light rippling out like waves to all four directions, lighting up the entire hall .

Right at the center of the hall, below the five merging keys, a round-shaped pattern emerged from the floor surface .

In the center of this round-shaped pattern was carved the image of a Lightning God standing on the great earth, holding a lightning hammer in one hand as if aiming to shatter the earth in one strike .

Although it was only an image, it contained a majestic divine might that caused the six people to subconsciously retreat to the edge of the hall .

As the dazzling light expanded in size, a bright light also burst out from the pattern on the floor .

About half an hour later, the scenery before them changed . Looking around, Huang Xiaolong and the rest discovered they were now in a different hall .

This hall was about three thousand square meters large, in the middle of which was a five-footed divine cauldron made from materials unknown to them, shining with an amazing golden-purple color .

Each of the four walls was lined with drawers standing side to side, above which were rows of jade bottles labeled with pill names that the six of them had never heard of before . Even without knowing what kind of pills those were, they were undoubtedly refined by that ancient Lightning God .

It goes without saying that everyone knew how precious pills refined by a Heavenly God master were! However, no one made any moves to snatch the pills, instead, their focus was on the giant of a man sitting in a meditative pose .

Although this giant man was in a sitting position, his height was close to two meters tall . He had intertwining lightning streaks running over his muscles, while on his arms were mysterious Divine World symbols .  

Corpse of the Lightning God!

Beside the Lightning God’s corpse was a giant lightning hammer, thin ribbons of lightning sizzling around it . Even after tens of thousands of years had passed, its destructive power was still terrifying .

Desire gleamed in the six people's eyes, Huang Xiaolong was no exception .

If Huang Xiaolong could refine a Heavenly God’s corpse, he could most likely be able to breakthrough to Third Order Highgod Realm and above!

Moreover, after opening his Eye of Hell, Huang Xiaolong could immediately see that above this corpse’s soul sea was a godhead! Only, for some unknown reason, this Heavenly God master’s soul that used to reside within his godhead was already destroyed .

All of a sudden, someone moved . In a flicker, that person appeared right beside the Heavenly God’s corpse . This person was none other than Lu Dongwei .

Watching this, Wangu Yanhui, Mu Qi, and You Wuye were enraged, however, just as they were about to make their moves, there was someone even faster than the three of them . Lu Dongwei’s hand barely reached out to grab the corpse when a white shadow struck a palm on his back . Lu Dongwei was sent flying to a corner of the hall from the force of that palm strike .

The others halted in surprise watching this .

Lu Dongwei vomited blood the moment he opened his mouth to speak . He could clearly feel that his backbone was shattered and his internal organs all jumbled up into a mess .

“You, Fang Chu!” When Lu Dongwei saw the face of his attacker to be the person he cooperated with and accompanied him all the way here, he was shocked and furious . On the way here, they had discussed and agreed to cooperate . They could be considered allies .

Who knew that the first one to attack him would be Fang Chu .

Not to mention, Fang Chu’s movement was too fast! So fast that he failed to react .

“Why?!” Lu Dongwei glared fiercely at Fang Chu .

Fang Chu snickered, showing obvious disdain toward Lu Dongwei’s question . He turned around, looking at Wangu Yanhui and other three, “Today, all five of you have to die here . That includes you, Wangu Yanhui . ” Fang Chu pointed at Wangu Yanhui, his gaze sharp and merciless .

The several of them were taken aback .

Wangu Yanhui’s face sank, sneering in retort, “Fang Chu, are you sure you’re of sound mind right now? You, an early Fourth Order Highgod Realm, want to kill me?”

Mu Qi, You Wuye, even Lu Dongwei’s gazes turned strange looking at Fang Chu . This Fang Chu’s bluffing was a bit over the top, right? Based on the ranking list, Fang Chu was ranked second, right below Wangu Yanhui, which meant that Fang Chu was weaker than Wangu Yanhui by only a small margin, but still weaker .

Hearing Wangu Yanhui’s retort, Fang Chu wasn't angered . Instead, he was laughing out loud, laughing wantonly, “You will know very soon if I’m of sound mind . ” In the next second, a vast, whelming pressure rushed out from Fang Chu’s body .

Feeling his rising momentum and aura, Wangu Yanhui, Mu Qi, You Wuye, and Lu Dongwei paled .

Before this pressure, the four of them were forced to retreat all the way to the edge of the hall .

Affected by Fang Chu’s momentum, the airflow in the large hall completely froze . Before Fang Chu, Wangu Yanhui and others felt like they were as weak and insignificant as an ant .

“You’re a Fifth Order Highgod Realm!” Wangu Yanhui was a shade paler, his eyes wide with disbelief staring at Fang Chu .

Releasing his full aura, Fang Chu stood there resembling a mighty ancient god that descended to this hall, exuding a mysterious and ancient aura .

Mu Qi, You Wuye, and Lu Dongwei were now deathly pale, shaken to their soul . Fang Chu’s strength had actually reached Fifth Order Highgod Realm! All this time, Fang Chu had been concealing his true strength!

He had been concealing it this whole time, waiting for this moment to expose it!

Enjoying the shock and fear on Wangu Yanhui and the others’ faces, Fang Chu nodded with satisfaction, clasping his hands at his back and saying, “Correct, I’ve advanced to Fifth Order Highgod Realm for a long time and have been concealing my strength, not even the Fortune Gate’s Chief and Grand Elders know of my true strength . ”

Huang Xiaolong’s brows creased slightly listening to Fang Chu . Not only was this Fang Chu was a Fifth Order, but he was a peak early Fifth Order Highgod Realm master!

To have hidden so deeply . . . !

“But, how did you escape the assessment mirror during the registration?” Wangu Yanhui asked .

Mu Qi and the others were also looking at Fang Chu, they too wanted to know the answer to this .

“Assessment mirror?” Fang Chu laughed, “It’s just a mere assessment mirror, it will show whatever strength I want it to show . Our Fortune Gate’s cultivation technique is not something you can fathom . ”

“Alright, any more words are a waste of time . ” Fang Chu then teased, “Now, which of you wants to die first?” His gaze swept over Huang Xiaolong, Wangu Yanhui, Mu Qi, and Lu Dongwei .

In the end, Fang Chu’s gaze stopped on Huang Xiaolong .