Invincible - Chapter 897

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Chapter 897: 897

The moment Yelu Chufei and the Yelu Family masters entered the Martial Spirit World, all of them immediately sensed the astonishing spiritual energy .

“T-this, the spiritual energy here is so abundant!” Yelu Chufei smacked his lips, burning greed shining in his eyes .

Although he had previously received a report from the bottom Yelu Family disciples about the alarming amount of spiritual energy in the Martial Spirit World, he didn’t pay the matter much attention . But now, he finally realized the alarming level of spiritual energy in this place . This was literally a cultivation holy land!

“Father, after we kill Huang Xiaolong and destroy the Huang Clan Manor, let’s take over this Martial Spirit World . ” Yelu Tianhao was brimming with excitement, “After taking over this Martial Spirit World, the strength of our disciples’ will definitely soar in the shortest amount of time . ”

Yelu Chufei nodded with a smile, “Right, after we take Huang Xiaolong’s life and get our hands on his first place rewards, especially that Heavenly God’s godhead, my strength will soon break through to Eighth Order Highgod Realm!”

“But, is the Beitang Family here?” A Yelu Grand Elder asked out loud .

Even though both families had agreed to deal with Huang Xiaolong, they did not set out toward the Martial Spirit World together .

“Maybe the Beitang Family Patriarch and his group are already here . Let’s head to the Huang Clan Manor right now, we can't let them steal the first dip . ” Yelu Chufei said .

“Yes, Patriarch!”

Yelu Chufei and the other Yelu Family masters turned into streaks of light across the sky, closing in on the Huang Clan Manor .

At this time in the Huang Clan Manor, Huang Xiaolong who was absorbing the lightning dragon spiritual vein in the Heavenly Mountain’s underground space finally stopped . Inhaling through his mouth, the ocean of lightning force surrounding him roiled and crashed as it rushed into Huang Xiaolong’s body .

Breathing out the foul qi sounded like low rumbling thunder .

The lightning dragon spiritual vein underneath him had now shrunk to half its size compared to one month ago .

After this one month of absorption and cultivation, Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation had risen to mid-Fourth Order Highgod Realm .

Still, the amount of energy contained inside the lightning dragon spiritual vein was simply too alarming, so much that even Huang Xiaolong’s frightening devouring power only managed to absorb half of it in one month’s time .

“They are finally here . ” A sharp gleam flickered in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes .

The moment Yelu Chufei’s group entered the Martial Spirit World’s atmosphere, Huang Xiaolong sensed their presence .

In a flicker, he exited the Heavenly Mountain space, appearing on the corridor leading to the main hall .

The hall was brimming with cheerful voices and occasional bursts of laughter .

All of his family was present, and among them was Shi Xiaofei, clad in a finely embroidered flowing red dress . The Ascending Moon Old Man, Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, Blessed Buddha Emperor Shi Fantian, Shi Xiaofei’s father, and many others were also present . Even his Master Feng Yang, Eldest Senior Apprentice-brother Liu Yun, and Third Apprentice-sister Qi Wen were there . The only exception was Chen Yang .

Other than Feng Yang and his two disciples, there were more than a dozen Patriarchs and Ancestors present, who were Feng Yang’s most loyal subordinates . Other than them, no other Patriarchs or Ancestors came to attend Huang Xiaolong’s wedding .

When they saw Huang Xiaolong walking into the hall, all of them stood up from their seats .

“Xiaolong, your Second Apprentice-brother, he…” Feng Yang had a bitter expression on his face, wanting to explain .

Huang Xiaolong waved his hand, unconcerned with Chen Yang’s absence, “Master, I know . It’s alright . ”

It was right at this time that a loud boom resounded, causing the land that the Huang Clan Manor was built on to quake and the buildings to sway . Overwhelming auras descended from the sky, followed by bright bursts of light that lit up the Huang Clan Manor’s perimeter . In an instant, Yelu Chufei and the Yelu Family’s masters appeared at the entrance of the main hall .

Seeing the appearance of these people, Feng Yang, Liu Yun, and Qi Wen’s faces went white .

Yelu Chufei swaggered into the main hall, laughing wantonly, followed by a large group of Yelu Family masters .  

Upon entering the hall, Yelu Chufei immediately confirmed that the Beitang Family had yet to arrive, putting him in an even better mood .

His gaze swept over the people present in the hall, then laughed even louder, “Huang Xiaolong, this is your wedding day, how come there are only this many people here to congratulate you? It looks like humans are truly afraid of death . They knew that I, Yelu Chufei, was coming, thus they dared not come . But I’m not late, right? I also prepared a congratulatory gift for you, I will give it to you now . ”

Finished saying that, with a wave of his hand, more than forty female corpses appeared on the floor .

Each one of them had a pretty face, but these female corpses did not have a thread on them, displaying their jade-like skin and voluptuous curves, but their bodies were filled with glaring red, purple, and green bruises . Especially on their breasts and lower bodies which were stained with blood, mutilated .

Uncontrollable anger rose to Huang Xiaolong’s face when he saw these female corpses, mad fury and killing intent erupted in his heart .

These female corpses were all maids of the Yaochi Mountain .

Before Saint Mother Yao Chi ascended to the Divine World, she had left these maids, who were orphans that she raised, to cultivate at the Yaochi Mountain . Who would have thought all of them would now be…!

Yelu Chufei laughed, “How do you like my gift? It isn't bad, right? Every single one of these maids was a virgin, therefore I made sure they had a taste of becoming a woman, but it seems like my Yelu Family’s disciples were a little too heavy-handed . ”

The Yelu Family Grand Elders and Elders erupted in a burst of vile, heinous laughter .

“Naturally, all the women present today will face the same fate, including your woman . ” Yelu Chufei’s gaze fell on Shi Xiaofei in her red wedding dress .

Today was her wedding day, it was no wonder Shi Xiaofei had paid special attention to her appearance, enhancing her allure even more .

Even Yelu Chufei couldn’t help praising, “Really a peerless beauty, but what a pity, you chose the wrong person . ”

Shi Xiaofei’s fury was clearly reflected in her eyes .

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze was frigid cold, fixed on Yelu Chufei and the Yelu Family masters, biting every word, “All of you will die miserable deaths! Extremely miserable!!”

Sensing the intense killing intent from Huang Xiaolong’s body, Yelu Tianhao laughed happily, “Relying on you alone, Huang Xiaolong? Don’t think we won’t dare to kill you just because the Wangu Clan showed you some goodwill . Huang Xiaolong, the one who’s going to die miserably is you!”

Right at this time, Huang Xiaolong’s figure disappeared, appearing beside Yelu Tianhao in an instant, his palm striking at his chest .

Sensing the alarming force from Huang Xiaolong’s palm, Yelu Tianhao felt fear .

“Huang Xiaolong, you dare?!” Yelu Chufei bellowed furiously, his fist flying toward Huang Xiaolong .

Watching that fist attack coming toward him, Huang Xiaolong vanished in a flicker as his palm force struck Yelu Tianhao’s chest . Yelu Tianhao shot across the air like a screaming meteor, his torso had exploded from Huang Xiaolong’s palm force .

In the blink of an eye, Huang Xiaolong re-appeared in front of everyone’s eyes .

“Huang Xiaolong, you’re courting death!” Yelu Chufei’s furious bellow shook the hall, then he commanded all Yelu Family masters: “All of you attack! Kill the males and leave the women, we’ll slowly play them to death!”

The Yelu Family’s Grand Elders and Elders rushed out, pouncing on the Huang Family members and everyone on the opposite side .

Dragon Emperor Ao Taiyi, Ancestor Bifang, and the others quickly spread out in a circle, protecting Shi Xiaofei and the Huang Family members, anxiously backing away .

Suddenly, a heaven shaking dragon roar resounded, followed by majestic dragon might that swept out in all directions .

The Yelu Family Elders and Grand Elders froze in place with their mouths agape . The Huang Xiaolong they saw earlier now became a blue primordial divine dragon .

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes were cold and speckled with bloodlust . His dragon claw slammed down, and his Holy Dragon Supreme Godhead’s metal element godforce was flowing out at full force .


The impact created a thunderous sound that reached the ninth heaven, shaking the whole Wind Snow Continent .