Invincible - Chapter 904

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Chapter 904: 904

“I heard the number of brilliant geniuses who died in Huang Xiaolong’s hands in this term’s Highgod Advancement Tournament isn't a small, and one of them was an even greater talent than Yelu Chufei, and Beitang Wuji, he was the Fortune Gate’s core disciple Fang Chu . ” Qiu Baifei spoke solemnly, “The Fortune Gate is the Everlasting Galaxy’s most powerful and most ancient super force, not that much weaker compared to the current Wang Clan . ”

He Feifan brightened, “What Master means is…?”

Qiu Baifei’s eyes gleamed, “The Fortune Gate is not a power the likes of which those Yelu and Beitang Families can be compared to, Huang Xiaolong can’t be arrogant for long . ”

Very quickly, the one-month deadline arrived .

Sitting cross-legged in the Heavenly Mountain’s underground space, Huang Xiaolong who had been cultivating for the past one month slowly opened his eyes . Fine streaks of lightning flashed in the depth of his pupils .

After one month of continuous refinement, he finally finished absorbing the remaining energy inside the lightning dragon spiritual vein .

Adding the blood and godforce he had absorbed from two mid-Seventh Order Highgod Realm masters, Yelu Chufei and Beitang Yiyang, as well as a large number of both families masters’, Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation finally rose to late-Fourth Order Highgod Realm .

Late-Fourth Order Highgod Realm!

Although it was only a small breakthrough, Huang Xiaolong’s strength actually more than doubled .

Now, even without transforming into his dragon form, Huang Xiaolong believed he could completely defeat Patriarch Yelu and Patriarch Beitang .

After a moment, he exited the Heavenly Mountain’s space, appearing in the main hall of the newly rebuilt Huang Clan Manor . He then summoned both Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang to report to him the latest situation in the four galaxies, not forgetting about the Patriarchs and Ancestors who were supposed to gather at the Huang Clan Manor within the stipulated one month .

The Green Dragon Beast King hesitated before reporting, “Master, so far, slightly over four hundred Patriarchs and Ancestors have arrived . ”

“Just around four hundred?” A piercing glint shone in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes .

On the surface, the four galaxies had more than seven hundred Highgod Realm masters, but this number merely counted their human race Highgod Realm masters and did not include the demonic beast clans nor the Highgod Realm masters who were in prolonged seclusion . Overall, Huang Xiaolong believed that the four galaxies had no less than one thousand Highgod Realm masters .

In other words, less than half of them came to Huang Clan Manor .

“What’s the reason?” Huang Xiaolong asked, his low voice seemed to exude an invisible pressure .

The Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang exchanged a glance .

Ancestor Bifang still reported honestly, “The Vermilion Bird Institute’s Principal Qiu Baifei has led a large number of Highgod Realm Patriarchs and Ancestors to submit under the Everlasting Galaxy’s Fortune Gate, about one thousand of them . ”

“Submit to the Fortune Gate?” Huang Xiaolong’s expression sank .

“That Qiu Baifei even said that Master can’t be arrogant for long, thus Master and those following you will die miserably!” Green Dragon Beast King spoke .

Huang Xiaolong harrumphed coldly, sounding like a thunderclap through the main hall .

“Master, should we hunt down Qiu Baifei and his group?” Ancestor Bifang inquired .

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “No need, let them go and submit to the Fortune Gate . ” When the time comes, he would deal with them in one fell swoop .

“What about Ancestor Cang Xiong and the rest?” Huang Xiaolong asked another question .

“Ancestor Cang Xiong and the rest are already dead, their heads are here . ” Green Dragon Beast King said as he took out Ancestor Cang Xiong and several other peoples’ heads . One could see the regret, unwillingness, and fear still etched on their faces .

The gaze in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes was cold . With a flick of his fingers, a sliver of fire element godforce fell on the severed heads, burning them to ashes .

“Here are one thousand and seven hundred sacred grade immortal spirit stones, pass them down . ” 

Huang Xiaolong said while waving his hand . He had stated before that anyone who brought over the head of an Ancestor who had terminated their blood contract with him would be rewarded with one hundred sacred grade immortal spirit stones .

Including Ancestor Cang Xiong, there was a total of seventeen heads, amounting to one thousand seven hundred sacred grade immortal spirit stones .

“Thank you, Master . ” Green Dragon Beast King and Ancestor Bifang said in unison .

Huang Xiaolong nodded and had them call in the four hundred Patriarchs and Ancestors from the four galaxies .

After the over four hundred Highgod Realm masters entered the Huang Clan Manor’s main hall, Huang Xiaolong did not bother with any pleasantries and went straight to the point, telling them to submit to him .

Of course, Huang Xiaolong employed the stick and carrot method, providing remuneration according to the person’s cultivation . First Order Highgod Realm master would receive one sacred grade immortal spirit stone on an annual basis, moreover, it would be mid-sacred grade immortal spirit stone!

As for Second Order Highgod Realm masters, it would be two mid-sacred grade immortal spirit stones; so on and so forth .

Initially, several Patriarchs and Ancestors were extremely upset listening to Huang Xiaolong ordering them to submit, but when they heard that a First Order Highgod Realm master could receive one mid-sacred grade immortal spirit stone, all of them turned red from excitement .

But in the next second, Huang Xiaolong stated that those submitting to him must be branded with a soul mark, causing everyone’s excitement to be extinguished like throwing cold water over fire .

No doubt, a sacred grade immortal spirit stone was extremely tempting, but no one would be willing to leave their life in another’s hand .

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze swept over those in the hall, continuing with an indifferent cold voice, “Those unwilling can leave anytime, I will not hinder you . However, whoever steps out of this hall will never have the chance to take a single step in ever again . ”

Everyone’s face tightened .

“Huang Xiaolong, we can agree with you placing a soul mark on us, however, a single sacred grade immortal spirit stone is too little for a First Order Highgod Realm master to serve you for a year,” All of a sudden, a voice broke the heavy atmosphere, “We want ten, and Second Order Highgod Realm should get twenty pieces every year!”

“That’s right, we want ten each year!” Another voice chimed in, adding, “If not, we’ll rather submit to the Fortune Gate like the Vermilion Bird Institute Principal!”

“Yes, we’d rather go submit to the Fortune Gate!”

Many present Highgod Realm Patriarchs and Ancestors were surprised, their eyes looking left and right looking for the owners of the voices who seemed to come from all corners of the hall, so much that one could hardly determine who was speaking .

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent . His right hand suddenly extended, pushing at a particular location in the air .

Three miserable shrieks rang in the hall at the same time as three figures were sent flying out from the group of people, with blood spurting out from their mouths .

These three people were none other than Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian, Flaming Devil Ruan Ji, and Gorb Fiend Wang Han .

All three of them had fear in their eyes looking at Huang Xiaolong . The Illusive Devil’s Voice was an ancient sound technique which, when executed, caused their voices to blend with the surrounding space, making it hard for others to pinpoint the speaker’s location .

But how did Huang Xiaolong find them?

“Huang Xiaolong, what is the meaning of this?” Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian quickly concealed his fear with indignation, angrily shouting, “We from the Devil Domain Mainland came to submit to you, yet you attacked us out of nowhere, despicable!” 

Huang Xiaolong watched Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian’s stubborn act, then he snorted, revealing his impatience . A soul force sword flew directly at Shi Jiutian .

Flaming Devil Ruan Ji and the others watched as Crimson Devil Shi Jiutian suddenly stiffened and tumbled to the floor, no longer breathing . Small gasps sounded in the hall, causing the group of Highgod Realm Patriarchs and Ancestors to feel a chill blowing down their necks .

“Weren’t you three clamoring for ten and twenty sacred grade immortal spirit stones every year, otherwise you’d rather submit to the Fortune Gate?” Huang Xiaolong looked at Flaming Devil Ruan Ji, and Gorb Fiend Wang Han, “How about now?”

“We’re willing to submit, we hope Master will show clemency and not kill us . ” Flaming Devil Ruan Ji and Gorb Fiend Wang Han knelt down and pleaded .

Watching this scene, many unwilling Patriarchs and Ancestors hurried to announce their submission to Huang Xiaolong, no longer daring to play any tricks .

Without delay, Huang Xiaolong proceeded with branding these Highgod Realm masters’ souls, completely holding their lives in his hands .

After giving out the remuneration he had promised, he had them leave the hall .

However, sitting in the main hall, there was a deep frown on Huang Xiaolong’s forehead after those people left . Even though his overall forces weren’t considered weak after adding these people, it was still far from being able to go against a super force like the Fortune Gate that possessed a long heritage .

Therefore, he urgently needed to increase his own strength .

The question was, where could he find more godheads that belonged to dead Heavenly Gods? Where should he go to find rare treasures like the lightning dragon spiritual vein? 

Huang Xiaolong inevitably arrived at the Ascending Moon Old Man’s yard to inquire if he knew where he could go in order to enhance his strength in the shortest amount of time .

The old man answered without hesitation: “Go to the City of Devils . ”

“City of Devils?” Huang Xiaolong was surprised . Previously, before he killed Yelu Chufei, during soul-scouring he discovered that the Yelu Family’s Ancestor was in the City of Devils .

In fact, not only the Yelu Family’s Ancestor, the Beitang Family’s Ancestor was there as well .