Invincible - Chapter 943

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Chapter 943: 943

After entering the first section of the Sacred Dan Temple, the view in front of Huang Xiaolong blurred into a different scene . He arrived at a pill refining square that was completely empty except for him .

As he looked around, mysterious talisman symbols appeared, lining into a formation around the square perimeter .

Just as Huang Xiaolong wanted to move forward, the mysterious talisman symbols lit up one by one, lighting up the whole pill refining square .

Following that, the square pill refining space shook, raining tens of thousands of medicinal pellets like a storm!

Each of these medicinal pellets was as big as half a fist, forming a mysterious array that encompassed the entire square .  

Each pill emitted an alarming amount of qi . Judging based on the amount of energy contained within, Huang Xiaolong noticed they were close to being tribulation grade .

He could tell these tens of thousands of medicinal pellets around him were all ancient sacred grade divine pills that were lost in the river of time .

Subsequently, those medicinal pellets began pelting Huang Xiaolong following a peculiar rhythm and uncanny speed . Space was vigorously shaking, evident of the great force behind the attacks . At this speed and force, the average early Seventh Order Highgod Realm master would be hard pressed to take a single hit .

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong did not dodge at all . Instead, his clenched fist punched out .

With his current strength, punching at full force could pulverize an ancient mountain range into dust, thus, the tens of thousands of medicinal pellets that were trying to ram into Huang Xiaolong were sent flying all over the square .

The shocking matter was that all those pills remained undamaged . After suffering Huang Xiaolong’s powerful punch, these medicinal pellets didn’t even crack, moreover, they quickly rearranged themselves once more into an array in the blink of an eye, beginning their second attack .

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered with surprise . It seems like what his Master the Ascending Moon Old Man described was true, only by locating the mother pill and capturing it would he be able to break this pill array .

The mother pill was the main pellet that controlled the rest .

But, how was he going to find the mother pill amongst these moving several tens of thousands of pellets? This was really troublesome .

This not only required the trial challenger to be highly proficient in alchemy refining, they needed at least a Seventh Order Highgod Realm cultivation and a certain degree of knowledge in array formations .

Watching the pill array’s second attack, Huang Xiaolong swung out another punch, smashing the array into pieces .  

Every time he broke the pill array, he would spread his divine sense to observe every pellet’s movement and peculiarities, sensing the amount of qi they exuded .

Although every single pellet looked similar to each other, the mother pill’s qi would differ slightly .

A skilled alchemist would be able to sense the difference .

Huang Xiaolong continued to search for the mother pill in this manner . After smashing the pill array for the sixteenth time, his expression brightened all of a sudden as his gaze fixed onto a pellet emitting a subtle green glow .

In a split second, Huang Xiaolong appeared above that pellet in a flicker and pulled it into his palm, limiting it’s qi from spreading out .

The scattered pellets on the square that were about to reform the array abruptly stopped moving .

The first section’s pill array was now broken!

Naturally, these medicinal pellets couldn't be wasted!

Huang Xiaolong opened his mouth akin to a whale swallowing water, he sucked every last pill into his mouth, refining and absorbing their energy into his body .

Slightly over forty minutes later, Chen Man and other Eminent Elders waiting outside immediately noticed the second floor lighting up .

After the briefest moment of daze, they were overtaken by amazement .

Even though they had expected that Huang Xiaolong could pass the first section in a short time, passing it in less one hour indeed shocked these elders .

When Chen Man, Wangu Biran, and the rest had cleared the first section in the past, it still took the fastest one at least a day’s time to complete .

Two months went by .

The Elders looked dazedly at the fifth floor of the Sacred Dan Temple .

Just a few minutes ago, the fifth floor lit up!

Huang Xiaolong merely used two months to pass the previous four sections!

The twelve of them had all tried challenging the Sacred Dan Temple, but the fastest amongst them took over three years and four months to reach this stage!

Also standing outside the Sacred Dan Temple, Sun Yi’s face was warped with fear and panic from the core of his heart . Based on the frightening speed with with which Huang Xiaolong had cleared the first four sections, his alchemy skills were extraordinary… Sun Yi was afraid it wouldn't take long before Huang Xiaolong would pass the fifth section as well!

Picturing Huang Xiaolong passing the fifth section and becoming the Alchemist Grandmaster Union’s Chief, the consequences he would face made Sun Yi’s face deathly pale .

Pangs of regret crashed in his heart, he regretted that he killed Huang Xiaolong’s Ancestral Master that year . Regretted every action he took against Huang Xiaolong in the past .

Suddenly, a vibration came from inside of his spatial ring . His Fortune Gate communication talisman was vibrating, shaking Sun Yi out from his thoughts . He took out the talisman, sweeping his divine sense over it, which caused his expression to turn serious in an instant .  ‘The Ancestor wants to see me and the Chief?’

He quickly suppressed the fear and panic in his heart, flying away at rapid speed .

Watching Sun Yi leave, Chen Man, Wangu Biran, and the others frowned, but no one actually did anything to hinder him .

At this time, Huang Xiaolong who had stepped into the fifth section of the Sacred Dan Temple actually arrived above an endless sea of pills .

The qi flowing up from the pill sea resembled magma beneath a volcano that shot up to the air from time to time .

This qi was accompanied by violent and lethal purplish scarlet flames that he estimated would be hard even for a Tenth Order Highgod Realm master to block .

Across Huang Xiaolong stood an old man clad in the brocade robe of an alchemist . However, this old man had a body made of energy instead of being an actual person .

While Huang Xiaolong was trying to guess the his identity, the old man spoke, telling Huang Xiaolong that it was considered as having passed the fifth section if he could refine a rank ten tribulation grade Bright Buddha Sacred Pill .  

“Rank ten tribulation grade Bright Buddha Pill!” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help blurting out .

The Bright Buddha Pill was one of many kinds of Buddhism related pellets . Although it was on the same level as the Myriad Cure Holy Pill, the Bright Buddha Sacred Pill was harder to concoct .

Not to mention that the old man wanted a rank ten tribulation grade! Huang Xiaolong let out a bitter smile .

Refining a rank ten tribulation grade Bright Buddha Sacred Pill was already a difficult task, what’s more trying to do so above this sea of pills? The irregular spouts of pill qi occasionally flying into the air could affect the process of pill condensation .

The moment that old man finished his words, his energy body disintegrated and vanished .

At the same time, a large number of herbs fell from the void . Of course, these were the required ingredients for the Bright Buddha Sacred Pill .

Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong had no time to dally . Waving his hands in the air, he immediately controlled all the falling herb ingredients, separating them with the Pill Refining Hundred Divine Beast Diagram . Then, from a hundred beasts, they split into one thousand, then ten thousand divine beasts before cleansing these herbs with Chaos Star force .

Simultaneously, he had to control these divine beast manifestations to move and dodge the sudden pill qi geyser that could disrupt his refining .

Ten days later .

Huang Xiaolong’s body swayed, transforming into his blue primordial divine dragon body . He appeared extremely dignified as he looked at the brewing tenth wave of tribulation lightning .

In the next moment, the tenth wave struck down . Ten thick streaks of lightning roared towards Huang Xiaolong .

A dragon’s roar reverberated as Huang Xiaolong’s three supreme godheads spun like crazy . His powerful dragon claw slapped out towards the streaks of lightning .

On the outside, Chen Man, Wangu Biran, and the rest could see the entire Sacred Dan Temple swaying violently whilst the light on the fifth floor was flickering in and out .

This went on for five to six minutes before calmness returned .

Chen Man and the rest exchanged a baffled glance amongst themselves, not knowing what had just taken place inside .