Invincible - Chapter 944

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Chapter 944: 944

“Was it a failure, or a success?” Zhang Xinchen was baffled looking at the peaceful fifth floor of the Sacred Dan Temple .

“It was probably a success . . . ” Chen Man didn’t sound too sure himself .

Since there hadn’t been anyone who succeeded in the last million years, none of them had ever seen what it looked like when someone did pass it . There were too few records related to passing the fifth section, hence, the eleven elders could only make wild guesses .

However, the constantly flickering light on the fifth floor was a sign that Huang Xiaolong was at least alive . Whether he succeeded or failed the trial, it would have to wait until the person himself came out .

Thus, the eleven Eminent Elders continued to wait, craning their necks toward the fifth floor .

In the fifth section of the Sacred Dan Temple, when the last bolt of tribulation lightning was dispersed by Huang Xiaolong, pure lightning force integrated into the herb essences .

In that instant, medicinal herb fragrance permeated the air above the sea of pills .

Bathed under rays of Buddha luminance, shiny golden pills floated up .

At the core of these golden pills was the image of a golden Buddha in meditation, surreal and ethereal .

He had finally refined the rank ten tribulation grade Bright Buddha Sacred Pills!

Huang Xiaolong heaved in relief as if he had exhausted his luck for the next decade . Joy rose to his face at the result .

Fortunately, his cultivation had reached Eighth Order Highgod Realm after clearing the first four sections, otherwise, refining a rank ten tribulation grade Bright Buddha Sacred Pill above this tumultuous sea of pills that randomly ejected pill qi into the air was asking for the impossible!

Even so, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t sure he could succeed, but he managed to refine it in the end!

In other words, he passed the fifth section of the Sacred Dan Temple trial!

At this time, Huang Xiaolong glanced up, seeing golden raindrops falling from the void above . Along with this golden rain came a jade token . His hand extended, grabbing it .

The jade token felt warm in his palm, giving Huang Xiaolong an inexplicable comfortable feeling . The surface of the jade token was carved with the image of the Sacred Dan Temple, while on the back were two ancient characters: Union Chief!

This was the Alchemist Grandmaster Union’s Chief token!

Huang Xiaolong made a small cut across his finger and squeezed a drop of blood onto the jade token . The blood instantly sank into it, releasing a bright glow . Following that, high waves roared from the tumultuous sea of pills below, as if all the pill qi at the bottom of the sea erupted to the surface at once .

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t be bothered to look at the jade token in detail, throwing it into his spatial ring, and quickly sat down cross-legged . His Archdevil Supreme Godhead’s devouring power surged to the limit, swallowing all the qi that was coming out from the sea of pills .

The amount of energy contained within the sea here actually surpassed the Dan River’s qi dragons, it was much more potent!

Countless streams of pill qi rushed into Huang Xiaolong’s body, being converted into godforce . Together with the large amount of qi, purplish scarlet flames also entered his body, continuously tempering his True Divine Dragon Physique, godheads, and soul .

Huang Xiaolong’s strength was growing at a visible rate each passing day .

Soon, half a year passed .

In this half a year, Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation rose from Eighth Order Highgod Realm to peak early Eighth Order .

However, the amount of pill qi in the fifth section didn't seem to have lessened, endless and violent .

Outside the Sacred Dan Temple .

“It’s already been one year and three months, there weren't be any accidents inside, right?” Wangu Biran said with a deep frown .

One year and three months had passed since Huang Xiaolong stepped onto the fifth floor of the temple .

Although the fifth floor was still shining, there had yet to be any movement from it, baffling the elders below . Despite knowing that the chances of an accident happening were close to zero, anything could happen .

As the eleven Eminent Elders waited worriedly, the ‘furnace cover’ at the top of the Sacred Dan Temple released a radiant coruscating light as it spun and shrunk . A figure was seen flying from the ‘furnace mouth . ’

This figure was, of course, Huang Xiaolong .

Chen Man, Wangu Biran, and everyone’s gazes were fixed on Huang Xiaolong, a shiver of excitement ran down their backs, their eyes widened in shock and a hint of apprehension .

Mid-Eighth Order Highgod Realm!

Huang Xiaolong had already advanced to mid-Eighth Order Highgod Realm!

Although it was only mid-Eighth Order Highgod Realm, the majestic momentum and divine might they felt from Huang Xiaolong actually made them feel pressure . Everyone felt a little short of breath, including Chen Man and Wangu Biran who were peak mid-Tenth Order Highgod Realm masters .

Huang Xiaolong slowly walked in the air towards them . It was seemingly slow, but he descended in front of them in a breath’s time .

“Young hero Huang, may I ask if you…?” Chen Man hesitated, he was just about to ask if Huang Xiaolong passed the fifth section when his remaining words were swallowed back . His eyes widened as he stared in front of him .

A jade token appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s right palm .

On the front side of the jade token was the carved out image of their Sacred Dan Temple — the Alchemist Grandmaster Union Chief’s jade token!

Chen Man, Wangu Biran, and the rest trembled, then hastened to bow, respectfully saluting: “We greet the Union Chief!”

“No need to stand on ceremony . ” Huang Xiaolong nodded, his gaze swept over the group of Eminent Elders . Not seeing Sun Yi, his brows creased slightly, “Where is Sun Yi?”

Chen Man quickly took half a step forward respectfully, “Replying to Union Chief, Sun Yi left not long after you entered the fifth floor of the Sacred Dan Temple . It seems he received a summons from the Fortune Gate Ancestor, thus left . ”

‘He left?’

Huang Xiaolong’s frown deepened . He then instructed Chen Man, “Pass down my order, have Sun Yi come see me at the headquarters right now . ”

“Yes, Union Chief . ” Chen Man complied .

Huang Xiaolong subsequently turned to Jiang Bi . Seeing Huang Xiaolong looking at him, Jiang Bi felt a cold shiver down his back, quickly lowering his head, not daring to meet Huang Xiaolong’s direct gaze .

“Jiang Bi . ” Huang Xiaolong called .

Jiang Bi visibly flinched, his tongue in knots, “Jiang B-bi is here . ”

“That Jiang Lei is your personal disciple?” Huang Xiaolong’s pupils needled .

Jiang Bi hesitated before replying, “Yes, Union Chief . ”

“Have Jiang Lei come see me in the great hall . But remember, if  he escapes, I’ll hold you accountable!” Killing intent flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s eyes .

There was obvious fear on Jiang Bi’s face, he gave a few quick nods and retreated . When Jiang Bi turned around, Huang Xiaolong simply pointed at his back, leaving a marking on his body, giving Jiang Bi a blunt warning that he shouldn't think of escaping as only he could erase the marking on him .

Jiang Bi’s heart turned cold . When he stepped out from the union headquarters, all color had drained from his face .

After Jiang Bi left, together with Chen Man, Zhang Xinchen, Wangu Biran, and the others, Huang Xiaolong flew away from the Sacred Dan Temple . A few minutes later, the group arrived at the great hall .

Huang Xiaolong had just sat down on the main seat, but Jiang Bi already brought am ashen Jiang Lei in, throwing him down at the front of the great hall .

When Jiang Lei saw that the main seat that had been empty for over a million years was now occupied by Huang Xiaolong, a pungent warm liquid flowed down his legs . He had fainted into oblivion without another word .

However, when Chen Man came back, he brought less than desirable news for Huang Xiaolong . Sun Yi had ascended to the Divine World .

‘He actually fled!’

“What about the Fortune Gate Chief Wang Yu?” Huang Xiaolong asked .

“The Fortune Gate Chief has ascended to the Divine World together with Sun Yi . ” Chen Man answered .

Huang Xiaolong stood up from his seat, his right palm slamming down . The entire great hall shook, and the fainted Jiang Lei turned into meat paste on the floor by Huang Xiaolong’s palm .

“Don’t think you can escape by running to the Divine World, that I won’t be able to find you two!” There was a sharp glint in his eyes . A moment passed and Huang Xiaolong turned to Zhang Xinchen, “Where’s that Devil Son Mo Su? Is he still here in the Divine Dan City?”

“Replying to Union Chief, Devil Son Mo Su, the devil clan Patriarch Mo Dingtian, and their Grand Elders have left the Divine Dan City and are currently in the City of Devils . ” Zhang Xinchen answered solemnly .