Invincible - Chapter 946

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Chapter 946

The conversation between Mo Su and Mo Zhenru earlier was entirely heard by Huang Xiaolong . Therefore, no matter what, Mo Su had to die today .

Those who block him, die!

Hearing Huang Xiaolong say he wanted to kill him, Mo Su swiftly recovered his composure, pointing a finger and laughing loudly at Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, what did you say just now? Why don’t you repeat that?”

Mo Su laughed as he turned toward Mo Zhenru, “Did you hear what he just said to me? He said I must die today, he wants to kill me!”

Mo Su’s laughter grew increasingly manic, ridiculing Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, although I admit you’re stronger than me, do you really think you’re invincible?” At this point, Mo Su’s face was twisted with rage . His eyes filled with killing intent were fixed on Huang Xiaolong, “Wake up, this is the City of Devils, my Ancient Devil Clan’s headquarters! Whoever I want dead will die without a doubt! Since you’ve got the guts to run into my Ancient Devil Clan, I’ll have you die without a burial place!”

“After killing you, I’ll ‘take good care’ of that  Li Lu!” Mo Su gave in to insanity .

Huang Xiaolong’s strength might be shocking, but they were at the heart of the devil clan right now . Even if some peak late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm came, Mo Su wouldn't put them in his eyes .

At the same time, Mo Zhenru crushed a jade talisman, releasing a bright surge of devil light that spread from the main hall . All the masters within the Ancient Devil Clan noticed the astonishing light at once .

“That is… the main hall?” 

“Attackers at the main hall!”

“The Devil Son is there!”

From various corners of the clan, all Grand Elders and Elders whistled through the air almost simultaneously, rushing towards the main hall .

Huang Xiaolong had long since discovered Mo Zhenru’s action of crushing a jade talisman, but he didn't take any action to stop him, allowing him to summon all the devil clan masters .

When Mo Su felt many powerful auras heading at great speed toward the main hall, he became reassured and more confident . Letting a burst of gleeful laughter, he taunted, “Huang Xiaolong, how do you want to die?”

However, just as his voice fell, he choked and struggled . An overpowering invisible hand was squeezing his throat . Panic seized him as he felt his feet leave the floor, flying toward Huang Xiaolong .

Mo Zhenru was furious seeing this, roaring, “Huang Xiaolong, let go of the Devil Son immediately!”After which he threw himself at Huang Xiaolong .

Huang Xiaolong didn’t even spare a glance in Mo Zhenru’s direction, sending him tumbling in the opposite direction at an even faster speed with just a finger flick, breaking a stone pillar and finally crashing several thousand li outside the main hall .

The Devil clan cultivators who were rushing in suddenly saw a silhouette shooting out from the main hall . Before these masters could react, several of them were knocked away .

Huang Xiaolong held Mo Su up by the neck with a single hand .

Fear filled Mo Su’s eyes . To his horror, he discovered that he was unable to use any godforce at all, as if his Five Elements Godheads were restricted by a frightening force .

“Huang, Huang Xiaolong, do-don’t kill me!” Mo Su struggled to plead, his hoarse voice was barely audible . He could feel death bearing down on him from the killing intent exuded from Huang Xiaolong’s body .

“Don’t kill you?” Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Don’t you remember, you just asked me how I want to die . ”

Several sounds of whistling wind sounded in the main hall as the Devil Clan masters arrived .

The first to arrive was none other than the Devil Clan Patriarch, Mo Dingtian .

Mo Dingtian’s gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong’s hand that was lifting Mo Su in the air by the neck . His face tightened, glaring at him, “Huang Xiaolong, you dare run rampant in my Devil Clan?! Release the Devil Son right now! If there’s a hair missing from the Devil Son, I dare guarantee, you won’t see the outside of this main hall!”

“Is that so?” Huang Xiaolong gave a cold snort, his Archdevil Supreme Godhead’s devouring power burst out .

Before Mo Dingtian and a group of devil clan Grand Elders’ astounded expressions, Mo Su’s body trembled violently beginning to dry up and shrink .     His entire body’s blood essence and godforce flowed rapidly into Huang Xiaolong .

Five Element Godhead?

When Huang Xiaolong was devouring Mo Su’s godhead godforce, he discovered that Mo Su actually condensed the rarely seen Five Elements Godhead, giving a small surprise .

This Mo Su’s talent was slightly higher than the Fortune Gate’s Fang Chu . Then again, that Fang Chu had merely been an avatar, which made Huang Xiaolong wonder how powerful his main body would be .

“Pa-Patriarch, save me!” Mo Su’s tongue quivered, grasping at the last straw of hope despite his voice growing feebler .

Mo Dingtian snapped back to his senses . Not only did Huang Xiaolong not release Mo Su, but the bastard was also using some kind of secret technique to swallow all of Mo Su’s blood essence and godforce!

Mo Dingtian bellowed, “Huang Xiaolong, go die for me!!”

“Devil King’s Fist!”

Mo Dingtian godforce churned madly . At this point, he couldn’t be bothered trying not to injure Mo Su in the process as he punched out with full force at Huang Xiaolong .

Devil qi pierced the sky, Mo Dingtian’s fist force condensed the image of a great devil king . This great devil king image looked brutal, lusting for blood, for slaughter .

Watching this, Huang Xiaolong sneered . His three supreme godhead rotated at the same time .

Buddhism energy gathered in his palm, slapping out an Earthen Buddha Palm .

Golden Buddhas shone in the hall like sacred lotuses .

Mo Dingtian’s devil qi was scattered, the great devil king image ripped and exploded, and Mo Dingtian himself was sent flying out of sight just like the previous Mo Zhenru

The outraged devil clan masters were stunned, panic and fear crept up their faces .

Their Patriarch was a late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm master, yet he was sent flying with a single palm strike from Huang Xiaolong!

Mo Su watched the scenes before him with disbelief, but very quickly the light in his eyes dimmed . In the next second, he turned into a dried corpse .

Huang Xiaolong’s fingers tightened, crumpling Mo Su’s dried corpse like a piece of paper, blowing off the dust on his palm .

The present devil clan masters retreated in fear, no one dared to step forward .

“To tell you the truth, I’ve already passed the fifth section of the Sacred Dan Temple . I am the current Alchemist Grandmaster Union Chief . ” Huang Xiaolong spoke with a stoic expression . A light flashed in his palm, revealing the Union Chief jade token .

“What?! The Alchemist Grandmaster Union’s Chief! Huang Xiaolong actually cleared the fifth section of the Sacred Dan Temple!”

“That indeed is the Union Chief’s jade token!”

The group of devil clan masters was in a commotion .

“Now, you all have two options; one is submit to me, while the second option is to avenge your Patriarch and Devil Son . ” Huang Xiaolong ignored their commotion as he added, “Of course, you can try to run, if you think you can . ”

The noise halted abruptly, several emotions flickered across their faces .

All of a sudden, two figures streaked out from the main hall . These two figures had just flown up, but Huang Xiaolong’s palm struck the air, causing the two fleeing figures to plummeted to the floor like flies, flattened .

The devil clan masters looked over . Those two were both their devil clan’s Grand Elders . Even though their strength was less than their Patriarch Mo Dingtian, these two Grand Elders were still mid-Tenth Order Highgod Realm masters .  

The remaining devil clan masters sucked in a breath of cold air, those who had the same thought earlier felt cold sweat trickling down their foreheads . No one dared to make another move .

“Anyone else wants to run?” Huang Xiaolong’s gaze sharp, sweeping over them .