Invincible - Chapter 948

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Chapter 948

Inside the Wangu Clan’s main residence . When the Wangu Clan Patriarch Wangu Yutai heard Elder Wangu Changqing say that Huang Xiaolong killed Mo Dingtian and Mo Su, as well as taking control of the ancient devil clan, he stood there dazed for a good while, unable to regain his senses for a long time .

When he did regain his senses, his expression was filled with incredulity as never before .

“You’re saying that Huang Xiaolong killed Mo Dingtian? I didn’t hear incorrectly?” Wangu Yutai sought confirmation from Wangu Changqing .

Wangu Changqing respectfully replied, “Yes, Patriarch . This matter is absolutely true . The news has already spread throughout the City of Devils, moreover, this news was released by an ancient devil clan Grand Elder himself . Huang Xiaolong not only reined in the ancient devil clan, but also passed the fifth section of the Sacred Dan Temple . He is now the Alchemist Grandmaster Union’s Chief!” As he was saying this, Wangu Changqing revealed a bitter smile, mixed with shock and disbelief .

He could remember clearly the scene where Huang Xiaolong was registering for the Highgod Advancement Tournament .

That year at the Aeon Square, in the long lines of disciples registering for the Highgod Advancement Tournament, Huang Xiaolong was still a peak late-Tenth Order God Realm, not even a Highgod Realm master . Yet now, barely two decades later, the kid from day actually grew to this extent!

When Wangu Yutai heard that Huang Xiaolong actually passed the fifth section of the Sacred Dan Temple, formally becoming the Alchemist Grandmaster Union’s Chief, his heart was struck with another wave of shock .

Any one of these news was enough to make him go ‘crazy . ’

Minutes later, Wangu Yutai wryly smiled, “Who would have thought that, in a short ten years and some, Huang Xiaolong’s strength would grow to this degree . We had severely underestimated him . Fortunately, our Wangu Clan has always shown goodwill towards him . ”

Wangu Changqing also sighed with an indescribable feeling, “Yes ah, just some days back, there was a rumor that the Fortune Gate Chief Wang Yu and Grand Elder Sun Yi actually ascended to the Divine World to escape Huang Xiaolong . At first, I didn’t believe it, but now it seems to be true!”

“Patriarch, what should we do next?” Wangu Changqing inquired .

Wangu Yutai answered without hesitation, “Huang Xiaolong becoming the Alchemist Grandmaster Union’s Chief is an event worth celebrating, we naturally need to prepare a good congratulatory gift . Tomorrow, I shall personally head over to the Divine Dan World to congratulate him . ” However, Wangu Yutai was in quite a plight, not knowing what gift was suitable .

In the past, in order to show him their Wangu Clan’s goodwill, he had decisively sent a drop of sacred qilin blood . However, the status and identity that the current day’s Huang Xiaolong had were vastly different .

Very soon, other super forces and prominent sects also got wind that Huang Xiaolong killed Mo Dingtian, reined in the Ancient Devil Clan, and became the Alchemist Grandmaster Union’s Chief .

Time flowed by, half a year was gone in the blink of an eye .

After half a year passed, Huang Xiaolong had already brought his family and wife to the Divine Dan City . However, he did not have them stay at the Union headquarters, purchasing a large residence close by .

The residence was named Abundant Deities Manor . Obviously, only Huang Xiaolong was thick-faced enough to christen his residence ‘Abundant Deities . ’

In these six months, although Huang Xiaolong had been diligently cultivating, absorbing the gray energy summoned by the four divine fires, his cultivation marginally improved . He was still a long way from reaching peak mid-Eighth Order Highgod Realm .

Naturally, other than cultivating, he rarely neglected his husbandly duties at night . He even found some ancient dual cultivation techniques of which he conducted in-depth experiments with Shi Xiaofei until the wee hours of the morning .

In the beginning, Shi Xiaofei was so shy that her face turned red thinking about these intimate actions, adamantly refusing . After being cajoled by Huang Xiaolong with various methods, she finally gave in .

With both of their physiques, any postures or angles were easily achieved .

Due to their dual cultivation, in this half a year, Shi Xiaofei’s cultivation saw a great leap, already becoming a Tenth Order God Realm . Another small effect of dual cultivation was the fact that her charm seemed to have increased .

At night .

Huang Xiaolong was standing in the small garden, staring dazedly at the silver moon . Shi Xiaofei approached from his back softly asking, “What’s on your mind?”

“There is one more year until the dateline of the five-year covenant with the Ghost Refining Sect’s young lord . ” Huang Xiaolong sounded subdued .

Shi Xiaofei circled her arms around his waist from the back, comforting, “Don’t worry too much, your Master would be fine . ”

Huang Xiaolong nodded .

In recent days, he had been worrying about the old man, wondering if he was still alright .

But he believed that, since there was a five-year covenant with the Ghost Refining Sect young lord, the old man should be safe for now .  

From what he found out later, that year, other than his Master, that Ghost Refining Sect young lord had captured a number of super forces’ Elders, Grand Elders, and core disciples, making the same five-year covenant with various Patriarch and Chiefs .

What was the Ghost Refining Sect’s young lord scheming, making the same covenant with various super forces’ Patriarchs and Chiefs, luring them to the Path to Hell? The more Huang Xiaolong thought about it, the more he felt that things were more complicated than he assumed .

“Then, about Younger sister Li Lu, what  are you doing to do?” Shi Xiaofei hesitated slightly before asking .  

“With the dateline of the five-year covenant coming up, I plan to drop by the Fortune Gate to see her in a few days . ”

Shi Xiaofei nodded, “The Fortune Gate’s Wang Yu and Sun Yi have fled, the blame isn't with Younger Sister Li Lu . ”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled, “I’ll definitely bring her back . Later on, the three of us can study the Extreme Moon Sutra!”

The Extreme Moon Sutra was an old dual cultivation the two of them have been ‘studying . ’

Shi Xiaofei’s cheeks turned red in an instant, pouting at Huang Xiaolong, “You old rogue, you only know to take advantage of me . ”

Looking at the blushing and extremely charming Shi Xiaofei, Huang Xiaolong smiled wickedly, “I feel like taking advantage of you right now . ” With that said, he lifted her in a princess embrace and headed towards the room .

Shi Xiaofei let out a peal of giggles that soon turned into moans of ecstasy .

Three days later, Huang Xiaolong left the Divine Dan World, heading to the Everlasting Galaxy’s Fortune Gate .

Initially, he wanted to bring Shi Xiaofei along, but she said it might make Li Lu feel awkward, thus she declined, sending Huang Xiaolong on his way alone .

Huang Xiaolong did not use any transmission arrays, using Greater Space Teleportation from world surface to world surface in a leisurely pace . Hence, he arrived two days later at the Everlasting Galaxy’s Fortune World .

Once there, Huang Xiaolong went to the Sacred Fortune Mountain instead of the Fortune Gate’s headquarters for this was where Li Lu cultivated . The sect and the mountain were at different locations .

A few minutes later, he arrived at a large mountain range that spanned further than the eye could see, containing abundant spiritual energy . This is where the Sacred Fortune Mountain was located!

Huang Xiaolong chose to descend at the foothills . However, the strange thing was that quite a number of cultivators gathered at the foothills of the Sacred Fortune Mountain . Judging from the crest on their robes, many of them came from other galaxies . Huang Xiaolong even spotted a few of the Eternal Galaxy’s Mu Clan and Zhou Clan disciples .

‘What is happening here?’ Huang Xiaolong looked around confused .

“Brother, you’re also here to register for the exam?” At this time, a cultivator beside Huang Xiaolong spoke .

“What exam?” Huang Xiaolong was clearly ignorant of something like that .

That person was surprised, “You’re not? The Fortune Gate Ancestor is receiving ten disciples under his name, and all of us are here to take the exam . You don’t know?”


A disciple in name only; lower rank than personal disciple . Not formally recognized, very little guidance from the Master . May or may not be ‘promoted’ to personal disciple .