Invincible - Chapter 971

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Chapter 971: 971

“Is that so?” Huang Xiaolong snorted . Unknown by others, a purple symbol shone in the depth of his eyes and flew straight into Mo Yishi’s soul between his brows .

The Ancient Devil Clan Ancestor stiffened and didn’t even have a chance to resist . Through his memories, Huang Xiaolong found out that only he had knowledge of what the Ancient Devil King left behind in the Devil King's Palace .

A while later, Huang Xiaolong ended the soul-scouring .

‘The Promise Gate’s treasure?’

It looks like the Ancient Devil King actually got his hands on the Promise Gate’s treasury, a great super force during the ancient times! Inside this Devil King's Palace, other than the Promise Gate’s treasures, there were many treasures that the Ancient Devil King had collected from the Sea of Hell!

Many amongst them were rare ten-million-years-old herbs, such as ten-million-years-old Blood Ginseng and Flesh Mushroom .

“You — you scoured my soul!” At this time, Mo Yishi regained his senses and glared venomously at Huang Xiaolong, but very quickly he sneered, “Huang Xiaolong, the reason you came to the Path to Hell is for my Ancient Devil Clan’s Devil King's Palace? Since you’ve read my memories, you should know that only my Ancient Devil Clan blood can obtain the heritage; you, an outsider, can stop daydreaming!”

To obtain the Devil King's Palace’s heritage, the Ancient Devil Clan disciples’ pure bloodline power was an essential factor, only their pure bloodline power could trigger the array within, thus opening the Devil King's Palace .

Huang Xiaolong’s lips curved into a devilish smile, “You don’t need to worry about that . ” With that said, Huang Xiaolong’s Archdevil Supreme Godhead’s devouring power came to life, causing Mo Yishi’s blood essence and godforce to flow uncontrollably from his body and into Huang Xiaolong’s .

Fear filled Mo Yishi’s eyes, his face deathly pale .

However, Huang Xiaolong only swallowed most of Mo Yishi’s blood essence and godforce instead of taking his life . There was still some use in keeping Mo Yishi alive .  

Huang Xiaolong wanted to make use of his bloodline power to trigger the array inside the Devil King's Palace to open it . Others might not be able to do so, but Huang Xiaolong had his methods .

After restricting Mo Yishi’s godforce, Huang Xiaolong threw him into the Asura Ring .

In the distance, the Bodhisattva Faction Lord watched everything from the beginning until the end with a palpitating heart . Although he had heard rumors about Huang Xiaolong, those were only rumors after all . Rumors were always exaggerated, therefore he believed that Huang Xiaolong couldn’t be as strong as he was portrayed . However, now that he had seen it for himself, he realized that Huang Xiaolong was far more terrifying than any rumors he heard, many times over .

Ge Zheng struggled inwardly about what to do . A brief moment later, he approached Huang Xiaolong, greeting politely, “Union Chief Huang, this one has a small request . ”

“Faction Lord Ge, please speak . ” Huang Xiaolong replied courteously .

Previously Mo Yishi had wanted to use the four of them to determine the winner between him and Ge Zheng, but Ge Zheng had refused . This made Huang Xiaolong have a good impression of him .

Ge Zheng said, “Our Bodhisattva Faction Ancestor suffered damage to his mind and godhead during cultivation and we need the Yin Yang Divine Flower to treat him . ” Afraid Huang Xiaolong would misunderstand his intention, Ge Zheng quickly added, “We don’t need the whole flower, just one petal is sufficient!”

Just this matter?

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “Alright!” When he noticed Ge Zheng’s nervous expression, he had thought it was something big .

His  intention coming to the Sea of Hell was to look for the Yin Yang Godly Water . This Yin Yang Divine Flower was an unexpected surprise .

He then turned toward the Yin Yang Ghost Island, collecting the Yin Yang Divine Flower across the air, and gave one of its petals to the Bodhisattva Faction Lord as agreed .

Ge Zheng was extremely thankful, thanking Huang Xiaolong again and again, even inviting him to visit his Bodhisattva Faction whenever he had time .

After Ge Zheng left, Huang Xiaolong passed the Yin Yang Divine Flower to Li Lu . This was one of the rare and unique flowers in the universe, born from the accumulation of yin and yang spiritual energies . More importantly, its effects were much better compared to the Yin Yang Godly Water .

Li Lu hesitated slightly, but still reached out and accepted the flower .

Subsequently, the four of them found more than ten thousand drops of Yin Yang Godly Water around the Yin Yang Ghost Island!

With these drops of Yin Yang Godly Water and the Yin Yang Divine Flower, Li Lu could definitely achieve the optimum balance for her godforce .

Thinking of this, she couldn’t resist smiling .

After finding the Yin Yang Godly Water they required, the four of them didn't continue to linger around, flying off toward the Devil King's Palace .

Roughly six to seven hours after Huang Xiaolong’s group left the Yin Yang Ghost Island, a figure arrived above the island at the sound of whistling wind . This figure was none other than the Ghost Refining Sect Master .

“Such startling Buddhism energy!” The Ghost Refining Sect Master’s eyes glimmered, “It must be that Huang Xiaolong, looks like he really came to the Sea of Hell searching for the Devil King's Palace!”

“But who was the other person? Could it be the Ancient Devil Clan Ancestor, Mo Yishi?”

“Did they battle? I wonder what the outcome was . ” The Ghost Refining Sect Master muttered to himself . From the dense devil qi around, he easily guessed that the other person was Mo Yishi . He was aware that Mo Yishi had been cultivating in the Sea of Hell for the last few hundred years .

Merely stopping for a brief moment, the Ghost Refining Sect Master turned into a streak of light, vanishing into the horizon in the direction of the Devil King's Palace . He had to rush there before Huang Xiaolong could open it!

Two days passed .

Huang Xiaolong’s group of four stopped in the air above a giant uninhabited island, flying down to a stretch of mountains below .

After passing through a primeval forest, a grand and magnificent palace appeared in their sight .

The Devil King's Palace!

Excitement rose to Huang Xiaolong’s face as their group’s speed grew .

A few breaths later, the four of them descended onto the square in front of the palace .

Precisely at this moment, the two great stone pillars at the square emitted a bright light, causing the two devil dragon ghost beasts carved around the stone pillars to fly out .

The two devil dragons were extremely powerful, both of them being perfection stage late-Tenth Order Highgod Realm, and were created by the Ancient Devil King using a secret method before sealing them inside the two stone pillars to guard the Devil King's Palace . If the people approaching weren't of the Ancient Devil Clan bloodline, these two devil dragon sea ghost beasts would appear to kill all intruders .

Huang Xiaolong was prepared for these two beasts . He transformed into his primordial divine dragon form and sent two powerful claws slamming out, pushing the two beasts swirling backward .

About half an hour later, after the two beasts had been dealt with, Huang Xiaolong released Mo Yishi, as well as taking out the Devil Bead . His palm struck Mo Yishi’s back, completely forcing out his bloodline power and channeling it into the Devil Bead .

What Huang Xiaolong did not expect was the difficulty in activating the array inside the Devil Bead; he barely succeeded after employing ninety percent of the godforce from all three of his supreme godheads .

No wonder no one from the Ancient Devil Clan had been able to open the Devil King's Palace and obtain its heritage in so many tens of millennia, even with the Devil Bead in their hands!

If Huang Xiaolong hadn’t broken through to Ninth Order Highgod Realm, he too would have failed to activate the array inside the Devil Bead! 

Watching the gates to the Devil King's Palace finally open, Huang Xiaolong breathed out in relief . He then led Li Lu and the rest inside .

They had just entered the Devil King's Palace when a figure accelerated towards them, it was precisely the Ghost Refining Sect Master . Unfortunately, he watched the gates close right before his eyes . The Ghost Refining Sect Master’s face sank instantly, his fists clenched until his knuckles were white, trying to control his killing intent, “I was still a step too late!”

“In that case, I’ll wait for you here . Huang Xiaolong, I don’t believe you can stay inside forever!”

The Ghost Refining Sect Master concealed himself; as long as Huang Xiaolong came out, he would ambush and kill him!

This time, he had prepared a few hundred lightning beads refined from countless bolts heavenly lightning . If they exploded at the same time, the horrifying force could even kill a Heavenly God master!

‘Let’s see if you can live through that!’