Invincible - Chapter 988

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Chapter 988: 988

Multiple resounding booms took place all at once . An overwhelming shockwave swept through the forest, causing tall trees to be uprooted from the ground, swirling in the air .

Whereas Tie Yang and the three Lin Family Fort Elders were swept into the air, spitting mouthfuls of blood before plummeting to the ground .

“You!” The three Lin Family Fort Elders looked at Huang Xiaolong with dread on their faces . The three of them retaliated together, yet were defeated by an early Tenth Order Highgod Realm!

Tie Yang’s face was bloodlessly pale .

When Huang Xiaolong knocked the guard captain into the walls with a single punch, he naturally assumed that Huang Xiaolong had the strength of an early Heavenly God Realm . Even so, it was a shock, but now, he actually…!

Huang Xiaolong approached them with light, slow steps .

The three Elders struggled to their feet, keeping a vigilant eye on him .

Huang Xiaolong struck out another punch, once again sending the three of them into the air, rendering them entirely immobile, unable to resist .

“Huang, Huang Xiaolong, don’t kill me, don’t kill me!” Watching the same three Elders’ miserable state, Tie Yang knew he wouldn't be able to escape . A terrified expression appeared on his face as he started begging Huang Xiaolong .

In a few steps, Huang Xiaolong stopped in front of Tie Yang, peering down at him with a cold smile, “You should feel fortunate that you could live until today . Just like you said earlier, I will first break your arms, then your legs before moving on to pick out the bones in your body, so that you could enjoy the taste before letting you die!”

Feeling the unconcealed killing intent flowing from Huang Xiaolong’s body, Tie Yang’s fear multiplied many times over, shaking his head vigorously .


With one punch, Huang Xiaolong broke Tie Yang’s left arm, then another punch broke his right arm, followed by his legs .

Tie Yang’s blood-curdling screams resounded throughout the forest .

At this time, Huang Xiaolong’s godforce condensed into a sharp knife on his palm . With a stab straight into Tie Yang’s chest, Huang Xiaolong pulled out a rib bone, followed by more bones .

Soon, there was nothing left of Tie Yang but a pile of grotesque bloodied flesh .

“The devil, devil!!” The Lin Family Fort’s three Elders were shrieking in high-pitched voices .

After Huang Xiaolong was done in pulling out Tie Yang’s bones, he turned towards the three Elders in chilling coldness, smiling, “Devil? Today, if I didn’t happen to be stronger than you lot, I would have ended up worse than he is now . I merely do to others what they would do to me . But you three need not worry, you will enjoy the same treatment very soon . ” Huang Xiaolong reassured as he continued walking towards them .

He naturally had no reason to feel any compassion for these people .

During his few hundred years of cultivation in the lower realm, many a time living through life and death moments, Huang Xiaolong’s mercy had been ground away, for he knew very well that showing mercy to one’s enemies was being ruthless to oneself .

“Brat, we’re Elders of the Lin Family Fort . If you dare treat us this way, the Lin Family Fort will not let you off!” 

“Let us go immediately, or you won’t be able to escape!”

The three Elders barked, trying to cover their fear with false bravado .

Hearing the threats they hurled at him, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help smiling, sending the sharp knife made of godforce slashing across the air .

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong had finished soul-scouring the four of them, then circulated his Archdevil Supreme Godhead’s devouring power and sucked dry the three Lin Family Fort Elders’ blood essence and godforce . As for Tie Yang, a mere Seventh Order Highgod Realm, Huang Xiaolong was too disdainful, thus he simply ended Tie Yang’s life, piercing through his head with a finger flick .

“Orkhis fruit!” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes glimmered with expectation .

From the four people’s memories, Huang Xiaolong came to know that Tie Chengdong stumbled upon an orkhis fruit in a valley of the Blood Phoenix Forest .

There was a lush orkhis tree with fruits that were at least ten million years old, about twenty to thirty orkhis fruits!

However, the tree was guarded by two Second Order Heavenly God Realm Century White Monkeys . Tie Chengdong alone couldn’t get those fruits, therefore he cooperated with the Lin Family’s Fort Lord, Lin Chaoqun . After each of them killed one of the Century White Monkeys, they would collect their share of orkhis fruits!

This was why Tie Chengdong did not come to kill him personally .

Naturally, Huang Xiaolong also knew now about Tie Chengdong’s cooperation with the Lin Family Fort in order to usurp Tie Qianyuan’s position .

In terms of strength, the Lin Family Fort was slightly stronger . If Tie Chengdong really had their support, it was likely he could succeed in kicking Tie Qianyuan off his Fort Lord position .

The Tie Family Fort and Lin Family Fort had always been hostile, and Huang Xiaolong would prefer to keep far away from these two forces’ grudge .  However, those twenty to thirty orkhis fruits that were at least ten-million-years-old, Huang Xiaolong was adamant to have them!

His eyes sparkled with anticipation thinking about the Divine World’s ten-million-years-old herbs, born from absorbing the Divine World’s spiritual energy… it made Huang Xiaolong wonder how many times more potent they would be compared to the ten-million-years-old herbs from the lower realm .

He was confident that refining those fruits would help his cultivation reach mid-Tenth Order Highgod, maybe even peak mid-Tenth Order!

Huang Xiaolong collected Tie Yang and the other three Lin Family Fort Elders’ spatial rings, opening the layer of restrictions . Inside was quite a large amount of money and divine stones . The shenbi was roughly two to three hundred . Other than this, there were also some divine pellets .

From the aura exuded by those divine pills, all of them were heavenly god grade divine pellets, around fifty to sixty of them .

Huang Xiaolong was happy at the unexpected harvest .

A sliver of fire from his finger burned everything to ashes, then he left without another glance .

The valley where the orkhis tree grew was nearby . With his current speed, Huang Xiaolong estimated he could reach that location in two days .

Although Tie Chengdong and Lin Chaoqun had set off a few days earlier than him, with the two Century White Monkeys guarding the orkhis tree, it won’t be easy for the two of them to take away any of the fruits .

Perhaps he would arrive just in time, becoming the fisherman that reaps all the benefits effortlessly .

Since he was in a hurry, Huang Xiaolong did not choose to refine the divine pellets he found . Instead, he took out ten of them and threw them toward the lightning beast egg in the Godly Mt . Xumi’s space,

From the books he read a few days ago, Huang Xiaolong fully understood how precious a lightning beast egg with top bloodline was . For one, their number was simply too pitiful, even the Fortune Gate Chief might not have one .

Furthermore, divine beasts with top bloodline generally had excellent speed . Once they matured, their strength could reach the level of an Ancient God Realm master .

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong was determined to see this lightning beast egg hatch, regardless of the cost .

Almost in the blink of an eye, that lightning beast egg had consumed all the divine pellets Huang Xiaolong threw to it, causing fine lightning streaks to crackle around its surface . The lightning patterns on the shell were even clearer .

When those lightning patterns covered the entire egg, the time for it to hatch would come .

As an afterthought, Huang Xiaolong threw another twenty heavenly god grade divine pellets to the lightning beast egg, as well as all the divine stones he found in the four people’s spatial rings .  

Two days went by in a blink, and Huang Xiaolong finally reached his destination .

When he moved closer to the orkhis tree, he felt violent energy fluctuations, which made his heart skip a beat in delight . As expected, Tie Chengdong and Lin Chaoqun were still battling the two Century White Monkey guardians .

Hiding in the void, he carefully tread into the valley, slowly inching closer to the place where Tie Chengdong and the others were battling .