Invincible - Chapter 989

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Chapter 989: 989

Two minutes later, Tie Chengdong’s figure came into sight .

Other than him, there were five others at the scene, two of them were Tie Family Fort’s Elders, whereas the remaining three were from the Lin Family Fort . All five were Heavenly God Realm experts; one was a mid-Second Order Heavenly God, one was an early Second Order, and the other three people, like Tie Chengdong, were peak late-First Order Heavenly God Realm cultivators .

The six of them were in an intense battle with the Century White Monkeys, dust and gravel rising here and there from time to time as cliff walls and boulders crumbled and fell .

Tie Chengdong and two Tie Family Fort Elders, as well as a Lin Family Fort’s early Second Order Heavenly God Realm master were besieging one of the Century White Monkeys .  

The mid-Second Order Heavenly God Realm was none other than the Lin Family Fort Lord, Lin Chaoqun, who was fighting the other Century White Monkey with another Lin Family Fort Elder .

Although there were six people on Tie Chengdong’s side, gaining a slight advantage in numbers, killing two early Second Order Heavenly God Realm Century White Monkeys wasn't an easy task .

Judging from the messy surroundings, the battle had gone on for quite some time now .

Both monkeys’ bodies were laden with cuts and wounds, blood dying their fur red .

Even though Tie Chengdong’s group also suffered injuries, they were undoubtedly lighter than the two guardian beasts’ .

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze swept past the six people and two monkeys, falling onto the ten zhang tall orkhis tree in the distance .

On the sparse-branched orkhis tree hung twenty to thirty fruits that resembled a ball, softly glimmering a canary yellow light as they nestled in the embrace of white petals .

Despite there being several hundred meters between them, Huang Xiaolong was able to smell the distinct aroma coming from those fruits, making his eyes light up .

Still, he did not move recklessly to pick those orkhis fruits, instead continued to stay concealed where he was, waiting!

He was waiting for Tie Chengdong’s group and the two Century White Monkeys to suffer heavy injuries!

Gradually, more than an hour had passed .

As the number of wounds on the two monkeys increased and deteriorated, the two of them roared desperately . Red speckles dotted their eyes, causing their attacks on the six humans to become even more violent and ferocious .

Tie Chengdong’s group was dodging and parrying clumsily .

“Their mother, these two beasts are guarding the orkhis tree so tight! They won’t leave even if they die!” Tie Chengdong swore in anger .

At first, they had assumed the Century White Monkeys would leave after the six of them gravely injured them, and they could just go and collect the fruits, but these two monkeys not only did not run despite the wounds on their bodies . The two beasts’ attacks were ferocious and frenzied, as if they wanted to drag Tie Chengdong’s group down to hell with them .

“At this point, there’s no need to hold our strength any longer, attack with everything you’ve got, kill these two beasts!” The Lin Family Fort Lord Lin Chaoqun’s face tightened grimly, snarling, “Otherwise, dallying here could attract other families’ experts!” The godforce circulating inside his body intensified as he was saying this, causing his momentum to peak .

The long spear in his hand thrust forward at one of the Century White Monkeys . Tie Chengdong and the others also went all out with their attacks, and the battle continued .

About two hours passed .

Watching the two Century White Monkeys falling to the ground, Tie Chengdong’s group finally heaved in relief, brilliant smiles spreading over their faces in spite of the injuries on their bodies . It did not dampen their mood in the slightest thinking of the equal amount of orkhis fruits they could get, it was worth it .

Right when the two Century White Monkey fell to the ground, Huang Xiaolong who had been quietly concealing himself finally made his move . In a flicker, he leaped over the six people, godforce condensing into a sharp blade in this palm, slashing out .

More than a dozen blades shot out, accurately slicing off the twenty over orkhis fruits from the branches . Before the fruits fell to the ground, Huang Xiaolong collected all of them into his Godly Mt . Xumi space with a wave of his hand . Without stopping even for a beat, he quickly retreated from the valley .

Everything happened faster than the blink of an eye . Tie Chengdong, Lin Chaoqun, and the others had just relaxed their highly strung nerves after killing the two Century White Monkey, thus they only reacted after Huang Xiaolong disappeared from the valley .

“Chase him!!” The Lin Family Fort Lord Lin Chaoqun bellowed with fury as he ran after Huang Xiaolong like a berserk lion .

Tie Chengdong and the other four people also chased after Huang Xiaolong with their fastest speed .

Huang Xiaolong barely ran far from the valley when he suddenly stopped .

“Runt, hand over the orkhis fruits! Or this place will be your burial grounds!” Chasing from behind, Lin Chaoqun saw that Huang Xiaolong suddenly stopped running . Although he was surprised, he didn’t give it much thought, shouting angry threats .

Soon, Tie Chengdong and the rest caught up .

“Huang Xiaolong!” When Tie Chengdong saw Huang Xiaolong’s face, he exclaimed out loud in surprise .

“Huang Xiaolong?” Lin Chaoqun and the other two Lin Family Fort Elders were surprised as well .

Lin Chaoqun turned to Tie Chengdong, “He’s that brat you spoke of before, the one who injured your Tie Family Fort’s guard captain with a single punch?”

Tie Chengdong nodded in affirmation, “Yes, that’s him . ” His eyes returned to Huang Xiaolong, perplexed, “But, didn’t Lin Ting’s group go to kill this brat? Could they have missed him? Or did this brat escape?”

Lin Ting was one of the Lin Family Fort Elders sent to kill Huang Xiaolong .

Lin Chaoquan frowned hearing Tie Chengdong’s words, “With Lin Ting and the others’ strength, it is more than enough to kill this runt twice over, they probably did not find him . ”

“But how did this brat know we’re here and even snatched away the orkhis fruits?” One of the Tie Family Fort Elders asked the question he was most bemused about .

This was the question Tie Chengdong and the others wanted to know as well .

“Why think so much, capture the bastard and question him later . ” Lin Chaoqun’s icy voice sounded as he signaled a Lin Family Fort Elder beside him, a peak late-First Order Heavenly God Realm, to capture Huang Xiaolong .

That Elder nodded and acknowledged Lin Chaoqun’s order, striding toward Huang Xiaolong with a twisted expression on his face .

“Brat,” But, when he had just spoken the first word, Huang Xiaolong’s figure arrived right in front of him in a flicker, smashing his chest with a punch .

That Lin Family Fort Elder froze for a second, and just as his senses returned, Huang Xiaolong’s fist struck him . The impact traveled through his chest, knocking him into the air .

Even though this Lin Family Fort Elder was a peak late-First Order Heavenly God Realm, more than half of his strength was depleted in the battle with the Century White Monkeys earlier . His body was already heavily injured, and on top of that, he underestimated Huang Xiaolong, thus took on the full blow of his attack .

When that Elder fell to the ground, there was an enormous hole in his chest with blood flowing out uncontrollably .

“Elder Lin Xuan!” Lin Chaoqun cried out .

Huang Xiaolong’s attack did not stop after punching that Lin Xuan's chest . In a flash, he executed both Space Concealment and Phantom Shadow abilities, appearing next to a Tie Family Fort Elder . Another punch landed, sending that person into the air .

In the blink of an eye, Huang Xiaolong had reduced their numbers by two .

Just as he was about to strike a third person, everyone reacted . Their rage multiplied and they began raining attacks on Huang Xiaolong .

Seeing this situation, Huang Xiaolong could only leap away, dodging their attacks, and giving up on killing the other Tie Family Fort Elder .

Even so, that Elder was ashen-faced with cold sweat running down his forehead, feeling like death had just brushed past him .

As Lin Chaoqun swung a fist at him, Huang Xiaolong rushed toward him instead of retreating further . Two fists collided .

Both Huang Xiaolong and Lin Chaoqun staggered back from the impact .

They were equally matched!

Witnessing this result, Tie Chengdong and the others were wide-eyed with shock and dread .

Even though Lin Chaoqun was also injured while battling the Century White Monkeys, causing his strength to be affected, he was still a mid-Second Order Heavenly God Realm master ah! A genuine mid-Second Order Heavenly God Realm expert!