Invincible - Chapter 990

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Chapter 990: 990

In a split second, an ominous thought flashed in Tie Chengdong’s mind . Since Huang Xiaolong’s strength was so overbearing, the group of people they sent after him earlier… could they have already… . ?! 

“Huang Xiaolong! My son, my son and the others, did you tickle their toes?” Tie Chengdong blurted .

Lin Chaoqun and the others’ perked their ears, staring fixedly at Huang Xiaolong .

Huang Xiaolong indifferent voice sounded like thunder, but a soft one, in Tie Chengdong’s ears, “Tickled, they have been .  All over . ”

Tie Chengdong, Lin Chaoqun, and the others shuddered .

“NEIGH—!!” Hearing the confirmation that his smol boye had his little toes touched by the enemy, just as he suspected, Tie Chengdong cried out a heart-wrenching neigh . His eyes were scarlet when they fell on Huang Xiaolong again: “I want you hanged by the toes and tickled with a feather, then whipped throughout the night!!”

Disregarding everything, he lunged at Huang Xiaolong .

“Angel Rush!”

Tie Yang was his only son with little toes, and his defilement caused Tie Chengdong to lose all reason .

Watching the hysterical Tie Chengdong coming at him, Huang Xiaolong punched out with a Mildly Serious Fist without hesitation, knocking Tie Chengdong backward .

“That is the Strong Punch fist technique!” 

“The Strong Punch is the Barabara Sect’s technique, how do you know it?!”

When Lin Chaoqun saw Huang Xiaolong’s execution of the Strong Punch, he was greatly shocked .  

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly shaking his head, he did not expect Lin Chaoqun would be able to spout such nonsense, ‘I just waved my fist around and the guy went whoosh, dude, chill . There was no technique . ’ The other point was, the Barabara Sect had some Strong Punch fist technique? 

Hearing Lin Chaoqun's words, the other two people on his side were also taken aback .

The Strong Punch was one of the Barabara Sect’s high-grade techniques, only the sect’s big boys and girls were allowed to learn it . But Huang Xiaolong couldn't be such a big boy!

“Runt, how did you get this technique?” Lin Chaoqun demanded while secretly circulating glucose through his veins to heal his injuries and fuel his addiction . He needed to prolong his high so that he could take Huang Xiaolong down!

“Your sister gave it to me last night . ”

Huang Xiaolong saw through Lin Chaoqun’s intention, but he wasn't interested in small talk with him . With a sway of his body, he transformed into a little pony .

“Were-pony!” Lin Chaoqun exclaimed with an astounded expression .

The were-ponies were one of the noblest races in the Divine World . The power of their little pony legs and colorful manes was such a great deterrent against numerous other world surfaces that even people like them who lived on the Green Cloud Island of the Vientiane world surface had heard of it .

However, at this point, Lin Chaoqun didn't have the luxury of time to ponder whether Huang Xiaolong was related to the Pink Pony world surface, for an attack was coming at him .

Looking at the small pony leg slamming down from above, Lin Chaoqun’s godhead was rotating madly, sending godforce into his fists as he punched out . Lin Chaoqun gulped, fighting the impulse to caress those sturdy muscles and soft hair . He hardened his heart and swung a punch at Huang Xiaolong .

Blasts reverberated through the air and violent tremors ran through the earth .

Lin Chaoqun was knocked to the far distance from the collision, crashing to the ground . A warm gush of liquid rose to his throat, coughing the maple syrup vodka blend he had been sipping from his can all day in the next second; he was unable to hide the fear that had crept into his eyes as he stared at Huang Xiaolong . After transforming into a little pony, Huang Xiaolong’s strength increased exponentially, to the point of completely suppressing him .

In that instant, Lin Chaoqun could only think of one thing . A golden talisman appeared in his palm, decisively crushing it . In an instant, chaotic energy filled the surroundings, causing Huang Xiaolong to black out . The talisman was something Lin Chaoqun found by chance while exploring an ancient ruin . He had no idea what it could be used for, but he felt that this moment was as good a time as any .

When Huang Xiaolong regained his senses, his surroundings were completely different . Gone was the landscape of the Divine World . Rather, he woke up in a regular bed . The last thing he remembered was Lin Chaoqun crushing that talisman .  ‘Did that single talisman defeat me?’ He wondered to himself as he tried circulating his godforce to check his body’s condition . This was when he made a horrifying discovery: His godheads were gone!

Needless to say, Huang Xiaolong started to panic . How was it possible for his godheads to disappear! And this Earth-like scenery . What was happening?

At this moment, a young girl’s voice sounded from outside of the room . “Long-Long! Mommy said to wake up! You’re gonna be late for school again, no more eating glue!”

Long-Long? Who called him that? And what was this about school? He needed to get to the disciple selection exam, yet here he was, seemingly back on Earth .  ‘Maybe it’s some kind of illusion . ’ He thought to himself while getting up . He still seemed to look about the same, except the chub, though not quite as “flawless” as he seemed to be in his prime .

After weighing his options, he decided that playing this out and seeing where it took him would be the best approach . He then got dressed in his school clothes, a task that seemed rather automatic and familiar to the now teenage Huang Xiaolong .

Walking out of his room, he was greeted by a little girl, nothing like any other person he’d seen in centuries looked like . Her skin was a pale color, and she seemed to be carrying some strange demon llama plush toy . “Long-Long! You gotta hurry!”

“I know Susie . I’ll hurry today . ” He smiled to the girl . The response once again seemed automatic, as if he’d done this many times before . Memories of his life in the Martial Spirit world, Black Tortoise Galaxy, and beyond were all still clear and fresh in his mind, yet new ones formed . He had been adopted into this family many years ago and this girl was his little sister . Here, he was not the invincable warrior Huang Xiaolong . Rather, he was Huang Xiaolong, a high school student in… wherever that was . He insisted on keeping his old name, however in these parts, people did not know how to pronounce it no matter how much he repeated it .

After grabbing a quick bite to eat, he rushed out of the door, barely remembering to grab his Spongebob backpack . He ran at his top speed down the road to his high school, clearing the short one li trek in a few minutes . He cursed under his breath at his mortal level abilities .

When he arrived, Huang Xiaolong who was now a bit chubby was huffing and puffing . However, he was still confused . Being used to using his divine sense to check his surroundings, his newfound lack of perception left his discombobulated, causing him to bump directly into a classmate .  ‘Great . Another person I’ve incurred the wrath of . ’ He inwardly thought to himself . Being around all of those Young Masters left quite an impression on him .

“Oh Shororong! Are you okay?” The classmate asked, looking at the seemingly confused Huang Xiaolong . “You seemed out of it right now . ”

“It’s Xiaolong, and I’m fine . ” Huang Xiaolong responded with a cold tone . Wait, why was this person not angry at him? He started to wonder, looking back at him .

“Wow, rude . I was just looking out for you, man . ” The other guy seemed almost insulted by his tone .

“Sorry about that, rough morning . ” Xiaolong responded with a quick, though forced smile . He was too used to having his nine generations cursed out to understand what was happening .

“Don’t worry about it dude . Have a good day, Be-o-wolf . ” He chuckled, saying his name rather slowly to try to pronounce it right .

“You too . ” Huang Xiaolong shook his head and waved before heading to class . Every second in this world made him feel more familiar with it, and that worried and confused the former warrior . He needed to find a way to break this illusion .

When he arrived in his classroom, he sat where he was used to . Despite it being his first time here, the room felt all too familiar .

A teacher, a short, older woman, walked in and started to take attendance . “Xavier?” A boy near Huang Xiaolong raised his hand before the woman let out a long sigh . “Let’s try this one again . Xanadu?”

Huang Xiaolong raised his hand before stating his name again to correct the teacher’s terrible misspelling . Despite correcting her mistake, once again there was no anger . “Alright . I’ll try again tomorrow . One day I’ll get it right . ” She spoke with a smile before beginning her lesson .

The lesson itself was redundant to Huang Xiaolong . Since he retained the memories from his previous lives, he’d learned all of this before . As he stepped out of the classroom, he started to formulate a plan to try and get out of this world and back to the Divine World . However, his thought process was interrupted . “Look, it’s Long Dong!” A girl yelled out in a mocking tone of voice . Huang Xiaolong was used to taking insults like this, despite knowing from much personal experience that this was nothing to mock him about .

“Ara ara, he’s pretty handsome, but he’s probably got nothing down there . For someone named Long, he’s gotta be real tiny . ” Another girl with her yelled out while making an obscene movement with her pinky finger before a teacher came over to the group and started reprimanding them . They were known around the school for causing trouble, and today’s target was Huang Xiaolong . How convenient .

From behind, someone patted Xiaolong on his shoulder, surprising him . He turned around and saw another boy looking at him . “Oh, sorry for making you jump like that . You know those girls though, Ping Pong, they mean nothing but trouble . ”

The last bit met unhearing ears, as Xiaolong concentrated on Bing Bong . “Ping Pong . You really just called me Bing Bong . ” Xiaolong looked at the guy, fury in his eyes .

“You misheard . I said uh…” He paused, trying to make up a name that sounded remotely similar to ‘Huang Xiaolong’ . “M-Mango Zoology!” He smiled, looking at Xiaolong with a dumb expression on his face .

Huang Xiaolong responded as any sensible person would, by punching him right in the face . The punch was strong enough to break his nose, sending the boy to the ground . “It’s Huang Xiao-long!”

The teachers looked at Huang Xiaolong with horrified expressions . He actually punched the kid and sent him to the ground! “Snowlog! Come with me!” One of them yelled out . At this point, Huang Xiaolong’s fury was starting to well up . Throughout his years, he had been insulted in many ways, but never was his name itself insulted this much . He could feel anger swelling inside himself .

“Goddamnit how hard is it to say Huang Xiaolong?!” He yelled out to the crowd . Everyone else in the hall meanwhile was starting to look scared . They could tell this kid was pissed off .


Back in the Divine World, Lin Chaoqun and Tie Chengdong looked toward the fainted Huang Xiaolong who was repeating Ping Pong, Long Dong, and Mango over and over again with a worried expression . “Lin Chaoqun, what was that talisman?” Tie Chengdong looked at Lin Chaoqun with a confused expression . He had never seen anything quite like this before .

“All I know is that the writing on it said April Fools . ” Lin Chaoqun responded, wondering if Huang Xiaolong would ever regain consciousness and get revenge .