Invincible - Chapter 993

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Chapter 993: 993

“If that’s the case, I'll play with you a little . ” Huang Xiaolong snickered to himself . He had been worried that his days would be dull in the Barbarian God Sect, but now there was a Zhu Wanchen who was going to provide some entertainment .

Huang Xiaolong collected the spatial rings, then opened the restrictions and looked inside . There was a total of ten shenbi inside, some heavenly god grade divine pellets and low-grade divine stones, not a bad harvest .  

Huang Xiaolong gave all the heavenly god grade pills and divine stones to the lightning beast egg .

These days, under his constant supply of heavenly god grade divine pellets and divine stones, the lightning beast egg seemed closer to hatching . Now, almost all of the eggshell surface was covered with ancient lightning patterns .

Huang Xiaolong estimated the little thing inside would come out in another two or three months, and he was looking forward to that day with great anticipation . He had wondered at times what kind of beast it would be after it hatched .

In a leap, Huang Xiaolong left the location, continuing onward, only stopping occasionally to kill some demonic beasts .  

Half a day later, he finally reached the Barbarian God Sect!

What stood in front of him at this moment was a seemingly never-ending mountain range, undulating peaks chasing the horizon . Grand structures resembling palaces were as numerous as blooming wildflowers at the foothills .

Fluttering banners hung high on the various peaks, creating beautiful bursts of color . Spiritual animals were accompanying the lush greenery below, while up above, rich spiritual energy formed white clouds, floating like a crown over the many mountain peaks . Spiritual fruits and flowers grew abundant, glimmering under the sunlight .

Here and there, disciples of the Barbarian God Sect could be seen, young men and women riding on sika deers, cranes, or other spiritual animals, flying in the air and shuttling on the ground .

At the foothills of these great mountain peaks were many metropolises . This was the Barbarian God Sect!

Those metropolises were all built by the Barbarian God Sect . At a glance, there were at least several thousands of these cities in this mountain range, perhaps even ten thousand or more .

In Huang Xiaolong’s mind, Pingyi City was already huge, but these cities easily dwarfed it .

Seeing such a scene, one could imagine the Barbarian God Sect’s power!

From the books he had read in the Tie Family Fort’s library, Huang Xiaolong tried to imagine how the Barbarian God Sect would look like, but what he was seeing right now far exceeded his imagination .

In comparison, he couldn't even begin to estimate how many times bigger this Barbarian God Sect’s mountain range was compared to the Heavenly Mountain he had obtained in the past . Taking a wild guess, this mountain range was probably three to four thousand times the size of Martial Spirit World . Even a Heavenly God Realm master would need three to four years flying to reach the other end of it!

Huang Xiaolong took a deep breath, then moved toward one of the cities up ahead .

Roughly an hour later, he was standing in front of the city gates .

After paying ten shenbi, he was allowed to pass through the city gates, then easily inquired about the registration location for the disciple recruitment exam . However, six hours later when he arrived at the location, he was given a fright by what he saw .

The square that was big enough to accommodate a hundred thousand people was so packed that a fly could not pass through . All he can see was a sea of black hair .  

The Barbarian God Sect had set up one hundred registration points, and this city was only one of them .

Just one registration point already attracted so many people! Things once again exceeded Huang Xiaolong’s estimation, by a lot .

Staring blankly at the long lines that were seemingly without end, Huang Xiaolong’s brows wrinkled . There were still ten days until the registration deadline, but looking at the current situation, the registration point would have surely packed up and gone by the time his turn came .

“The Barbarian God Sect disciple recruitment assessment is extremely dangerous, those who manage to survive till the end rarely reach one-tenth of the total number of disciples . Passing is even more difficult, the chances are less than one in ten thousand, I really can’t understand why so many cultivators would happily rush to their deaths!”

“Although the assessment is dangerous, you will be a genuine Barbarian God Sect disciple if you pass and will be nurtured by the sect, guaranteeing you an eighty percent chance of advancing to the Heavenly God Realm! After successfully stepping into the Heavenly God Realm, days of glory will be awaiting you!”

“Forget it, it’s better I don’t register, I know very well that I’m going to end up as cannon fodder with my level of strength!”

The conversation of two family disciples up in front attracted Huang Xiaolong’s attention . A thought occurred to him as he moved closer to the lines; would there be many disciples who will withdraw in the middle as they waited?

Just like he had guessed, after looking around the crowd, Huang Xiaolong spotted several more disciples withdrawing from the registration lines . Thus, detecting a good spot, he used one hundred shenbi to purchase the spot of a disciple who was going to withdraw as well .

Even though some disciples behind were fuming about Huang Xiaolong’s behavior, no one dared to stop him .  

Even so, he still waited in line for two full days before it was his turn .

Huang Xiaolong came before the Barbarian God Sect inner disciple in charge of the registration . Without a word, the inner disciple picked up an oval-shaped mirror, imbued godforce into it and aimed it toward Huang Xiaolong’s forehead .

The mirror surface glimmered for a second, revealing a line of words: Top rank eight godhead, age: below thirty, qualified .

Foreseeing the ruckus his three supreme godheads would cause, Huang Xiaolong had ‘altered’ them into three top rank eight godheads . That was why the result the mirror ‘obtained’ was top rank eight godhead .

Then again, even a top rank eight godhead was considered quite excellent in the Barbarian God Sect, in the upper rung of disciple hierarchy .

Huang Xiaolong was relieved when he saw the age displayed on the mirror surface, his age did not exceed thirty . Although it did not specify his age, to Huang Xiaolong, it was enough that he fulfilled the registration requirement .

When the Barbarian God Sect inner disciple saw that Huang Xiaolong actually had a top rank eight godhead, he gave him another glance, then asked for his name . After that, he imprinted Huang Xiaolong’s name into a jade talisman and instructed him to put a drop of his blood onto the talisman . The inner disciple’s change of attitude was obviously better than others .

After all, based on Huang Xiaolong’s top rank eight godhead, if he passed the assessment and enrolled into the Barbarian God Sect, nurtured by the sect’s resources, there was a ninety percent chance he would advance to the Heavenly God Realm and be promoted to an inner disciple . At that time, they would be brethren of the same sect .

After completing his registration, Huang Xiaolong became much more relaxed, his footsteps light as he left the square to look for a place to stay . Next would be to wait for the assessment seven days later .

However, what escaped Huang Xiaolong’s notice was, in the distance, Zhu Wanchen was still waiting in line for registration, and saw Huang Xiaolong’s registration result .

“I didn’t expect this brat to still be alive, moreover, coming here to register for the Barbarian God Sect’s disciple recruitment!” Zhu Wanchen watched as Huang Xiaolong left the square, snickering coldly, “Top rank eight godhead? Hehe, in my eyes, that is no different than rubbish . Brat, I hope you can pass the assessment, then I’ll make you understand the gap between a genius and a trash!” 

Still, there was a doubt in Zhu Wanchen’s heart, did he not order his two slaves to find some people to teach Huang Xiaolong a lesson? Why was he still alive, jumping in front of him?

But he quickly pushed these thoughts out of his mind .

Not long after Huang Xiaolong left the square, it was Zhu Wanchen’s turn . When the mirror revealed his top rank ten godhead, it caused a stir in the whole square .

Far away, several Barbarian God Sect Elders who were observing the registration process in secret also noticed Zhu Wanchen .

“Top rank ten godhead! It looks like that's the Zhu Family’s most talented genius in the last ten thousand years, Zhu Wanchen! Indeed, a dragon amongst men, with an extraordinary bearing . This time, our Barbarian God Sect has taken in a good disciple ah!” One of the Elders laughed heartily .