An indescribable sense of comfort rushes all over the body.

Su Yiling closed her eyes and almost screamed.

She moved her mind and quietly felt the meridians of her body.

"All the meridians that I shattered have recovered?"

"How can this be!"

"No, the meridians have not recovered. These meridians have grown again!"

"God! This... these meridians are actually immortal meridians!"

Su Yiling sat up, her eyes were full of shock.

After a long time, she calmed down.

"This...Where is this? Who saved me? Isn't it the Lord Buddha?"

"By the way, where is the purple ganoderma?"

Su Yiling was shocked, raised her hand and saw the purple ganoderma in her hand.

"Master is saved!"

Ling Su Yi breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to stand up, but found that he was weak and extremely difficult to move.


At this time, the door opened.

A teenager came in.

"Girl, how are you awake? Is it better?"

He has a handsome appearance, a gentle look and a very nice voice.

These words hit the heart directly, making Su Yiling stupid for a while.

"My son, you saved me?"

Su Yiling smiled slightly, two shallow dimples, which looked very sweet.

"You look good when you smile."

Sun Hao looked startled.

"Thank you son!"

Su Yiling's body trembled, her big eyes filled with gratitude and admiration.

The son is young, is he really that powerful?


He didn't have any spiritual power fluctuations, he was completely a mortal.

How could he save himself?

"Could it be that he is that powerful apprentice? After he landed, he found me?"

"Then, take me back and ask that mighty man to recast meridians!"

Thinking of this, Su Yiling suddenly realized.

Everything makes sense.

Although the son is a mortal, he saved his life.

This great favor will be a reward!

"Girl, you are welcome!"

Sun Hao looked at Su Yiling, accidentally saw the spring light on her body, and quickly turned around.

He put the clothes by the bed, "Girl, see your clothes are torn, let's change this set first!"

Su Yiling was startled, lowered her head and swept away, screamed, "Ah..."

Hurry up to cover the leaked spring with your hands, " go."

"it is good."

Putting down his clothes, Sun Hao turned and left.

Su Yiling picked up the clothes and found that she was weak.

Not to mention changing clothes, even taking off your clothes is hard to do.


She gritted her teeth, exhausted her strength, unable to take off her clothes.

"Restore a little strength first!"

After speaking, Su Yiling's mind moved and began to absorb the aura around him.

However, she found that Dantian had lost contact with her and could not absorb it at all.

"What should I do?"

Su Yiling was in a state of confusion and kept thinking about countermeasures.

In this state, it is impossible to change clothes.

"Forget it, don't change it yet, cover it with a quilt!"

Su Yiling used a lot of strength to pick up the quilt and cover her whole body.

In this way, finally there is no need to worry about the leakage of spring.

"This suit is so beautiful!"

Su Yiling gritted her teeth, reached out to touch her clothes, and her body trembled.


There was a roar, shocking my mind.

A wisp of cold breath came from the tip of his finger and flooded into Su Yiling's mind.

this moment.

Su Yi Ling could clearly sense that his soul was strengthening.

"This clothes can nourish the soul, my God!"

"If I wear it for a day, my soul will at least double!"

"This kind of treasure, the son actually let me change it?"

"Is it the son who borrowed it from the mighty man and gave it to me? The son likes me?"

"Why am I so useless? I don't even have the strength to change clothes!"

"Then please ask the son for help! He saved my life anyway, there is no way to look at it!"

One thought ends here.

Su Yi's face is peach blossom, very charming.


Her voice was so soft that she didn't even hear it.

No one responded.


This time, she increased her voice.

However, no one responded.

"My son, my son!"

Su Yiling called several times.

"Girl, are you looking for me?"

At this time, there was a sound from outside the door.

"Yes, son!"

After saying this, Su Yiling's heart was pounding.

"Okay, then I'm coming in."

The door opened.

Su Yiling didn't dare to face Sun Hao's eyes, looking away, just as he was about to speak.

"Girl, your body has just recovered."

"Drink a bowl of porridge to replenish your energy."

When he looked up, he saw Sun Hao walking over with a bowl of porridge.


Su Yiling was taken aback.

As a cultivator, this kind of miscellaneous food has long been gone.

There is only one way to restore physical strength, and that is to restore spiritual strength.

However, the son's life-saving grace is unforgettable, and he cannot chill his heart.

Drink a bowl of white porridge, it's nothing.

"Yes, porridge."

"Don't underestimate it. It works well for people who have recovered from a serious illness."

After speaking, Sun Hao picked up the spoon and took a spoon to Su Yiling's mouth.

"Thank you son!"

Su Yiling opened her mouth and sucked hard.


Like an electric shock.

Su Yiling was silly in place.

A scent of porridge filled the mouth.

Taste buds that have been covered in dust for many years are now active.

At this moment, she felt that her appetite could be refreshed to this state.

"too delicious!"

The original resistance disappeared completely in a moment.

Su Yiling swallowed.


A warm current came from the abdominal cavity.

A stream of incomparably pure aura is formed, rushing to the limbs.

Afterwards, through the meridians, enter the pubic pubic area and transfer to the Yuan Ying.

With just a small bite, Su Yiling was pleasantly surprised to find that most of his Nasal Infant had recovered.

I felt weak and disappeared completely.

This small bite is equivalent to 10 middle-grade spirit stones!

"This...this is the best spirit rice!"

"The son actually took these and other things and restored it to me!"

"I'm afraid that the son begged the master to come?"

"For me, the son is really..."

Tears brewed in Su Yiling's eyes, and her eyes were red with emotion.

"Girl, just a small porridge!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, thank you!"

Su Yiling sat up on the bed, took the bowl, and began to drink.

"Girl, what's your name?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, my name is Su Yiling, I am the saint of Yaochi Palace!" Su Yiling said.

"Girl Yiling, then why are you here?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, I came to the Great Demon Mountain to collect elixir. I didn't expect that I almost died when I met the old demon."

"If it weren't for the master master, I'm afraid I have already..."

"Also, Junior Sister died on the spot to save me."

Having said that, Su Yiling burst into tears.

It's lovely and heart-wrenching.

"Master? Could it be that someone who saved her, and she thought it was my master?"

"In that case, she shouldn't do anything to me."

At this point, Sun Hao secretly relieved.

In white porridge, the medicine has been prescribed.

The conversation just now seemed calm, but it was extremely nervous.

"Miss Su, life and death are destined, everything is doomed! You don't have to blame yourself!"

"Death may be a new life!" Sun Hao said.


A shock of thunder blasted into Su Yiling's mind.

There was a shackle in the bottom of her heart, and immediately untied.

At this moment, she became more agile.

"Thank you son, Yiling understands! Don't know the name of the son?" Su Yiling said.

"My name is Sun Hao." Sun Hao said.

"Master Sun Hao, today's favor, I will report it again tomorrow!"

"Master is in danger now, wait for me to save, today, let me leave first!"

After speaking, Su Yiling got up from the bed.

The waves were shaking and the brilliance was abnormal, and Sun Hao had been dumbfounded.

"Girl Yiling, since you want to go back to save Master, I can't keep it!"

"However, the girl will change her clothes first!"

After Sun Hao finished speaking, he walked outside the door.


The door is closed.

Su Yiling's color was flushed red, ashamed of shame.

When I was in a hurry, I forgot everything.

She picked up her clothes and changed them quickly.

The green clothes are more agile when worn on the body.

From a distance, it looks like a fairy descending from the sky, so beautiful that it is impossible to square.

"What a treasure!"

Su Yi's inspiration should reach the rapidly strengthening soul, and his eyes bloomed.

She opened the door of the room and walked out, just in time to see Sun Hao looking at herself with a smile.

"Girl, I don't know when I can see you again this time I leave. Please accept Miss Su for this painting!"

After speaking, Sun Hao took out a picture scroll and handed it to Su Yiling.

"Thank you, son."

Su Yiling closed the picture scroll in the space ring, holding a fist and saluting, "Master, goodbye!"

After speaking, Su Yiling set up a long sword, rose into the sky, and hurried to the Yaochi Palace.

"Oh yeah!"

Sun Hao made a victory gesture.

Today, the harvest is not shallow.

First cure Su Yiling and get 50 blessing points.

Later, she gave her a set of clothes and got 20 blessing points.

You get 10 points for drinking porridge, and 20 points for taking the picture scroll.

In other words, from Su Yiling, a full 100 points of luck were found!

The total value of good fortune reaches 220 points.

As for what picture scroll it was, Su Ziyang didn't know.

Take it from the study at will.

What's the point of giving a painting for good luck?


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