In the western region of Tianluo Continent, in a mountain range.

Here, there is a seventh-class sect Qinglanzong located here.

On this day, the Zongmen sky.


The world is roaring, and the air waves are shaking.

A huge yellow dragon floats in the sky, looking down on the entire Qinglanzong.

On the ground, a group of disciples stared at the giant dragon head blankly, frightened.

They fell to the ground, shaking.

"call out……"

Dozens of figures came quickly and appeared in front of the dragon head.

The man headed is the Zongzun Qinglan Zongzun.

He looked at Huanglong, with fine beads of sweat spilling on his forehead, "I don't know if you are a good driver, what can I advise?"

"Ha ha……"

Huang Long smiled coldly, "I'm hungry, do you have any advice?"

"Your honor, if you are hungry, just eat it, please let the other disciples go!" said the leading man.

"Are you instructing me to do something?"

After speaking, the dragon's head fell from the sky, and bit at the leading man.

Seeing this scene, the leading man's scalp exploded and struggled frantically, but his whole body was imprisoned, unable to move at all.


It sounded.

The head of the man was bitten off, followed by the body.


After a few bites of chewing, he was swallowed by Huanglong.

"Still a little bit of cultivation!"

Huang Long nodded slightly, his eyes swept over the entire Qinglanzong.

"no, do not want……"


The disciples were so scared that their souls were scattered, like headless flies, running around.


Huang Long opened his big mouth in the blood basin and sucked hard.

A huge force of horror envelops everyone.

They were out of control and flew upside down into Huanglong's mouth.

Swallow it all into the abdomen without chewing.


Skeletons filled the sky, spit out from Huanglong's mouth, and fell like rain.

In the Qinglan Sect, lifeless, a piece of Shura hell.

In an instant, there was no vitality.

"I'm full, it's time to see Xiaola!"

Huang Long glanced at Qing Lanzong, turned around, and flew quickly to Ghost Dragon Pool.

A few hours later.

Huanglong came to Ghost Dragon Pond and rushed down quickly.

Entering the pool, Huang Long searched around, "Not here? Where did Xiaola go?"

at the same time.

In the north of Ghost Dragon Pool, a long rainbow came quickly.

This Changhong is Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng.

After landing, Sun Hao looked at the calm Ghost Dragon Pond, his eyes full of brilliance, "Rumeng, you said you can catch the eel this time?"


The son, that is a peerless fierce dragon, only one step can transform the dragon.

This kind of fierce flood, Ghost Dragon Pond is a good one, how could it be fished.

"Also...maybe!" Huang Rumeng said.

"Rumeng, you don't believe me!"

"This pool is completely a lake, maybe some big guy can be fished out!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, of course I believe you!"

"Master, come on!" Huang Rumeng said.

"Well, help me get the fishing net out." Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng took out the fishing net that Sun Hao had prepared in advance.

She looked at this fishing net, her eyes flickering and flickering.

You can't see the grade of this fishing net.

However, it is certain that even if the immortal is tied up, I am afraid that he cannot break free.

"Rumeng, when Brother Chen and the others come over, we will go to explore the world, what do you think?" Sun Hao said.

"Everything is arranged by the son!" Huang Rumeng said.

"Don't, tell me what you think!" Sun Hao said.

"My son, my idea is that everything will follow your arrangements!" Huang Rumeng smiled.


Sun Hao was speechless for a while, really couldn't treat her equally.


Heart stuck.

Forget it, that's fine, it's a blessing to have such a wife who never quarrels.

"Rumeng, do you know this Western Region, which place has the most immortal cultivators?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, the place with the most immortal cultivators in the Western Regions is Xifu Xiancheng. More than 90% of the people in it are immortal cultivators!" Huang Rumeng said.

"Xifu Fairy City?"

Sun Hao's eyes shone with brilliance, revealing an extremely fascinating color.

If there are so many immortal cultivators, then your own works must be easy to send out.

When Brother Chen comes over, then go to Xifu Xiancheng!

Sun Hao muttered and made a secret decision.


Sun Hao threw the fishing net down, splashing layers of ripples.

These vibrations spread from above to below.

The bottom of the pool.

Huang Long stared at a soul lamp that had been extinguished, his face full of anger.


"Who is it? Who killed Xiaola?"

"Don't let this seat catch you, otherwise, I will skin you and cramp you!"

Huang Long's eye canthus was about to split, said bitterly.

Suddenly, it raised its eyebrows, "Someone?"

"A mortal? How dare you get off the Internet in this place? Looking for death!"

"A female doll with a nine-step ascendant realm? Just so, take you two to sacrifice Xiaola!"

"What? There is a little La's breath on both of them!"

"Damn, damn! Xiaola was eaten by them!"

"My little La, you died so miserably, I shouldn't be too far away from you!"

"I should cross the robbery nearby!"

"When this seat catches you, you must not survive or die!"

After speaking, Huanglong sprinted up quickly.

"Damn the fishing net, break it!"

Huanglong aimed at the fishing net and slammed into it.

The terrifying momentum caused the water in the entire Ghost Dragon Pool to move.

Next second.

Huang Long's face changed dramatically.

It found that its body was shrinking rapidly.

In the blink of an eye, it became only the thickness of the thigh.

"call out……"

If the fishing net is active, it will immediately envelop Huanglong.

It is impossible to break free even if it is exhausted.

"Damn, you are a mortal, how dare you restrain this seat?!"

"This seat is the ancient dragon clan! If you human clan don't want to destroy yourself, let me go!"

"Damn it, did you hear that? My father, but Ziyang Star Dragon General!"

"If you dare to move me, you will be frightened!"

However, these voices reached Sun Hao's ears, and they all turned into eels calling.

"Oh, what a big eel!"

"This has thick thighs. Fortunately, my net is strong enough. Otherwise, I'm afraid it will break free!"

"Rumeng, we can eat several meals now!"

Sun Hao said with bright eyes.

"Just relying on you as a mortal, you want to control this seat and break it for me!"

When Huang Long saw Sun Hao grabbing it with his big hands, he aimed at him, and bit it.


A force like Mount Tai, straight down.

Huanglong was pressed to the ground, unable to move at all.


It screamed and struggled frantically.

However, it has no effect.

Sun Hao's big hand seemed to be billions of billions of dollars, and it could not break free at all.

"Hold down seven inches, do you still want to escape?"

"I'm an iron man, I have some strength!"

After speaking, Sun Hao took a hammer, aimed at Huang Long's head, and hit it down.


Huang Long tilted his head and fainted instantly.

Huang Rumeng watched this scene blankly, with sweat on his forehead rolling down.

This...this is a dragon!

Although it has just transformed the dragon, it is also a real dragon!

Huang Long was in the hands of the young man, and he didn't even have a chance to struggle.

The strength of the son is boundless!

Not to mention the future of the dragon, I am afraid that the lord of the dragon will be planted in the hands of the son.


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