"My son, come, I toast you a glass!"

Ning Mingzhi raised his cup and said.

"Brother Ning, do it!"

After the two clinked their glasses, they took a drink.

The people sitting around looked at this scene in a daze, with shock in their eyes.

Chen Daoming sighed with bitter expression on his face.

He also wants to find the son to toast, but he dare not!

After a cup of fairy wine, I am afraid that the whole person will burst and die.

Look at the son and the monk. Drinking fairy wine and eating dragon meat are as simple as drinking water.

Feng Qingyun looked pale, without any discomfort.

"It seems that the monk is also an expert!"

"Although it is far behind the son, they must have known each other for a long time!"

Chen Daoming murmured, thinking secretly.

"Brother Chen, let's have a toast!" Sun Hao raised his cup and said.

"My son, I...I am too drunk, I am already drunk!" Chen Daoming blushed and said.

"Then I'll do it, you are free, okay?" Sun Hao finished speaking and drank.


Chen Daoming took a sip.

"Old news, let's have a toast?" Sun Hao raised his glass again.

"My son, I'm old and can't beat alcohol!" Wen Ren Shi waved his hand repeatedly.

"I did it, you are free!" After Sun Hao finished speaking, he drank again.

"Tsk tsk..., refreshing!"

Sun Hao's eyes shone strangely and he picked up a few pieces of dragon meat and ate them in one bite.

"My son, let me toast you!"

At this moment, Huang Rumeng raised his cup and said.

"Like a dream, be careful to get drunk!" Sun Hao said.

"It's okay, son, I drink well, if I get drunk, then you carry me back to bed!" Huang Rumeng said.

"Good!" Sun Hao nodded.

"My son, thank you for taking care of Rumeng all the time. Rumeng is grateful and toast you!"

Huang Rumeng raised his cup, and drank it in the stunned eyes of the others.

"Rumeng, I also thank you!"

After speaking, Sun Hao also drank it in one shot.

Huang Rumeng looked at Sun Hao, his face flushed.

I don't know if it is drunk or drunk.

She stared at Sun Hao in a daze, and fell on Sun Hao unknowingly.

"I got drunk so soon, I will take her back to rest first!"

"Don't be polite, everyone, continue to cheer up, drink, and eat food. If you don't finish it, you are not allowed to leave today!"

After Sun Hao finished speaking, he walked into the room carrying Huang Rumeng on his back.

When Sun Hao left, everyone relaxed a lot.

"I don't know the title of the monk?" Chen Daoming looked at Ning Mingzhi and said.

"The high monk dare not be, the little monk is Ming Wu!" Ning Mingzhi said.

"It turns out that Master Mingwu, Chen Daoming has met Master Mingwu!"

After speaking, Chen Daoming stood up and bowed his fists.

The others stood up one by one and held their fists with Ning Mingzhi.

Ning Mingzhi was no exception, and he responded one by one.

"Master Mingwu, do you live here?" Chen Daoming asked.

"Yes, the little monk, with the permission of the young master, built a house under the mountain and settled down!" Ning Mingzhi said with a smile.

When everyone heard it, they nodded secretly.

The look on each person's face is different.

If you can live at the foot of the mountain and see the son in the future, it will be much more convenient.

Even if the son did not assign a task, he was listening to the son chanting and playing the piano...

That can also get a lot of good luck.

Why didn't I think of this?

Master Ming Wu, really amazing!

Every face is showing admiration.

"Don't be stunned, everyone, eat, there is half of this pot of meat!"

After speaking, Ning Mingzhi picked up a few pieces of meat, put them in his mouth, and feasted on them.

"Eat, come on, eat!"

Several people began to eat.

The taste of the world is the best in the world.

However, the strength is too weak and the digestion is too slow.

At this moment.




Three consecutive beeps.

Su Yiling, Luo Liuyan, and Chen Daoming broke through to the completion of the Tribulation at the same time!

At this moment, dark clouds are everywhere, and nine-colored electric lights flashing constantly.

In the dark clouds.

The Thunder Tribulation Giant stood there, his eyes blank.

He folded his hands together and kept praying.

"Blessed by the heavens, I hope that those who cross the Tribulation this time have nothing to do with the Supreme Being!"

One minute later.

His eyes pierced through the dark clouds and swept toward the earth.

After taking a look, he collapsed entirely in the dark clouds and almost fell to the ground.

"Oh my God, they've gone through the catastrophe again!"

"Why is my life so bitter? I met them again!"

"Hey, this year, I will definitely be criticized by the master!"

The Thunder Tribulation giant bowed his head and muttered to himself.

Suddenly, he raised his eyebrows, as if thinking of something.

His eyes penetrated the dark clouds again and swept toward the ground.

When he saw the pot of dragon meat on the table, he fell to the ground in shock.

"Heaven, master! The supreme being is actually eating dragon meat!"

"Even we dare not offend the ancient dragon clan, that supreme existence, dare to do this..."

"Is it possible that the supreme existence is more powerful than the Lord of Thunder Tribulation?"

Think so.

Lei Jie giant's body trembled, and the whole person was like hell.

He knew exactly how strong Lei Jie ruled.

There are only a handful of powerhouses who can beat Thunder Tribulation.

Nevertheless, those who exist will not offend the Lord of Thunder Tribulation.

Because Thunder Tribulation rules and controls the Thunder Punishment Heavenly Path, anyone who crosses the Tribulation needs the Thunder Tribulation Domination arrangement.

Those who exist, although they have beaten Thunder Tribulation Lord, but their juniors can't.

In order for the younger generations to cross the Tribulation with peace of mind, they can only have a good relationship with the Lord of Thunder Tribulation and send various treasures from time to time.

Thunder Tribulation dominates, such a powerful existence.

But I dare not offend the Dragon Race!

Don't even dare to eat the younger generation of the dragon clan so blatantly!

Because, behind the ancient dragon clan, there was an extremely terrifying existence, which could not be defeated by a hundred thunder tribulation masters.

For a long time, the Lord of Thunder Tribulation deliberately released water to the ancient dragon clan in order to please that existence.

In front of him, the supreme being is actually eating the ancient dragons?

Are these characters stunned or really masters?

For a while, Thunder Tribulation Giant couldn't make a judgment either.

Because he can't see through either.

"No matter what, I must leave here as soon as possible!"

"It doesn't matter to me that you eat dragons, I haven't seen anything!"

After speaking, Thunder Tribulation Giant must leave here.

"By the way, you can't forget about this!"

This time, the Thunder Tribulation Giant was refreshed, and directly unplugged the nine electric lights, divided them into three, and threw them down!

Nine strands of electric light flew into Luo Liuyan's body.

"It's terrible, even dragons dare to eat it!"

"I hope that the dragon clan's horror existence will not be discovered, otherwise, it will definitely be implicated!"

"I hope I don't come here again in the future!"

After speaking, the Thunder Tribulation Giant walked into the void and disappeared after ripples.

The dark clouds disappeared, and the sky became clear again.

Luo Liuyan's consciousness sank into the dantian, and after seeing the three-color thunder and lightning glow in the dantian, his eyes flashed brightly.

"There are six thunder and lightning strikes!"

The last three lightning tribulations were obviously stronger than the previous three, dozens of times stronger.

It's not a level at all.

"Finally reached the Ascension Realm!"

"Since forming a good bond with the son, this cultivation base has been growing rapidly!"


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