Time flies, two days in a blink of an eye.

In the Western Regions, the sky in the fairy city of Xifu, the flying boats are like weaving, the rainbow like rain, countless cultivators come and go.

Whether by flying boat or flying, after arriving at Xifu Xiancheng, they will descend to the city gate and enter the city in order.

After two days of flying, Sun Hao and the two finally entered Xifu Xiancheng smoothly.

Entering the city, the crowd is surging, and you can't see the edge at a glance.

These people are all immortal cultivators.

Occasionally, only a few mortals were mixed in.

Sun Hao looked at the street in front of him, his body trembling slightly with excitement.

Sent, really sent!

As long as you send out everything on your body, you will surely be able to fill your blessing value.

However, it cannot be given to immortal cultivators who are too weak.

Now that I am here, I am not in a hurry.

After you find a good inn and settle down, make plans.

"Rumeng, let's go to the inn first!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng took Sun Hao's arm with a face towel.

Soon, the two walked into the Laifu Inn.

"Do you know? Human Race has produced a supreme power!"

As soon as I entered the inn, I heard several cultivators bragging.

This sentence instantly attracted Sun Hao's attention.

Supreme power?

Could it be a fairy?

If you give an immortal a painting, will you get thousands or even tens of thousands of points?

Thinking about this, Sun Hao listened, found a place, and sat down.

Huang Rumeng naturally sat next to Sun Hao.

"Cut, who doesn't know this! Isn't it a **** and treacherous person!"

"Go away if you know, don't get in the way here, Brother Zhang, keep talking, I want to hear!"


The man took a sip of tea and continued to speak.

"This **** and treacherous person is not an ordinary immortal. That method is extremely admirable!"

"Do you know what happened to Jiangyang City a few months ago?"

Hearing this, Sun Hao trembled.

Jiangyang City, I've been to Jiangyang City, so scared to death.

"Knowing that the two demons invaded at the same time, and the blood evil sacrificed the blood sea, it is really terrible!"

what? Two demons?

Isn’t it just the evil race?

How can even the demons get involved?

There is a sea of ​​blood?

Just hearing this name is scary enough.

"Yes, the entire city, whether it is a mortal or a cultivator, is in endless despair!"

"At this critical moment, the **** and cunning Taoist appeared, he lightly palmed, and the sea of ​​blood instantly shattered!"

"Those demons and monsters all died miserably!"

"God and treacherous people have boundless mana, and no one can match them!"

When Sun Hao heard this, his eyes were full of brilliance.

The color of worship is all over the face.

Terran, there is such a great power!

After I can practice, I must find ways to visit this great power!

Best, to be his apprentice!

Thinking like this, Sun Hao secretly clenched his fist.

"In fact, Jiangyang City is nothing. Later, the evil race invaded Yaochi Palace. Do you know this?"

The evil race invaded the Yaochi Palace?

Isn't that Miss Liuyan's place?

How should they cope?

Sun Hao's whole heart was hung up, beating violently.

"I've heard, but what's the situation?"

"That battle was simply earth-shattering, with the sun and the moon shining! Even the four corpse puppet clan generals have been dispatched!"

"Everyone in the Yaochi Palace was beaten with no power to resist. At this critical moment, the gods and treacherous men sent a servant to kill the four generals with one move!"

A servant can kill the four warlords of the corpse puppet clan in one move?

This **** and cunning man is extremely powerful!

Human race is guarded by these characters, so what is there to be afraid of!

Sun Hao clenched his fists excitedly and continued to listen.

"Actually, this battle at Jade Lake Palace is nothing? The most shocking thing is that the battle at the Blood Phoenix Nest!"

Blood Phoenix Nest?

I have been there with Rumeng.

There seems to be no danger.

However, I was very flustered at the time, and played a song, which calmed down.

"In that battle, there were ten great generals of the Heart Eater Clan, plus two marshals, and a pharaoh!"

"Especially that Pharaoh, that is five steps and a half immortal, extremely powerful!"

"In that battle, the immortal cultivator who entered the Blood Phoenix Nest was not an opponent at all!"

"Just when they were desperate, the gods and treacherous men descended, only relying on a phantom to kill Pharaoh on the spot!"

"Furthermore, the remnant soul of the blood phoenix was also killed by the gods!"

"You have to know that this blood phoenix exists that even the ancient immortals-cold torture can't kill!"

After saying this, the immortal cultivators sitting next to them were all air-conditioned.

"What? God and cunning Taoist, so powerful?!"

"Horrible, terrible! Fortunately, the Blood Phoenix didn't escape, otherwise, it would be a disaster for the whole world!"

"That is, the gods and treacherous people are really just too righteous, not for fame, not for profit, such strong people, I think I should build a temple to worship!"

"That's right, but I haven't seen it with my own eyes, so many big people don't believe it!"

Hearing this, Sun Hao felt stormy waves in his heart.

This is simply a god-like existence.

Too tough!

This **** and treacherous man, I must visit you in the future!

It is best to worship him as a teacher!

At that time, with such a powerful master shrouded, he still can't run the world?

Thinking of this, Sun Hao felt distressed, wishing to practice now.

"Tell you, a few days ago, another major event happened in the Western Regions!"

"What's the big deal?"

"The Qing Lan Sect was destroyed, and everyone was turned into bones. According to the investigation of the Supreme Court, it was discovered that this matter was done by the ancient dragon clan!"

"Ancient Dragons? They actually attacked the seventh-class sects? Damn! Are they really bullies for the human race?"

"You are right! The ancient dragon clan acted, and even the Shang Cangyuan didn't dare to control it! Even the immortal had to lie down!"

"Damn, the world is going into chaos again, I really hope that the gods and treacherous people can take care of it!"

Hear these sounds.

Sun Hao clenched his fists.

A seventh-class sect, but there are tens of thousands of disciples.

It is unreasonable to be swallowed by a dragon!

It turns out that in this world, in addition to the two demons, there are other races that can also insult the human race!

This world is too dangerous!

I must practice quickly to protect myself!

After a long sigh of relief, Sun Hao stood up and opened a large suite with Huang Rumeng.

"Rumeng, are you familiar with this Xifu Xiancheng?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, I'm not very familiar! I don't know what the son wants to know?" Huang Rumeng said.

"Rumeng, I want to know where is the strongest immortal cultivator in Xifu Xiancheng!" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, wait a minute!"

Then, Huang Rumeng released his consciousness and scanned the entire Xifu Immortal City.

With her current soul power, no one can detect even if the realm is higher than hers.

The Enlightenment Tea and Immortal Tea that had been drunk with Sun Hao for so long were not for nothing.

Talent and soul have reached an extremely terrifying realm.

Plus here is just the largest fairy city in the Western Regions, so don't worry about anything.

After a while.

Huang Rumeng withdrew his consciousness, his face showed a trace of caution.

"My son, according to my observations, the strongest people are now located upstairs in the center of Xifu Xiancheng!" Huang Rumeng said.

"A building in the center?"

"Rumeng, can you handle these people?" Sun Hao asked.

"Easy!" Huang Rumeng said lightly.

Sun Hao felt relieved as soon as he said this.

This gifting naturally starts with the strongest person.

Otherwise, to send an ordinary cultivator to earn one or two points of luck, it is better to send a pair to the strongest person and earn several thousand fortune points.

"Rumeng, then you take me over!" Sun Hao said.

"Okay, son!"

Huang Rumeng led the way, followed by Sun Hao.

Soon after.

Two stations to the front of a 100-meter-high building.

This building covers an area of ​​several thousand square meters.

In this Xifu Xiancheng, it is particularly conspicuous.

On the building, three big golden letters caught Sun Hao's gaze.


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