Zhan Tianpeng looked at Sun Hao, showing a smile with eight teeth.

The man in front of him was handsome and handsome.

Every action is natural, looks extremely natural and somewhat beautiful.

This kind of character is definitely the son of a family.

Beside him, there was a woman wearing a veil.

Judging from her posture, she must be a stunning beauty.

Neither of them seemed to have any spiritual power fluctuations, just like mortals.

Never dare to look down upon it like this.

In the room just now, I sensed a ray of fluctuations that seemed to be breathless outside.

Zhan Tianpeng can confirm that one of the two people must be a peerless expert!

No matter who it is, it is an existence that he cannot offend.

Thinking about this, Zhan Tianpeng stepped forward, clasped his fists and bowed, "This son, I don't know what's the matter?"

"Don't you collect all the treasures? I have one here. I wonder if you will accept it?"

Sun Hao said, taking out a picture scroll from his arms.

Seeing this scene, the cultivator behind him couldn't help but cover his mouth and laugh.

Had it not been for fear of Huang's dream strength, I would only laugh out loud.

Is this guy here to be funny?

Selling secular pictures to Zhan Shao?

This kid was stunned at first glance, and even Wangxinglou dared to humiliate him. He was really impatient!

The cultivators looked at Sun Hao, smiled and shook their heads.

Zhan Tianpeng's face also showed a trace of displeasure.

Selling secular pictures to yourself is obviously humiliation.

This kid doesn't pay attention to Wangxinglou at all.

Just when I look at Xinglou so bullied?

Today, even if you die, I must poke a hole in you!

Zhan Tianpeng is preparing to attack.

Yu Guang swept across the scroll, his pupils shrank.

This scroll paper is not easy!

Zhan Tianpeng looked at the picture scroll, "Master, can you show it to me?"

"of course can!"

Sun Hao handed the picture scroll to Zhan Tianpeng's hand.

This thing just started, Zhan Tianpeng's scalp exploded and his pupils contracted.

"This drawing paper is made of spirit wood! No, it is made of fairy wood! And it is not made of ordinary fairy wood!"

"Who did it? It's such a luxury, it's a waste of baby!"

Zhan Tianpeng cursed secretly a hundred times in his heart, and slowly spread out the picture scroll.


It was like a thunder, thundering in my mind.

He looked at the picture scroll in front of him, dumbfounded, his words indescribable.

"This is Tao Yun, a very strong Tao Yun!"

"This "Lucky Picture" is definitely a treasure!"

"This kind of painting can't be drawn by ordinary immortals at all!"

Zhan Tianpeng's heart has been madly hit by the stormy waves.

The heart was beating violently, as if to jump out of his throat.

If you can own this picture scroll, your strength will advance by leaps and bounds!

This picture scroll is absolutely the supreme treasure!

Although she was shocked in her heart, she had developed the ability to keep her face unchanged since she was young.

The moment he opened it, he immediately closed it without letting Dao Yun disperse.

The corners of his mouth raised slightly, "Two, please follow me!"

"it is good!"

Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng followed Zhan Tianpeng and walked into the house.

The door is closed, shielding all prying eyes.

"My son, sit down first, and I'll come as soon as I go!"

After speaking, Zhan Tianpeng took the two old men and left quickly.

They came to another secret room.

"Old, Zhong Lao, how many fairy crystals are there on you?" Zhan Tianpeng asked.

The two old men didn't come back to their senses until now.

Her heart was agitated and her face was shocked.

"Young Master, I have 120 fairy crystals!"

"Young Master, I have 160 fairy crystals on my body!"

"Lend it to me first, and count me, only 1280 yuan!"

"Hey, this time I went out, I brought too little. This fairy crystal is not enough for me to buy the "Fortune Chart"!"

"It must be taken, and the spirit stone will be used to deduct it later. It is really not good. Even if you lay an IOU, you must take down the "Fortune Chart"!" Zhan Tianpeng muttered and made a secret decision.

After taking a few breaths, Zhan Tianpeng recovered his calm and stood in front of Sun Hao.

"My son, can you see these?"

After speaking, Zhan Tianpeng offered a bag with both hands and handed it to Sun Hao.

When Sun Hao opened it, it was a bag of blue shining stones.

It looks pretty and can be used for decoration.

Don't know the value.

"My son, a total of 1280 low-grade fairy crystals!" Huang Rumeng's voice directly passed into Sun Hao's ears.

"Xianjing, is this thing valuable?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, you can buy ten Jiangyang City!" Huang Rumeng said.


Ten Jiangyang City?

Can one painting of oneself be worth ten Jiangyang City?

Is this a dream?

It turns out that my own paintings can also be used to sell money!

Moreover, can it be worth ten Jiangyang cities?

If you knew it, why bother to give it away?

However, he will buy it only if he meets someone he likes!

Otherwise, just a piece of waste paper.

The young man in front of him, at first glance, was a member of a large family, with a mine at home, so he didn't care about this.

Sun Hao frowned, revealing the color of thinking.

When Zhan Tianpeng saw Sun Hao's expression change, his heart trembled.

It seems that the son thinks this price is too low!


With this little fairy crystal, I want to buy this peerless treasure!

It's so greedy.

"My son, look like this, I'll add another 100,000 top-grade spirit stones! How about?" Zhan Tianpeng said.

Sun Hao did not speak, but looked at Huang Rumeng.

"My son, this is equivalent to 1,000 low-grade fairy crystals!"

Hearing this, Sun Hao's heart trembled.

This is equivalent to buying nearly 20 Jiangyang City!

Thinking about it makes people very excited.

Seeing that Sun Hao didn't speak, Zhan Tianpeng gritted his teeth and took out a card, "My son, this is the supreme VIP card. If you hold this card, you can buy anything at my Wangxing Tower and get a 50% discount!"

"As long as the son can sell me this painting, I will count as Zhan Tianpeng owing you a favor!"

"From now on, as long as the son speaks, what Zhan Tianpeng can do, will never postpone!"

Zhan Tianpeng looked at Sun Hao with an extremely nervous expression.

The heart beats violently.

Sun Hao took the Supreme VIP Card and looked up and down.

In my heart, stormy waves have risen.

50% off shopping? Isn't that a loss-making business?

In the future, if you come to buy things yourself, then Wangxinglou will not lose money!

With this card, when you embark on the road of cultivation, you don't have to worry about lack of cultivation resources.

In addition, he said he owes me a favor!

In the future, using this favor to ask him to help find gods and treacherous people, it will be much easier.

Thinking about this, Sun Hao nodded secretly.

"That's fine, I can sell it to you!" Sun Hao said.

Hearing this, Zhan Tianpeng couldn't help himself.

No matter how he restrained it, he couldn't converge.

"Thank you son!"

Zhan Tianpeng clasped his fists in salute, and put the scroll in his hands, like a treasure.

"My son, if you still have such a picture scroll, you can sell it to me! I will take it all!"

Zhan Tianpeng patted his chest with a promise.

what? You take all?

Be careful I draw you bankrupt!

Of course he cannot believe what he said.

Sun Hao smiled and shook his head, unbelieving.

"My son, do you not believe me?"

A trace of displeasure appeared on Zhan Tianpeng's face.


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