"What? Going to see Zidian?"

"A mortal wants to see Zidian? Cultivators who don't have a VIP card are not qualified to see it!"

"That is, Zidian is in the Western Regions, but it's the ultimate treasure, ordinary people, how can you be qualified to watch it!"

"That's not necessarily true, as long as you can take out a hundred immortal crystals, you still have the qualifications to see it!"

"Haha, a hundred immortal crystals? Is that mortal who can get it?"

"Follow him, it's good for us to follow along and see the joke!"

Many immortal cultivators pointed and talked behind them.

Although the voice was small, it could clearly reach Sun Hao's ears.


The king of the mouth and the fineness of the lever are in every world.

This world seems to be more.

People like this generally live at the bottom, where life is unsatisfactory, and they are excluded and suppressed.

Therefore, use this to lower others, elevate yourself, and get fun from it.

Although I disdain to slap them in the face, his strength is not allowed!

The supreme distinguished guest is stuck in his hand, and he will take it out later, and his face will slap.


Don't want to be high-profile.

Sun Hao shook his head secretly, followed Qin Yu, and left quickly.

After a while, the two came to a closed showroom.


A guard pointed at the three and shouted.

The corner of Qin Yu's mouth raised, and he walked forward with a smile.

This guard has a very strong relationship with him, it is a buddy relationship.

Let him open the door and take the son to see Zidian, there should be no problem.

"Brother Ge, this son wants to see Zidian, please make it easy!" Qin Yu said.

"Brother? Do you dare to call the boss brother? Trash, get out of here!"

"Don't think that you are the son of Master Qin, the old boss is afraid of you? Tell you, the old boss is the person who looks at the star building!"

The guard pointed at Qin Yu and yelled.

Qin Yu stood still, dumbfounded.

Yesterday, I called myself eldest brother enthusiastically.

Except for Qin Yu's stunned position, the onlookers behind him were also stupidly stunned.

"What's the situation? Isn't this Ge Qing good to Qin Yu?"

"Don't understand, don't understand!"

When everyone is confused.


A group of people gathered around a young man and walked quickly.

"Respectfully Qin Shao became the first rank, and you must be the head of the Patriarch in the future!"

"Shao Qin is amazing. He even refined the best spirit pill. Master Qin was on the spot in a daze, and immediately named you the first order!"

"Congratulations to the future Patriarch Qin!"

The sound of slapped horses is endless.

Standing in the middle of the crowd was the genius Qin Dongjun.

His head was raised slightly, and his face was covered with triumph.

"Where, where, everyone has praised!"

"It's still too early to talk about the Patriarch, the Qin family's geniuses are as many as cows, and I am just one of the dust!" Qin Dongjun said.

"Shao Qin, you are really humble!"

"That is, Shao Qin deserves to be the first genius in alchemy. I can't wait for this modest state of mind!"

When the onlookers heard these discussions, their eyes widened.

"No wonder Ge Qing ignored him. It turned out that Qin Dongjun had taken the first-order position!"

"In this way, Qin Yu will be a real waste in the future!"

Everyone nodded secretly, revealing a stunned color.

I see.

Ge Qing took five steps and made two steps, ran to Qin Dongjun quickly, respectfully saluting, "Qin Shao, you are here, what can I help you with?"

Qin Dongjun was stunned for a moment, and then he glanced at Qin Yu. The triumphant expression was fleeting, "I am going to buy a flying boat!"

"Feizhou, Shao Qin, there is a superb flying boat-Zidian, please come with me, I will take you to see it immediately!"

Ge Qing nodded and bowed, walked quickly to the door and opened the door.

Qin Yu's face was blue, his fists creaked.

Humiliation and anger flooded all over the body.

Finally, unwilling to let go of his hands.

Qin Dongjun glanced at Qin Yu, proudly walking towards the showroom.

Seeing this scene, Sun Hao sighed secretly.

This scene has been seen a lot.

This is a regular routine in the novel.

Unexpectedly, in this world, it is really common.

It stands to reason that Qin Yu should show up an old grandfather at this time, or an awesome golden finger, and then go back and slap her face severely.

However, it is impossible for a novel to be a novel in the end.

"In that case, let me avenge you!"

Sun Haotian smiled slightly and reached out to hold the Supreme VIP Card.

When preparing to take it out.


A rush of footsteps sounded.

Immediately after.

"Hold on!"

With a soft drink, everyone's expressions stagnated, and their feet stopped.

Turning around and looking back, they all stared at the people.

I saw that a lean middle-aged man came quickly with a group of people.

On the middle-aged man's forehead, fine beads of sweat overflowed.

The color of horror was written all over his face.

Seeing this person, everyone looked surprised.

"Shopkeeper Wang?"

"Why is even the shopkeeper Wang alarmed?"

"Does this still need to be said? It must be Qin Dongjun becoming the first rank. Shopkeeper Wang came to congratulate him when he learned of this!"

"Yes, after all, the Qin family is the first supplier of Wangxinglou's medicinal pill. Without them, Wangxinglou would only have no rice!"

"That is!"

When Qin Dongjun heard these words, his eyes flickered.

His heart beats violently and his expression is tense.

Unexpectedly, when he became the first sequence, he would let shopkeeper Wang come to greet him.

This vanity is supreme.

So touched!

Qin Dongjun trot up to the shopkeeper Wang and stretched out his hand enthusiastically, "Shopkeeper Wang, you are so kind!"


Qin Dongjun stood awkwardly.

Shopkeeper Wang completely ignored his actions.

Go straight around him and rush to Sun Hao quickly.

Then, he bowed his body ninety degrees and saluted, "I have seen the son!"


very quiet.

Deathly quiet.

Everyone stared at this scene blankly, and couldn't help rubbing their eyes, they couldn't believe it.

The shocking appearance is beyond words.

It turns out that shopkeeper Wang didn't come to see Qin Dongjun, but the mortal?

That mortal, what status did he respect so much?

When did you see shopkeeper Wang give this gift to others?

Even if he faces Young Master Wangxinglou, he is not so respectful, right?

Could it be that the status of this mortal is higher than the status of Young Master Wangxinglou?

One thought ends here.


The sound of a cold breath continued to sound.

They looked at Sun Hao, their faces revealed doubts in awe, and admiration in perplexity.

"Are you?" Sun Hao was also puzzled.

I don't even know this person.

Why do you give this gift?

"My son, my name is Wang Zhi. I am the treasurer of Wangxinglou in Xiancheng, Xifu."

"Your matter, the young master has already ordered that you, as our most distinguished guest, are not invited to entertain you. Please forgive me!"

After speaking, Wang Zhi saluted again respectfully.

The words came out.


The air-conditioner whispered one after another.

"What? Supreme VIP?"

"In the entire Western Regions, you haven't heard of who is the Supreme VIP?"

"In this way, doesn't this mortal come from Zhongzhou Holy Land?"

"It is very likely that he is from the three big families!"

The explosion sounded continuously.

Qin Yu looked at Sun Hao, his eyes twinkling.

Sure enough, I was right.

The son turned out to be a person from the Holy Land!

It must be from the three big families, right?

"Treasurer Wang, you are polite!"

"Fortunately, this brother Qin brought me in, otherwise, I am afraid that no one will care about me!"

The words came out.


A thunder blasted.

Many guys' heads roared.

The guard Ge Qing was paralyzed to the ground for the first time.

His face was full of panic.

"Plop! Plop..."

The sound of kneeling and worshiping continued to sound.

A group of guys knelt down in front of Sun Hao and kept kowtow.

"My son, I have no eyes but no beads!"

"My son, please give us a way to survive?!"

"My son, you have a lot of adults, let us go!"


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