Seeing the painful and runny faces of these people, Sun Hao shook his head for a while.

I laughed so loudly just now, so proud of what I said just now.

Why, regret it now?

If I knew this, why bother?

"You haven't offended me, why are you begging me for mercy? You should go to the shopkeeper, not me!" Sun Hao said.

When these words came out, several people turned around, bowed down in front of Wang Zhi, and began to beg for mercy.

Looking at these people, Wang Zhi's face was cold, his fists clenched.

I made repeated orders and repeated the customer many times to be God.

However, there are still people violating.

These scumbags are no longer cured.

He waved his right hand, "Come here, take them down!"


A group of guards rushed quickly.

Several people were detained like wolves and tigers.


"Treasurer Wang, we were wrong!"

Screams and screams kept coming.

"My son, please come with me!"

Wang Zhi took Sun Hao into the showroom.

It was not until a few people disappeared and the crowd onlookers recovered.

Many people secretly wiped out the cold sweat, revealing the joy of the rest of their lives.

Today, they are no less mocking.

Fortunately, the young man didn't care, otherwise, he would have to peel off his skin if he didn't die.

Offending such a big man, his mind was caught in the door?

When I see mortals in the future, I must not mock at will!

Many immortal cultivators left the crowd and left quickly.

Standing there, Qin Dongjun also secretly wiped out his cold sweat.

Even the treasurer Wang has to bend down and salute, can he offend him?

Fortunately, there is no conflict.

Leave here as soon as possible so as not to cause trouble.

Thinking of this, Qin Dongjun looked at Qin Yu and smiled coldly, "The vision is good, but how can you hug the big thick legs of such a person?"

Then, Qin Dongjun left quickly.

Now, standing outside the display room, there are only a few people left to chat.

Qin Yu looked at the door and sighed secretly.

My own vision is really good.

However, the other party may not take themselves seriously.


It's hard to make a friend!

Qin Yu dropped his head and walked out.

"Remember to set a table in Zuiyue Tower!"

At this time, Sun Hao's voice came from the showroom.

As soon as these words came out, Qin Yu's face was sad, and his energy was restored.

"My son, I'm going now! You must remember to come!"

"it is good!"

Hearing this, Qin Yu was full of strength and left quickly.


"My son, you were so disrespectful just now. I apologize, this purple electric ship is given to you!" Shopkeeper Wang said.

"This... isn't it good?" Sun Hao said.

"My son, as long as you don't dislike it!"

"My son, look!"

Wang Zhi pointed to Feizhou and began to introduce it.

"The hull of Zidian is made of amethyst, with strong defense, and with the formation method, it can withstand the full blow of the three-step ascendant cultivator!"

"The most important thing is that it soars at full speed, which is equivalent to the flight of a four-step ascendant cultivator!"

"The living facilities are all available inside, even if it doesn't come out in ten or eight years, there is no problem!"

"The energy consumption is not high, and when you start flying at full power, you only need 10 best spirit stones a day!"

Hearing the introduction by Shopkeeper Wang, Sun Hao's eyes sparkled.

This flying boat suits me too much.

In the future, there is no need to stand on the tip of the sword every time and let Rumeng take her own flight.

With this thing, I can do many things in the flying boat with Rumeng.

What do you think?

Don't think about it crooked!

"Shopkeeper Wang, how much is this price?" Sun Hao asked.

"Master, to sell to others, you need 200 fairy crystals. Since the master likes it, it is naturally for you!"

"I hope the son will accept it!" Wang Zhi said.

Don't spend a penny?

Got such a ship?

Is this worth a few Jiangyang City?

I'm so resolute, I'm sorry if I don't accept it.

"In that case, thank the shopkeeper Wang!" Sun Hao said.


When the shopkeeper Wang heard this, he secretly relieved.

Fortunately, the son is generous, if not, the consequences will be disastrous.

"My son, please, let's take a look on the flying boat!"

"it is good!"

Under the leadership of Shopkeeper Wang, Sun Hao and Huang Rumeng came to the inside of Feizhou.

Zidian is very big, like a large luxury cruise ship with nearly a thousand rooms.

Alchemy room, practice room, refining room, living room, kitchen and other living facilities for immortals and mortals are all available.

Shortly after.

The three came to Zidian Control Center.

Shopkeeper Wang pointed to the crystal ball floating in the middle of the circle and said, "My lord, this is the boat core, which was created by Master Mo!"

"As long as the spirit stone or fairy crystal is incorporated here, the boat core can begin to operate!"

"Ten superb spirit stones can run at full power for a day!"


The shopkeeper Wang introduced in a sentence, very hard.

"If I use the fairy crystal, how long can it run at full power consumption?" Sun Hao asked.


The shopkeeper Wang was taken aback.

Use the fairy crystal to drive the flying boat?

Isn't that too extravagant?

"Using the fairy crystal, even if the shield is always on and flying at full strength, it is conservatively estimated that one fairy crystal can last three months!" said the shopkeeper Wang.

what? Three months?

He has more than a thousand fairy crystals in his body.

Wouldn't it be able to continue to open for more than three thousand months?

After all, it is nearly three hundred years!

If you can't practice, I'm afraid you can't live so long.

So Xianjing is so valuable!

Sun Hao stared at the boat core, his eyes gleaming.

Suddenly, he frowned slightly, with a hint of doubt on his face.

I saw that the top of the boat core was densely lined with lines.

Rays of light flowed on the lines, poured into the big formation, and flowed to the entire flying boat.

The lines on the boat core are extremely blunt.

At first glance, it was portrayed by a novice.

Compared with my first engraving, I am afraid it is several times worse.

Too bad.

Sun Hao secretly shook his head.

"Shopkeeper Wang, who is Master Mo?" Sun Hao asked.

"Young Master, this Master Mo is the number one mage in the Tianluo Continent, and the boat cores he engraved are all top grade!"

"The Pavilion he is in charge of is even more famous in the Tianluo Continent!"

"On the Tianluo Continent, more than 90% of the flying boats are all made by Qige!"

At this point, shopkeeper Wang showed a touch of worship on his face.

"Then the lines on this are all carved by Master Mo?" Sun Hao asked.

"Not bad!" Shopkeeper Wang nodded.

Seeing shopkeeper Wang nodded, Sun Hao secretly frowned.

Does the array mage just need to engrave lines?

Isn't it that simple?

If this happens.

Then try according to his boat core.

Thinking about this, Sun Hao stretched out his hand and grabbed to Zhouhe.

This scene happened at once.

Shopkeeper Wang's face changed drastically, and he shouted: "My son..."

It's just that, where is too late.

Sun Hao had touched the boat core just as he shouted out the word "Young Master".

The boat core was picked up by him and placed it in his hand to look at it.

Hearing the shouting behind him, he looked back at the shopkeeper Wang, "What's the matter?"

"It's okay, it's okay, son, you arrested Zhouhe, didn't you?"

The shopkeeper Wang smiled and waved his hands again and again. On his forehead, thin beads of sweat rolled down.

If the nuclear boat explodes, I'm afraid the entire flying boat will be bombarded with dust.

Such a terrifying power, in the hands of the son, can't even react at all?

"Oh, you said this, I will show it out!"

"These lines are really a bit blunt. I'm going to engrave one by myself."


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