Outside Xifu Xiancheng.

A purple flying boat slowly lifted off.

Sun Hao took out a piece of fairy crystal and sent it into the energy tank.


Above the boat core, the five-color electric glow kept jumping up and straight into the fairy crystal.

The fairy crystal melted at a speed visible to the naked eye, turned into a colorless electric glow, and was absorbed by the boat core.

On the boat core, the colorful electric lights flashed, very dazzling.


Rays of light, centered on the nucleus of the boat, spread around like a spider web.


With a sound, the flying boat trembled slightly, just like an airplane about to take off.

"Master, control Feizhou, you only need to incorporate your mind into it!" Huang Rumeng said.


Sun Hao nodded, sinking his heart, thinking of Feizhou.


There was a roar in my mind.

At this moment, Sun Hao sensed that he merged with Feizhou.

This feeling is very strange, without any discomfort.

As if he had countless eyes, he could see everything around the flying boat.

I feel that I am Feizhou, and Feizhou is myself.

"Get up!"

With a movement of thought, Zidian slowly floated into the air.

"I feel I can fly!"

Sun Hao stared at the buildings on the ground getting smaller and smaller, his face shocked.

As an earthling, this is an indescribable experience.



There was a sonic boom, and the flying boat disappeared instantly.

The speed is so fast that people can't react.

"So fast!"

Sun Hao controlled the flying boat, sometimes ascending into the air and sometimes descending.

Huang Rumeng stared at Sun Hao blankly, with a look of worship.

Compared with the previous one, the core of this flying boat is a hundred times stronger!

Now, the speed of the flying boat is comparable to that of flying at full strength!


Until now, Huang Rumeng had heard of anyone flying boat with such terrifying speed.

Even if it is a female emperor, the speed is only half at most!

"Rumeng, do you want to try it?" Sun Hao retracted his consciousness and said.

"Okay, son!"



Xifu Xiancheng, Qin family.

In the main hall, the Patriarch sits upright, sitting upright, his face full of majesty.

He is the first alchemy master in Xiancheng of Xifu—Qin Zheng.

At the same time, he is also Qin Yu's father.

Respected by countless people.

However, his son Qin Yu was very disappointed and had been unable to cultivate.

Except for the rich theoretical knowledge, a low-grade spirit pill cannot be refined.


Qin Dongjun, the son of the elder elder, refined the best spirit pill.

As a last resort, Qin Zheng gave Qin Dongjun the first sequence position.

"Patriarch, today is the first handover ceremony, may I ask Qin Yu?"

At this time, the great elder stood up.

"I have sent someone to find it!" Qin Zheng said.

"Look for it?"

The elder sneered coldly, "Patriarch, aren't you delaying time on purpose?"

"Patriarch, I will understand that Qin Yu is your son, but you are the Patriarch of the Qin family. You have to think about the future of the Qin family, not for your own benefit!"

"The development of the Qin family will depend on the younger generation. Patriarch, this is all an hour, otherwise, I will send someone to find it!"

Elders all stood up.

Qin Zheng's face was pale and ugly.

Don't think he doesn't know!

That Qin Dongjun didn't refine the best spirit pill at all.

Everything was operated in a dark box. For the sake of the family, I opened one eye and closed one eye.

Although Qin Yu could not make alchemy, his knowledge of alchemy was unmatched.

In the future, being the head of the family will make a tremendous contribution to the entire family.

However, these elders were even frustrated for their own benefit.

"Then send someone there!" Qin Zheng sighed secretly.

"Yes, Patriarch!"

The corner of an elder's mouth raised, and a cold smile appeared on his face, "Come here, go find Master Qin with me!"

"No need!"

At this time, there was a sound.

Qin Yu strode in.

He looked at the elders without changing their expressions.

"I don't know what the elders are looking for?" Qin Yu said.

"Master Qin, today is the first handover ceremony. As the predecessor, how can you not be there?" said an elder.


Qin Yu smiled coldly, "Did I agree?"

As soon as the words came out, there was dead silence all around.

Unbelievable colors appeared on everyone's face.

Do you need your consent if appointed by the head of the family?

Where's the face?

The elder smiled slightly, "Master Qin, this doesn't seem to require your consent, right?"

"Is that true?"

"According to Article 51 of the family rules, the sequence transfer requires that the alchemy talent is better than the predecessor before the predecessor's consent is not required!"

"This one, do you forget to grow old?"

The words came out.

A dead silence.

Many people stared with strange expressions.

Want to laugh, but dare not laugh.


Finally, someone couldn't hold back.

"Alchemy talent? This guy has the face to say that alchemy talent!"

"I'm so ridiculous, I'm so ridiculous, the Patriarch really gave birth to a good son!"

"Don't laugh, don't you see that Patriarch's face is ugly?"

Standing in the crowd of children, Qin Dongjun was taken aback for a moment, then he hid his mouth and laughed, "This guy, he still doesn't give up!"

Hearing these laughs, Qin Zheng's face was pale, his fists creaked.


With a loud shout, everyone was quiet immediately.

"Hold the first sequence handover ceremony!"

Qin Zheng's voice was cold, echoing faintly in everyone's ears.

"Father, I..."

"Shut up, isn't it shameful?"

With a loud shout, Qin Zheng immediately told Qin Yu to close his mouth and stop speaking.

On his face, there was a look of disappointment.

He sighed secretly and stepped aside.

"Yes, Patriarch, take orders from here!"

The great elder stood up, bent over and held his fists, Yu Guang swept over Qin Yu, his face full of pride.

"The handover ceremony begins!" The Great Elder shouted loudly.


Qin Yu looked up to the sky and laughed like crazy.

"Do you think I would be scared of this first sequence?"

"Don't worry about this position!"

"From today, I, Qin Yu, has nothing to do with the Qin family!"

Qin Yu's voice was mad, and his laughter echoed between heaven and earth.

After handing over the first series of tokens, he bowed in front of Qin, "Father, thank you for your kindness!"

After three kneelings and nine knocks, Qin Yu got up, turned around, took a big step, and left quickly.

With that resolute appearance, Qin Zheng's expression was stagnant, "Yu'er!"

Qin Zheng opened his mouth, unable to speak.

"The handover ceremony officially begins!"

"Please first-order Qin Dongjun come on stage!"


The Qin family is continuing to perform the first sequence of rituals for Qin Dongjun.


Qin Yu was already far away from Qin's house and ran fast on the big street alone.

Soon, he came to a mansion.

On the door of the mansion, two words are written: Van Mansion.

"Isn't this Shao Qin? I'm looking for Miss again? Sorry, Miss is not at home!"

"not at home?"

Qin Yu's face changed slightly, but he quickly calmed down, "Brother, please inform Miss Fan."

"Brother? Who is your brother?"

"Go away, are you a lie? Just like you, dare to come to my lady!"

The guard pointed at Qin Yu and scolded.

Qin Yu looked at the guard, clenched his fists, angrily, rushed up from the soles of his feet, and kept circling his chest.

At any time, it will explode.

There was a trace of unbelief on his face, and he muttered secretly: "Impossible, Xueer is not such a person!"

Qin Yu surrounded the stone wall, speeding up, and ran to the backyard of Fan Mansion.


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