The door opened.

Su Ziyang took Chen Daoming to the woodcarving room.


There was a shock and went straight into Chen Daoming's mind.

Roaring like a dragon, roaring like a beast, like the sound of a Buddha and the sound of the Tao.

Almost shook Chen Daoming to his soul, and his death disappeared.

"This this……"

Chen Daoming looked at the statues all over the room, and his words were stunned.

Every statue is lifelike.

The powerful weapon is hidden in it.

Everything is very repulsive to the outsider Chen Daoming.

"Contains the spirit of the weapon, at least the spirit of the upper device!"

"Are these spirit tools made by Master Master? This is too terrifying!"

Chen Daoming's heart was shaking, and it took a long time to calm down.

"Brother Li, since you gave me a lotus flower, I naturally want to return you a gift. You can choose one of these things!"

Sun Hao looked at Chen Daoming and said with a smile.

With so many kinds of statues, even if you are a cultivator, there will always be one you like.

Chen Daoming stood still, motionless.


Choose one?

Give me the high-grade spirit weapon like this?

The son is not afraid of master's punishment?

"No, no!"

"It's not that simple!"

"The son must test me!"

"The stuff in it must never be accepted!"

Thinking about it this way, Chen Daoming showed a suddenly realized expression.

"My son, I have already received a hatchet from you, and I can't take it anymore," Chen Daoming said.

"What? You don't like the things here?"

Sun Hao carried his hands on his back and his voice was serious.

Chen Daoming trembled as soon as he said this.

Where are the things I look down on here, it's obviously that these things look down on me.


"Little guy, you and I are destined, quickly take the old man away, and the old man will take you across the world!"

"Little baby, don't listen to him, that old guy, too evil, will lead you to a bias! I am the most upright person, cough, the most upright beast! Choose me!"

Voices came from the statue.

These voices are full of flattery.

At this moment, Chen Daoming could no longer distinguish between East and West.

The heart seemed to crack open.

He looked around silly, shocked beyond words.

What kind of place is it here?

Just listen to the tone, you know how scary it is.

These spirits, because the son is willing to follow him with a word.

The son let me choose one, that's all.

You can't be too greedy, or you won't be able to pass the Lord's test.

Chen Daoming took a deep breath, glanced around, and began to search.

Turn a deaf ear to those temptations.

Soon, he saw the only statue without the sound of temptation.

This statue is a Buddha statue.

The Buddha statue has a broken arm, and there is no artifact inside.

It seems that it is several grades lower than other wood carvings.

"The son deliberately hid such a defective product in it, obviously to let me choose it."

"If I hadn't been careful, I wouldn't have passed the test!"

Thinking of this, Chen Daoming sighed and relaxed.

"You must choose this one!"

Chen Daoming picked up the Buddha statue and walked to Sun Hao, "My son, can I choose this one?"

Su Ziyang looked at the Buddha statue in his hand and was taken aback.

This Buddha statue was carved out when I first learned woodcarving. It looked rough, and it had a broken arm.

This thing, because it is my first work, I am not willing to lose it.

Unexpectedly, this guy chose this one.

Hey, it's not guaranteed for the first time.

"Brother Li sees it, naturally there is no problem!" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you son!"

After collecting the Buddha statue, Chen Daoming bowed deeply at Sun Hao.

"Brother Li, don't be so polite from now on!"

Sun Hao helped Chen Daoming up, showing a spring breeze smile.

Seeing the joy on Sun Hao's face, Chen Daoming heaved a sigh of relief.

"It looks like I passed the test of the son."

"My son, it's not early, I'll leave first." Chen Daoming said.

"Brother Li, leave after dinner?" Sun Hao said.

"Thank you, son! There is something in the sect, I want to go back first!" Chen Daoming said.

"Brother Li walk slowly, come here often!" Sun Hao said.


When he reached the bottom of the mountain, Chen Daoming did not dare to stop, turned into a long rainbow, and left quickly.

After coming a few miles away, he stopped.

"Good risk, good risk!"

"What kind of place is the son's residence?"

"The statues alone are terrifying!"

"Also, the big demon in the pond, I can only sense a wisp of demon energy."

"It's terrible! Fortunately, I passed the Lord's test!"

"From now on, you must be more cautious when you come to the son!"

The more he thought about it, the more afraid Chen Daoming became.

After calming down, he picked up the broken hatchet, placed it in his hand, and looked carefully.

"I can't see the rank, but with it, I am 90% sure to enter the top three in the Zongmen Competition in a month!"

"However, I need to hone more, Dark Swamp, here I am!"

After speaking, Chen Daoming turned into Changhong and left quickly.



"300 points worth of luck!"

Sun Hao opened the panel, his eyes gleaming sharply.

Today, from Chen Daoming, 30 points of blessing value.

I remember a few days ago, it was just a few points.

"Could it be that his strength becomes stronger, and the more blessings he gains?"

"Su Yi's aura is indeed much stronger than Chen Daoming!"

"It must be so!"

"Hey, no, I forgot to tell Chen Daoming!"

Sun Hao slapped his thigh, secretly saying bad.

I even forgot the most important thing.

Open a medical clinic and hire Chen Daoming as a bodyguard.

Chen Daoming seemed to be easier to talk.

"How can I forget such an important thing!"

"Hey, I can only wait until he comes next time!"

Sun Hao sighed, showing a look of helplessness.



In the center of the Great Demon Mountain, in a cave.

A man in red was sitting in the main seat, looking at the two rows of men below, his eyes were like eagles.

He is the current demon master of Great Demon Mountain-Lieyang Golden Crow.

"Old Black Mountain demon died tragically? Where did he die?" Lieyang Golden Crow asked.

"Demon Lord, he died on a mountain on the southern edge of Great Demon Mountain." An old man said.

"Southern Fringe? Was it the God's Court?" Lieyang Golden Crow asked.

"Demon Lord, I don't know it!" said the old man.

"Can you see who killed it?" Lieyang Golden Crow said.

"Demon Lord, you can't see it in the low way," the old man said.

"Hmph, no matter who it is, those who dare to kill us in the Great Demon Mountain must not let it go!" Lieyang Jinwu said.

"Demon Lord, please let me go and kill the murderer!"

"Demon Lord, I will cut off the killer's dog head and hang it on the door!"

One by one, the big monsters stood out, vying to get ahead.

Lieyang Golden Crow saw this scene, his mind changed sharply.

It is certainly not weak to be able to slay the old Black Mountain demon.

However, it is not worth doing it yourself.

Just in case, you have to send powerful generals.

Lieyang Golden Crow nodded secretly.

"In that case, Dujiao, Huangli, Jinlin, you all go to investigate this matter together, if you see the murderer, kill without mercy!" Lieyang Jinwu said.

"Yes, Demon Lord!"

The three old demons saluted one after another.

"What? Sending out three Demon Void Realms?"

"The demon master is also too careful. The three of them join forces, and that is an existence that can fight against the Mahayana cultivators."

"It's really careful."


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