Over Sun Hao's residence.

"Half Immortal is an insurmountable gully, not something you can challenge!"

"Even if you have fairy tools, what about it?"

Lie Shang muttered to himself, looking at the dying magma, the corners of his mouth raised slightly.



A sword sounded.

A fairy sword soared into the sky.

Immediately afterwards, Wen Renshi drilled out of the magma and stood quietly in front of Lie Shang.

His hair was scorched and looked miserable.

His body is covered with many scars.

Nevertheless, this scene saw Lie Shang's eyes, but it was cold all over.

Just a hit.

It is equivalent to a full blow of three and a half steps.

Is he intact?

How can this be?

Dreaming must be dreaming.

Lie Shang murmured, unwilling to believe the scene before him.

And one second.

He was sinking into Bingjing, and he was chilly.

"It hurts!"

Su Yiling stood up grinning from the magma.

Around her, a picture scroll wrapped.

Most of the damage is resisted.

Only the fingers suffered a little burn and turned red.

She held her fingers and kept blowing, "Oh, it hurts, how can you play with fire like this!"

"You hurt me, now, I'm not welcome!" Su Yiling said bitterly at Lie Shang.

Lie Shang hasn't recovered from the daze.

At this time.

"call out……"

The other three people danced up in sequence.

Five people completely surrounded Lie Shang.

All five of them received only minor injuries, and they were not enough.

"Happy, it finally hurts a bit!"

The corners of Chen Daoming's mouth rose, and his fighting spirit rose.

He stared at Lie Shang as if staring at a prey.

"Since I have been with the son, I have forgotten what pain is!"

"Unexpectedly, someone finally let me know what pain is!"

"This battle, I will come first!"

After speaking, Chen Daoming pulled out his hatchet and poured his strength into it.

Because of the surge in strength, now, he has been able to play the power of the hatchet!

Moreover, it can be used ten times!

This is growth.


The hatchet shook layers of ripples, cut out a blade of energy, aimed at Lie Shang, and then whizzed.

"Hmph, this trick again, who is afraid of whom!"

Lie Shang snorted coldly, the flame in his hand rose, forming a giant flame hand, aimed at the sword Qi, and grabbed it.

The sword energy and the flame giant hand collided instantly.


It sounded.

The giant flame hand burst open instantly.

"This... Is this completely fusing the sword intent domain into the sword energy?"

"How could an ascending realm kid be so terrible?"

Lie Shang's scalp was numb, and he quickly summoned Wuzu's Feather to stand in front of him.

"Boom! Boom..."

The sword qi slammed into Wuzu's Feather and roared.

The sword gas seemed to penetrate Wuzu's Feather and hit the body.


Lie Shang's face changed drastically, and he shouted.

He frantically extracted the immortal power of his body, released the avenue of flames, and blended into the feather of Wuzu.

It took a lot of time to wipe out this sword energy.

He panted hard and looked at Chen Daoming with a look of jealousy.

Chen Daoming looked at Lie Shang, a flash of surprise.

His strongest move was actually blocked by him?

Sure enough, Half Immortal is really powerful!

Although he can still cut out nine sword auras, he no longer possesses the sword intent domain, and he can easily be wiped out.

Chen Daoming stroked a hand of silver hair, put the hatchet on his shoulder, and smiled slightly, "I'll make one move, so I won't kill you with another move!"

"Next, it's my turn!"

Su Yiling smiled slightly, showing two shallow dimples at the corners of her mouth, which was very sweet.

"Huh, a yellow-haired girl who doesn't know anything about the world, I'm still afraid you won't make it?"

Lie Shang's face was full of disdain.

"haha, really?"

Su Yiling picked up the picture scroll, slowly spread it out, and then said openly: "The snow is pressing on the green pine, the green pine is straight and straight!"


In the sky, dark clouds suddenly appeared.

The surrounding temperature drops rapidly.

Flying snow bursts, slowly falling.

Inside the scroll, endless chills fell like silk threads, pouring into Su Yiling's body.

At this moment, she stood there quietly like a green pine.

The ice and snow around Su Yiling swiftly revolved, and in the end, all of them fell into the center of her eyebrows and disappeared.

On her eyebrows, left a mark of ice and snow.

She is like a fairy of ice and snow, with a freezing effect between her gestures.

"This... this is impossible!"

"He can mobilize such a terrifying road of ice and snow, fake, it must be fake!"

Lie Shang shook his head for a while, unwilling to believe the scene before him.

"Ha ha……"

Su Yiling smiled slightly, the icy mark on the center of her brow lit up with a dazzling light.


A wisp of white light flew quickly.

Seeing this white light, Lie Shang's scalp exploded.

Quickly drew out his body strength and squeezed it in the feathers of Wuzu.


It's time for Wuzu's Feather and Baimang to fight again.

This time, it took quite a few breaths to wipe out the white light.

Lie Shang's body was drained.

He breathed heavily and looked at the five monsters in front of him, his face showing infinite regret.

How to do?

If this goes on, it will definitely be explained here.

In an expression of extreme pain, he took out a pill and swallowed it in one mouthful.

"Now, it's my turn!"

At this moment, Mu Bing stood up.

Looking at Mu Bing, Lie Shang had no intention of fighting.

These monsters in front of them were terribly strong in flesh.

It is impossible to kill himself!

If you continue to fight, you will definitely die.

Now, let’s escape!

Thinking like this, Lie Shang took out the whisk, "You want to deal with me, you are a bit too close!"

After speaking, he waved the whisk quickly.


Spiritual energy all around rushed quickly, and followed him, twisting quickly.

In less than a moment, a teleportation vortex was formed.

Without any hesitation, Lie Shang jumped into the teleportation vortex for the first time.

"Goodbye, everyone!"

Only this sentence is left.

Seeing this scene, Luo Liuyan and the five kept shook their heads without any intention of moving.

After a while.


A teleportation vortex appeared in front of the five people.

A figure walked out from inside.

This person is Lie Shang.

He saw Luo Liuyan five people with numb scalp.

I wiped it back?

In-place transmission?

What's going on?

He swept his eyes, looking at Qinglian Demon Venerable, but saw them standing there calmly, unmoved.

Afterwards, he raised his head and looked at the sky, his scalp numb.

I saw a ghost of a dragon in the sky.

"Space Dragon Ancestor!"

Lie Shang exclaimed.

It turned out to be the ancestor dragon who can control the space avenue!

In front of this ancestor dragon, want to escape?

Two words: dreaming!

Even if there is a fairy weapon from the master, it is impossible to escape!

Lie Shang was ashamed of death, looking at the sky and space Longzu, and said: "Senior, I have never offended you, why do you want to deal with me?"

"Ha ha……"

Space Longzu smiled slightly, and his breath surged like a tsunami.

Lie Shang stopped talking now, he couldn't even move his eyes.

He felt that his body would explode in the next second and he died tragically on the spot.

"I'm dealing with you? Are you too high on yourself?"

"Just do you deserve this seat? This seat is just sending you back!"


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