It blew up.

The golden Buddha burst into golden light, was swallowed by black energy, and disappeared.


"Even Master Mingwu is not an opponent?"

"This can't be compared at all, it's terrible!"

"The warlord of the ancient evil **** is so powerful!"

Luo Liuyan looked at this scene, and their eyes were full of jealousy.


Suddenly, amidst the black air, two rays of blood came out, staring directly at Luo Liuyan and the others.

This stare is like a death stare.

The five of Luo Liuyan's scalp exploded, and the hair roots stood up all over their bodies.

The whole person was sinking into hell, shaking violently uncontrollably.

Droughty glared at them, and it was extremely difficult to even move a finger.

This is simply the existence that cannot be dealt with.

How to do?

"Boom! Boom..."

Han Yan started to walk towards several people step by step.

Every step shook the ground and the dust exploded, and the shock wave rose continuously, impacting everyone in rows.


Their bodies, hitting back and forth among the rubble, were very miserable.

If it were ordinary ascension, it would have been blasted into powder by the shock wave.

despite this.

At this moment, they were also seriously injured and fell to the ground, vomiting blood.


The sky trembled.

Han Yan stretched out his big hand to cover the sky, and peeped down from the sky.

Under the big hand, the coercion pouring down like a galaxy, descending from the sky with a force of destruction.

The ground seemed to be unable to withstand this pressure, and was rapidly collapsing.

As soon as he saw, the big hand was about to press on the five people.

At this time.

"Therefore, the Prajna Paramita is a great curse, a great mantra, a supreme curse..."

One after another scriptures came flying quickly.

Above Luo Liuyan's heads, the crowd quickly condensed, forming a 100-meter-high golden Buddha.

The golden Buddha put his hands together and muttered words in his mouth.

With Ning Mingzhi reciting the sutras, the Golden Buddha grew up quickly.

In the blink of an eye, it turned into a two-hundred-meter-high golden Buddha.


On the golden Buddha, the sky filled with scriptures, flying around him rapidly.


A golden handprint was condensed into shape, aiming at the big hand that covered the sky, and blasted away.


There was a loud noise.

Han Yan kicked his body straight back, and sat down on the ground.


The mountains and rivers shook and the dust exploded.

Luo Liuyan and others soared into the sky.

Finally, he fell heavily to the ground.

I fell dizzy and stared at Venus.


Han Yan struggled to stand up and let out a roar, staring at the Golden Buddha, roaring again and again.

"Damn bald donkey!"

After saying this, Han Yan pulled the iron chain from his body, pointed it at the golden Buddha, and pulled it over.


The air bursts and the waves are boundless.

The sky seemed to be split apart, and explosions continued.

In front of the golden Buddha, a golden hand condensed again, blocking the front.


The huge black iron chain directly penetrates the golden hand and draws on the golden Buddha.

Half of the body of the golden Buddha was scattered by life.

Countless scriptures evaporate directly.

The remaining half of the scriptures danced quickly, once again condensed into a 100-meter-high golden Buddha.

"Damn bald donkey!"

Hanyan turned around, staring directly at Ning Mingzhi with two eyes.

this moment.

Ning Mingzhi's body was imprisoned, and it was extremely difficult to move.

Even the chanting speed is several times slower.

"End... over!"

Feeling that the drought is walking towards him step by step, Ning Mingming's eyes are desperate.

A few kilometers away.

Mo San watched this scene with a sneer.

"God treacherous man?"

"Calculate everything?"

"The means to reach the sky? Omnipotent?"

"I bother!"

"In my opinion, gods and treacherous people are a piece of rubbish!"


Mo San looked at this scene with a cruel sneer on his face.


Looking at this scene, Mo Soul secretly shook his head.

"The gods and treacherous men are so weak? I knew how to use the drought, so I can do it directly!"

"Hey, such a weak body, don't worry, kill him, Drought!" Mohun muttered to himself.

With this sound.

Drought Yan's expression changed.

He stretched out his big hand, aimed at Ning Mingzhi, and pressed it down.

I completely ignored the attack of the Golden Buddha behind him.

Seeing, Han Yan wanted to slap Ning Mingzhi to death.

At this time.

"Relic, color is not different from emptiness, and emptiness is not different from color..."

The sound of Buddha on the main road drifts down from the void.

Countless scriptures fluttered all over the sky, wrapping Ning Mingzhi in an instant.

at the same time.

Drought Yan slapped on Ning Mingzhi's head.


Shocking noise.

Droughty kicked and retreated, sitting on the ground, blocking the river.

After getting up, a heart-shaped lake took shape and the river poured in.


The scriptures flying in the void quickly penetrated into the body of the golden Buddha statue.

The golden Buddha grew rapidly.

In less than a moment, it grew to two kilometers.

Standing upright and shining brightly.

It looks like a **** who pioneered the world.

"Damn bald donkey!"

When Drought saw this scene, he roared again and again.

Holding the iron chain, he aimed at the golden Buddha and blasted over.

"call out……"

The sound of breaking air blew up.

The iron chain rushed forward and hit the golden Buddha's finger in an instant.


Metal cries.

Golden Buddha's **** gently pinched the iron chain.

"Damn bald donkey!"

The drought roared again and again, and withered arms suddenly bulged.

Explosive muscles, full of arms.

He pulled hard, and the chain collapsed tightly, as if about to fall apart.

However, he tried his best and still couldn't withdraw the chain.

"You are predestined with the Buddha, accept it!"

The golden Buddha's face didn't change its color, but he uttered Buddha's voice.

Then, gently pinch with two fingers.


There was an explosion.

The iron chain collapsed into dust and disappeared.


Han Yan sat down on the ground again, sinking a piece of mud.

When he struggled to get up, another lake took shape.

"Damn bald..."

The words did not fall.

"Therefore, to say that Prajna Paramita is more than a mantra, that is to say: the mantra: unfolding and unfolding..."

The Golden Buddha opened his mouth, verses of scripture, flying in, covering the drought.


Drought fell to the ground, struggling.

The black energy on his body was quickly dissipating.

These scriptures also flew to Mo Hun and Mo San at the same time.


Mo San fell to the ground, screaming again and again.

"Damn **** treacherous man, dead bald donkey, stop, stop!"

The black energy on Mo Sun's body disappeared rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye.


There was a sound of frying meat.

Mo San's body quickly melted and turned into a pool of black mud.

Puffs of white smoke, mixed with stench, came out of him and spread all around him.

In the blink of an eye, Mo San only had a skeleton left, standing there quietly.

After the wind blew, the skeleton cracked and burst into dust.

From birth to death, that is, in a flash.


Further away, Mo Soul fell to the ground, screaming ceaselessly.

The black qi on his body is disappearing quickly.

The moment when the black energy dissipated, it was the time when the body melted and died tragically.

"God and cunning man, you have won this time!"

"Meeting again, you must die!"

After finishing speaking, Mo Soul took out a piece of black energy wrapping talisman paper in an expression of incomparable pain.

Gently pinch.


The talisman lit up a black flame.

A figure that looked like a black soul changed.

The scriptures flew away from the Mo soul, all biting on that figure.


The ink soul's real body slowly disappeared in place.


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