Tianluo Continent Eastern Region, Dongfu Xiancheng.

This is the largest fairy city in the Eastern Region and the center of the entire Eastern Region.

The rainbow is like rain, and the flying boat is like weaving.

In the Eastern Fairy City, pedestrians are in an endless stream.

A bustling scene.

To the north of Xiancheng, there is a magnificent mansion that looks like an imperial palace.

On the south gate, two characters are written: Qige.

Vigorous and powerful, domineering side leakage.

this day.

Around the pavilion, red lanterns hang high.

A vigorous and powerful character "Shou" hung on the door.

Countless cultivators filed in, pouring in.

Outside the door, there was a group of people watching the lively immortal cultivation.

"Master Mo's thousand-year-old birthday, there are so many people, I really want to go in and take a look!"

"Come on? Just your identity, can you get in?"

"That is! There are so many people who want to see Master Mo, there are too many to count! Who is the one who enters the Pavilion?"

The onlookers stared at the door with a look of envy.

The main hall of the Pavilion.

"Lan Xuan, the lord of the Guiyuan sect, brought his disciples to celebrate birthday, presenting a gift: one piece of fairy crystal, twenty pieces of sky sulfur stone..."

"Palace Master He Wuhen of Ziyan Mansion brought his disciples to celebrate birthday, presenting a gift..."

Following the yelling of the Yingbin disciples, a group of immortal cultivators walked into the hall.

Everyone has a good cultivation base, and in the entire Eastern Region, they are all ranked strong.

Above the main hall.

A man in a purple robe sat on it, and on him, there was a majestic breath that made people inaccessible.

He is today's birthday star-Mo Haoshi, and at the same time, he is also the master of the Pavilion Pavilion!

Although his strength is not strong, but the formation talent, no one can match.

But the flying boat he refined is simply priceless.

Ordinary immortal cultivators, squeezing their heads, can't get one.

By his side, he followed a group of top powerhouses to work for him.

This is in the Eastern Region, he is an existence that will shake three shocks as long as he shakes his feet.

Mo Haoshi scanned the audience indifferently, with no expression on his face.


"Young Master Zhan Tianpeng of Wangxinglou and his people came to wish birthday!"

The Yingbin disciple suddenly raised his voice.

With this sound.

Mo Haoshi, who had been sitting, stood up instantly, eyes like eagles, staring at the door.


There was a burst of laughter.

Immediately afterwards, a handsome young man walked in quickly with two old men.

He is the young master of Wangxinglou-Zhan Tianpeng.

His appearance caused many people present to exclaim.

"What? Young Master Wangxinglou is here? As expected of Master Mo, it's a great face!"

"Just kidding, Wangxinglou is rushing to ask Master Mo to refine the flying boats. Over 50% of the flying boats are sold by Wangxinglou!"

"No wonder you can't buy Feizhou, it turns out that Wangxing Tower robbed half of it!"

"People pay a high price, so you can buy it naturally, otherwise, you can try it at such a price!"

Zhan Tianpeng paid no attention to these discussions.

He walked straight to Mo Haoshi and clasped his fists slightly, "Master Mo, I wish you a happy life! A little gift, please accept it!"

With a wink at Zhan Tianpeng, an old man took out 1,000 fairy crystals from the spatial ring and presented them.

The blue luster instantly caught everyone's attention.

Everyone's gaze is fixed on the thousand fairy crystals, greedy, without any disguise.

"As expected to be the young master of the No. 1 Chamber of Commerce in the world, he shot a thousand pieces of fairy crystal, too rich!"

"This... so much, I'm afraid I won't earn it in a hundred lifetimes!"

Many immortal cultivators whispered, their eyes fixed on the immortal crystal.

Even if it was Mo Haoshi, he was slightly startled at this moment.

As the first master of Tianluo Continent, plus the first refiner.

Now the total amount of fairy crystals is only 500 yuan.

This is savings of hundreds of years!

Don't move, it's fake!

However, why should he give himself 1,000 fairy crystals?

I'm afraid there will be no good in it!

Thinking about this, Mo Haoshi returned to his calm expression and said, "Zhan Shao, you are already worthy of the old man when you come here, so you don't need a gift!"



This is a thousand fairy crystals!

Many people have shock written on their faces.

"Master Mo's birthday, how can you come empty-handed, please accept it! If you feel that it is not enough, I will take another thousand yuan!" Zhan Tianpeng said.


Like thunder and bombing in everyone's mind.

Everyone's face was shocked to the extreme, and the heart seemed to be hit hard.

If you want to export at will, it is a thousand fairy crystals.

The whole world, except Wangxinglou, who can do it?


Many people gasped and stared at the scene.

"No! I can't bear such a gift! Please take it back!" Mo Haoshi said.

Zhan Tianpeng's face changed slightly, frowning and thinking.

Behind him, an old man leaned over and uttered a divine sense transmission: "Young Master, this matter can't be delayed. Let the son wait too long, I'm afraid it's wrong!"

"Young Master, I'm afraid of a fart! Cut the mess quickly, grab him directly, and force him to hand it over!" said another old man.

Hearing this, Zhan Tianpeng nodded slightly.

This old guy is not easy to deal with, he has no choice but to go straight ahead.

"Since Master Mo doesn't accept it, it's not easy to force it!"

Zhan Tianpeng smiled slightly, waved his hand, and put away the fairy crystal.

"Give Zhan Shao a seat!" Mo Haoshi said.

"No need!"

Zhan Tianpeng waved his hand and said: "Zhan Mou came here today to celebrate Master Mo's birthday, and secondly, come to discuss some personal matters with Master Mo."

Hearing this, Mo Haoshi raised his eyebrows slightly.

Sure enough, nothing good, but fortunately I confiscated it!

Apparently, birthdays are false, so is that true? !

"Zhan Shao is polite, please give me any instructions!" Mo Haoshi said.

"Master Mo, this is not a place to talk, please find a place, let's talk alone!" Zhan Tianpeng said.

Talk alone?


With your strengths, you can control yourself every minute. At that time, people will be the sword and I will be the fish!

How can I believe your words!

"Shao Zhan, it's okay. Everyone at the station is old acquaintance. If you have anything, you can say here!"

As soon as the words came out, there was a shock all around.

The faces of many cultivators were extremely moved.

"No... I didn't expect Master Mo to treat me as an acquaintance! I'm so touched!"

"Master Mo actually let me listen to the secret! Master Mo, don't worry, you will kill me and you won't tell the story of today!"

The cultivators clenched their fists, their eyes blooming with strange glow.

Zhan Tianpeng looked around, his mouth raised slightly.

This old guy is extremely thoughtful and hard to deal with.

But what? Really when I look at Xinglou and afraid of you?

In front of the son, your farts are not counted!

Thinking of this, Zhan Tianpeng took a step forward and said, "Master Mo, it's not a big deal. I just want to take a look at the "Xuantian Pattern" on you!"

This is the end.

There was dead silence all around.

Everyone stared at Zhan Tianpeng and couldn't believe it.

The needle drop can be heard throughout the field.


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