Sun Hao lives in the front yard.

"Therefore, knowing Prajna Paramita is a great curse, a great mantra, a supreme curse, a non-equivalent curse, which can eliminate all suffering..."

Sun Hao sat in front of a long table and started chanting.

In front of him, Ning Mingzhi sat cross-legged, listening with upright ears, showing thoughtfulness from time to time.

Behind Ning Mingzhi were four men of different appearances.

Three of them were transformed by pig demon, monkey demon, and horse demon.

The other person is a drought that has been saved.

Compared with before, the appearance of the drought is completely different.

It looks like a King Kong Arhat.

In the pious look, there is a bit of sillyness.

After coming to listen to Sun Hao's chanting these few days ago, now, the evil spirit in his body has been completely eliminated.

After a while.

Sun Hao closed the scriptures.

Seeing nearly 50,000 fortune values ​​on the fortune value panel, my eyes flickered.

It's better to stay at home. The speed of obtaining blessing value is several times faster.

If this continues, you will soon be able to gain supreme physique and start your practice.

"Thank you son!"

Several people stood up, folded their hands together, and bowed to salute.

"You are welcome!" Sun Hao said with a smile.


Ning Mingzhi took a step forward and stopped talking.

"What's the matter?" Sun Hao said.

"My son, I think the time has come, and I am going to go west to the Paradise of Bliss!" Ning Mingzhi said.

Hearing this, Sun Hao's expression stagnated.


Really want to go west?

I said casually, are you serious?

Don’t you know that monsters are rampant in this world, demons dominate the world?

Are you afraid of crises?

Isn't it okay to stay by my side and listen to my chanting?

"Are you sure?" Sun Hao asked.

"My son, I have decided!"

Ning Mingzhi nodded his head heavily with a firm face.

Hearing this, Sun Hao couldn't say much.

"That's fine, but before I go, I have a few things to give you!"

Since we are leaving, we naturally have to harvest a wave of good luck.

In the future, there will be no chance.

"Come with me!" Sun Hao said.

"Yes, son!"

Next, Ning Mingzhi followed Sun Hao and walked to the iron bar.

"Go west this way, how can you do without weapons? Choose one of these!"

Sun Hao pointed to the iron bar and said.

"Thank you son!"

Ning Mingzhi's five masters and apprentices walked into the iron room and looked at the surrounding scenes with different expressions.

Inside the forging room, there are thousands of weapons of various types, everything.

Moreover, there are many armors, each of which exudes metallic luster, which strongly attracts their attention.


Ning Mingzhi touched them one by one and couldn't put it down.

In the end, Ning Mingzhi took a Zen stick and his eyes sparkled.

Holding it in your hand, the stick echoes with your own mind, feeling that the stick is yourself.

"My son, I choose this one, do you think it will work?"

Ning Mingzhi asked.

Looking at this stick, Sun Hao was taken aback.

This thing was built according to the system requirements when you hit the iron.

Otherwise, I am too lazy to build such a boring thing.

This guy actually still liked it.

It seems that he has regarded himself as a monk.


Seeing a 500-point increase in the value of Fu Yuan, Sun Hao nodded secretly.


The monkey demon held an iron rod and kept waving it.

One will jump this, another will jump that.

That's not happy.

"My son, can I choose one?" the monkey demon asked.

Iron rod?

Seeing the look of the monkey demon, Sun Hao looked startled.

It feels as if Monkey King took a wishful golden hoop.

"Of course!" Sun Hao nodded.

"Thank you son, thank you son!"

The monkey demon knelt on the ground, scratching his head and scratching his ears, grateful again and again.

"This is quite suitable for my old pig!"

The pig demon took out a rake and kept looking at it.

There are eleven teeth on the rake.

The pig demon held his shoulder and walked to Sun Hao.

"My son, can I choose this?" asked the pig demon.


Sun Hao looked startled, this is what he used to pick firewood, you want it?

Hey, I can only rebuild it myself.

"Yes!" Sun Hao nodded.

"Old pig, thank you son!"

The pig demon carried the eleven-tooth rake, shaking it left and right, and was very happy.

"Monkey, you are always bullying my old pig, come and single!"

"Hmph, whoever is afraid of anyone, come here!"

After speaking, the monkey demon rushed out.


The symphony of metals kept ringing.


"Oh, hit my old pig's **** again, you dead monkey!"

"Oh, don't slap your face, can't I make a mistake?"

"Monkey, Brother Monkey... Grandpa Monkey, I'm wrong, I'm wrong, don't fight!"

Hearing these voices, Sun Hao smiled and shook his head.

It feels like reading Journey to the West.

These guys, why do they choose the same type of weapons?

Is this a coincidence?

or other reasons?

Thinking about this, Sun Hao fixed his eyes on Han Yan.

I saw that after walking around for a while, Han Yan finally stared at a pole made of metal.

Seeing this scene, Sun Hao secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

It seems that I am thinking too much.

"My son, I choose this!" Han Yan said.

"of course can!"

"Thank you son!"

After speaking, Han Yan walked out of the iron bar.

"Why didn't you choose?" Sun Hao looked at the horse monster and asked.

Ma Yao smiled and shook his head, "My son, I don't need it anymore, I'm not good at fighting!"

Not choose?

how can!

Don’t miss the last wave of good luck!

"Are you despising what's inside of me?" Sun Hao pulled his face slightly.

The words came out.

Ma Yao's face changed drastically, and she waved her hands again and again, "My son, I don't!"

"No, then go in and choose one!"

"This business is dangerous and will experience ninety-nine and eighty-one difficulties!"

"Without weapon protection, how to protect Master?" Sun Hao said.

Speaking so seriously, you still dare not choose!

"Yes, son!"

The horse demon nodded, walked into the forge room, and chose a pair of armor from it, "Master, do you think this works?"

"of course can!"

Sun Hao smiled when seeing Fu Yuan's value.

"Thank you son!"

Ning Mingzhi stepped forward and bowed with his four apprentices.

"You are Welcome!"

Sun Hao nodded, "Going this time is full of crises!"

"If it doesn't work, come back!" Sun Hao said.

Only when you come back can you reap the blessing value again!

"My son, don't worry, even if I fight my life, I will protect my master thoroughly!" said the monkey demon.

"My son, as long as I don't let Old Pig be hungry, and as long as I have strength, I will definitely be by the Master's side." said the pig demon.

"Don't worry, the son is not good at fighting, but there is no problem in running away! I am good at taking the master to escape!" Ma Yao said.

"My son, I have the strength to protect Master!"

Han Yan raised his arms to show his muscles.

"My son, then we leave!"

Ning Mingzhi stepped forward, folded his hands together, and bowed to salute.

Several other people also saluted together.


Sun Hao looked at the back of the four people and shook his head secretly.

Such a good leek is gone.


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